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  1. It's heat related in terms of the phone getting hot from the video processing and constant data connection.
  2. I don't think 2K Golf will have all those tournaments in the game.
  3. You need the app to transfer the data from Link to servers.
  4. It's called "Fusion Tracking." It's supposed to combine the 3D Doppler and high speed image processing. Will be released to all Mevo+ users. Will improve all Mevo+ data parameters and will open up access to even more capabilities for Mevo+. Per email I just got from them.
  5. If my memory is correct, there were putter inserts, may still be, specifically made to offset the deflection of the ball from hitting it on the edge of a dimple.
  6. Even though I sold mine, I hope that's not all it is. That would be massively lame. I wonder if they're opening up sim connections beyond E6?
  7. https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/32360975/former-nba-guard-jr-smith-set-play-1st-golf-tourney-north-carolina-at GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Former NBA guard J.R. Smith is set to make his debut next week as a golfer for North Carolina A&T. The school announced that Smith will play his first collegiate tournament Monday and Tuesday at the Phoenix Invitational hosted by Elon. The tournament will take place at the par-71, 6,867-yard Alamance Country Club golf course. Smith, 36, enrolled at N.C. A&T over the summer after 16 seasons in the NBA and joined the golf team as a freshman walk-on. All team golfers must qualify for each tournament in practice unless he has finished first or second in the previous tournament. Smith qualified for next week's tournament by 1 stroke.
  8. Flightscope is going to be releasing, what I'm assuming is hidden data, for shots. They sent a teaser email about it. "We've listened. Soon your Mevo+ will offer more."
  9. Intentional, artificial supply constraint issues. That's what marketing has come to.
  10. Story titled "15 RICHEST GOLF CADDIES OF ALL TIME" and goes on to just list 15 current caddies who banked the most in 2020.
  11. No more hearing, "He hates it," after shots.
  12. I hope he ditches the schoolboy hat, unfortunately it's his "Logo." Looks much better in a regular hat.
  13. Size up. https://www.ebay.com/itm/163264458472?_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item260351eee8:g:7QAAAOSwmBdbocoo&amdata=enc%3AAQAGAAACoPYe5NmHp%2B2JMhMi7yxGiTJkPrKr5t53CooMSQt2orsSLY2M1Gjmuwt9c03vWNfiRqTA%2FJQlIXdjKbHIV65d5IXZO%2FuV5xOXeHgZAPd90ByVbwJ%2Ft2WECySnmL84ETA7CFErkypD%2B9UVtOnC9K8o1keMplAOgH1eQVPLkILOUDh3KS6BThvbWk69CGRihzetqzjvl7z83B22yiyJGIubnuHBLD57bUxqz%2BkSxNUVZqjqDIRYDxgRImUyfQJPbR3vyLSvbqpt7svgg7MSGDhxKZwBRt0cL90%2BgThIgJQ9ekxpgKlfoGw%2FRZqI%2BW0sqzLblOTZIJWtPe7i6KU7u7Z3osSJTF896VyQFeiyS3K%2FCzBfYqYgi%2FQF3DQBOXMliwpa00t7hOfFnoHN36jWTHwtQbOrwaqAI%2Ft4SUkyFPDBoQZ9QcTG2OOyrAh4tYKTrDZ4hqAagKd2oLt%2FmMKyEeh3SqPQSOMEOY%2B6YtI0RjUUFOnK1FpXDXuGlnoub7snpcuo%2BA0Y9%2F9M6YKxO%2BjhWN1UB69%2Bqaq%2Bcr%2BX75VDMAbz%2FvYB0n9dQyuIDUJSzbhZcbk87e2U3br1UEl1ZjFBpZkmFG1lxtCvWaCBAdRV%2BLP893BVnbIjK5FIau937IETL2vtrPCREZ9GSbJzp71HmBDQ8fibvVYASP44TLeeMC0edvR2wJRbh8TzEBlHeV%2FvIEjArqpKvkagibpXQogfX5s3LmCI7QZeRM0MMStCLYhUn5mLnSbSt5%2FqwkGoX68VXhLV%2BK77aAafZKJZq7ZdSN38Z0%2Bytvd9vOWYVcipAdJ39oHrzz6Zhg7GWeP58TBaLwQrYay%2B1G7W5tQWQVen8yqsIKc7embzM3vxfHzRXisy%2BOrDHocuBrjPT%2Bw0%2BE3QH7VRcQ%3D%3D|ampid%3APL_CLK|clp%3A2334524
  14. It's wholly unusable outside. It's an inside only device. The technology inside is over a decade old and what was used at the time wasn't close to the top of the line. There is infinite room for improvement for a SkyTrak 2.
  15. Tiger underperformed or his teammates can't perform? Total Matches: 37 Singles (W-L-H): 4-2-2 Foursomes (W-L-H): 4-9-1 Four-balls (W-L-H): 5-10-0
  16. When Tiger signed Mediate's scorecard after their U.S. Open playoff.
  17. No mention of "Bushnell." It's Foresight all over the place and they're US based. Leads me to believe that both versions will be available in the U.S. and the Bushnell one will be crippled.
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