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  1. Sorry the picture will not load but yes that is what I was referring to .
  2. Just saw this on Facebook and did not know if the two drivers on the right our new models. Does anyone have any information on this?
  3. Not much info on these. Feel is really good from what I have been able to find. There are many of them being sold on eBay . Considering the limited run that definitely raised a red flag for me.
  4. old post I know but I am still intrigued by this club. I love the finish. They are all over ebay now at $400 to $500. I would love to have this club to try. maybe I should wait until they are in the $300 range. It does concern me that they are all over ebay. lot of people dumping these that probably paid $900 or more
  5. 716 t-mb. Best ever for me in terms of distance control and straight ball flight. not the longest irons but the distances are very predictable.
  6. PXG is definitely a hot button. I will say this,they look very cool to me from the bag. You can bet that you will have a conversation piece for sure. 2 of my playing partners were impressed. They are hard to please. Both agreed that if these irons were $1200 a set instead of ????? then they would have them in the bag. This is coming from hard to please,$400 a set maximum kind of guys. The price is simply to high for them. They cannot fathom spending that kind of money on a set of clubs. Both could buy them if they really wanted them. It's a choice and I would not criticize anyone who buys them.
  7. i was lucky enough to hit the 0311 model in a 7 iron. Feel was very good. mishits as well. I did not see a big difference in distance but my other playing partners did. They look great from the back but they are way too wide for me now. I love my Titleist 716 t-mb's. I was curious about PXG because I am a club ho but they did nothing for me. I understand those who like them,no criticism here but for me it was not a big deal at all.
  8. I know what you mean. I hit my friend's T-Mb 2 iron on the range and had one the next day. I can almost move it as far as my 3W which kind of makes it a pointless club but its too fun to hit. if my 3 iron works out I may actually hit the 2 just to see if it would work. I am not a big fan of any 3 wood off the deck. it is a 50/50 situation for me still
  9. Still in love with these. Since July 4th my scores have dropped by 3 to 6 shots. Shot a 72 from 6700 yards Sunday. These irons are straight,high and give me a consistent distance. They are one of the best looking irons to my eye as well. I love seeing these in my bag. I may go buy the 3 iron this week before my golf trip. I hit the 4 iron high and fairly straight. i did sand off the bronze finish on a few that look great. waiting to do the entire set.
  10. well said. it seems to be what happens at impact. I think most of us hard core guys know enough to get what we need. The beginners,not so much. They buy what they see on TV or online.
  11. Titleist 716 T-mbs with Project X pxi shafts. best scores consistently in over 2 years.
  12. I was super excited by this driver at first. I love the crown color and the rarity as well. I have recently switched to Titleist irons so I thought it would be awesome to game a cool Titleist driver as well. I have looked at many on Ebay but they are still too high at this point. Oh boy. Then I see pics of the upcoming 917. What in the world???? There are obvious design characteristics from the c16. At first I thought the c16 tech would show up in their Japan only line. The VG line has been solid. No,they took the C16 design and used it for the upcoming 917. I will say this,if you bought a c16 to sell for profit (many on Ebay are $1300 still in the plastic?) then you had better dump it quick. Once the 917 hits the stores the c16 owners will see a crazy drop in interest from anyone. i do not buy any golf club to keep in a box in my closet. Upside is the c16 will probably be available at less than half the original price. i think its a very cool looking club but I will never understand Titleist on this one.
  13. For me these are the best set that I have ever hit. Not the most forgiving but they are high,straight and consistent. i lucked up and found a set with the pxi shafts. For whatever reason they fit me perfectly. I rarely see an explosion in terms of distance. I hate that. i want to know how far my 7 iron should go each time.
  14. Golf is weird. i truly believe that if you find a swing that works for you then 90% of the time we are better off leaving well enough alone. The lower my scores drop,the more I want to tinker. I love to hit balls on the range. Therapy for me when the business adds more stress than I can contain. I am 18 years into this crazy game. in my heart I am about where I will be in terms of scores and power from my swing. I understand why the Golf world does it but it can be very confusing. Every time a player wins a major they splash said players swing everywhere and tell you why you should copy their swing. One player has a high elbow,the next is flat. One has a lot of shoulder turn,the next is 75% from parallel. Wide stance,short stance and on and on it goes. I love the fact that we can play and enjoy golf with our own special swing. I just wish the golf industry and teachers (hank haney,michael breed) would do a better job of explaining the facts - most have a limited range of shoulder turn,others have weaker wrist,hip issues preventing the firing of the butt muscles etc. Every time I see the winners swing from the previous week there are several flaws that they simply get around. Jordan Speith has a strange swing that I would not try to copy. He makes it work. This is simply for discussion but I truly believe this type of information may confuse someone who is new to the game. I leaned a long time ago that my ideal golf swing is not achievable for me. I have limitations and issues that NO drill has fixed,no matter how hard I have tried. Still I can shoot even par or better on a decent golf course. I will never be a +4 handi. But I can have fun and be very competitive on a truly amateur level.
  15. I have had the LS Tec head for several months now. I currently have it set at 9.5. the open face does not really hurt me. The normal ball flight is a slight fade that is still very long for me. The best shaft so far has been the Kuro Kage TiNi black. I have tried the following so far: Veylix Rome 688,Attas 3,Ping tour 65,veylix Arcane. Honestly the Rome 688 was the longest. Not much longer than the KK but longer. Problem was it had a very stiff,board like feel to it. it would also go way right if I got tired or lazy. The KK keeps me in play.
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