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  1. I just hope they make these satin on the face like the P730s, not super shiny like the P7TW... every time I hit into the sun the glare kills me.
  2. Just saw this picture on Jonathan Wall’s instagram. Anyone got more info on these? They look clean.
  3. At this point I never believe what I see in DJ's bag lol, the man would change putters/woods in the middle of the round if it was allowed.
  4. Hey guys, shoot me a PM with any questions or offers. (I apologize in advance for the out-of-order pics). Only trades right now would be for 009s, preferably murdered out. Shoot me an offer and thanks for looking!Brand New Scotty Cameron 2020 Special Select Timeless Tourtype SSS. 34 inches long, 30g weights, CT grip, COA included, Headcover included. $3,100 Mint Scotty Cameron Newport 1.5 Circle T. (David Satter stamped in the back), 33 inches long, 20g weights, NON CT grip, COA not included, Headcover not included. $1,100 SOLD Mint Scotty Cameron Futura Circle T T7M. 3
  5. Hey guys, last post got taken down so here we go again. Only trade I'd be looking for is Scotty Newport Style Circle T (Super Rat/009 preferred). I'd put some cash in the deal if necessary. Scotty Cameron Circle T T7M. 34 Inches, Std. lie/loft. Mint condition, only blemish is pointed out in one of the pictures. Unfortunately I don't have COA since it came from the tour. $1,750Clay Long Personal Edition D202.5 004/100. 35 inches, Std. lie/loft. Brand New. $200Ping EYE 2 Plus no Plus (+ no +). Brand new, red dot, original ZZ Lite shafts and grips. $700 (negotiable)Footjoy StaSof Cadet M Gloves
  6. PLEASE don't put covers on your irons :stop: I think dings in the blades give them character, aaaand iron covers just make you look like a 30 handicapper I feel like. (no offense haha)
  7. I don't know if the SLDR qualifies as a driver released in the last 5 years but man that thing changed the driver game. It was the first one to truly bring the spin way down, all the drivers that followed started doing the same thing. Closest thing to that for me had been the 2016 M1, that thing was also a spin killer.
  8. Hey guys, just looking to get rid of some stuff that I have laying around. Please PM with any questions or offers. I'd be willing to separate shafts from the head if I have buyer for both of them. Only trades I'd be interested in are: - CT Putters - Slant neck putters - Welded neck Scottys (Justin Thomas Style) - Toulon Putters (Preferably with a slant neck style) Enjoy! TAYLORMADE TOUR ISSUE M2 9.5 - $220 SOLD - 200 Gram Head (hotmelt in the front center part of the head) - Fujikura Atmos Blue 7X Untipped - 45" playing length. TITLEIST 917 D3 9.5 - $175 SOLD - No Hotmelt - Ald
  9. I think that for people that used to play golf for a living tend to leave it when they get older, probably because they remember how good they used to be and now all of the sudden they can't hit it as far or they can't score the way they used to and It gets frustrating for them to keep playing like that.
  10. Noooo. Manufacturers would give everyone the same amount of liberty to fiddle with the clubs and event that 1 mile long range at Orange County National wouldn't be big enough to hold the amount of people that would go.
  11. My coach in school always liked to go for the international players. He called them "raw" talent players, meaning that he could shape them better than he could the American kids. International kids were more eager to play well in some instances and perform better, because of this opportunity given to them.
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