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  1. Just had a boy 7 weeks ago unfortunatley I have a Spider in the bag. You make it.......I will buy it! :clapping:
  2. Wow. I am suprised as well. I was thinking about the new burner tomorrow but I guess I wll go with the 9* rapture with the pro launch red instead.
  3. I sent you a PM about a trade but if that does not work I will just buy it!
  4. Sweet! I dont make Houston very often but there are some nice tracks in the area. I hate playing by myself when I travel. Anywhere you can think of West of Houston? I will be back in December. Just shoot me a PM. I hope everything goes okay with your beautiful baby girl. I can only imagine what you must be going through.
  5. Congrats! I am expecting my first next April. I wish your family all the best and will keep you in my prayers. Tell you what. I will pay for the rounds. The catch is If I win you have to admit that club selection should be based on what gives you confidence not how sexy they look! I type this as I am looking at my R7 TP's! They are where they belong in my garage. :rolleyes: Where are you thinking about school? I am friends with a few of the Big 12 coaches. I play at Tech from time to time. I also live about 10 minutes from U of Missouri's new home course. I may be able to put you in touch.
  6. Hey Taylormade golf I work in Texas all the time. What part are you in? I will take you up on your +3 handicap. I am only a 2 but I think I can hang with my G5's. Of course that is if you want to take on an instructor of 6+ years. Here is the deal. Loser pays for the golf and hotel stay. If you lose you eat crow. If I lose I will admit that the look of the club is far better than the swing and execution. Heck I will even buy you dinner. Just let me know.
  7. Both Stan and his brother John teach in my hometown of Columbia,MO. I have had some quick check ups from both. They are well worth the $$$$. I think Stan has a website that has his teaching locations. Just do a google search.
  8. nele22

    shaft flex

    Play the weakest flex that you can control. By doing this you will load the shaft properly. Many things factor into flex not just SS. I hit my 6 iron around 180 and play regs in my G5's
  9. The timing of this post is funny. I am a 2.2 handicap and just today made the switch from my S59's to Ping G5's. So much eaiser to hit. I have finally given in to my ego and boy am I happy.
  10. Pretty sure that the V2 Furyk plays is not the same as the one you can buy at Golf Galaxy.
  11. Currently playing a Hibore XL 10.5 with a v2 moi 73 gram stiff. I hit it pretty high with good results. around 14 launch 2600 spin and 155 ball speed. I just picked up a Code 6 stiff and I am having it installed as I type. Can anyone compare the two shafts or give me some playing characteristics of the Code 6?
  12. Nice work. I like the two different blues.
  13. Post of the year!!! Someone please tell me this works. :man_in_love:
  14. I had the X forged earlier this year. I think they match up to my s59's as far as frogivness. That being said I have found the s58s are more forgiving than my current 59's.
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