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  1. looking for a Ventus Red Fwy in Stiff... Velocore preferred - TM tip a plus
  2. looking for a Ventus Red Fwy in Stiff... Velocore preferred
  3. couldn't get the 505 to work... gonna give the 505x a go if someone has one out there... ping me with pics and pricing pls
  4. I agree and thanks - I didn’t want to be the one to say it, but I’m hopeful this thread is deleted. or clarified by the OP
  5. What’s up guys - account restrictions finally lifted and I’m able to post. For those of you I’ve dealt with before… thanks for the support and recognizing that it likely wasn’t me. It’s cool to be part of a community that’s got each others back. I am so annoyed that my account was compromised and I really feel terrible for those of you who had to deal with the a****** or worse lose money thinking you were getting a great deal. I’m hoping your banks or respective payment methods are able to assist you in recovery. If I can help with an affidavit or statement of
  6. color doesn't much matter... and the more unique the alignment the better... but, I'll look at anything you've got in this length range. pls send pix and price with response
  7. Looking for 3 &4h… heads or shafted will do lmk
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