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  1. Thanks for this I’ve been so focused on opening my hips that I probably forgot about my arms in the equation. Any good drills or just focus on arm dropping first swing thoughts?
  2. Anyone find it interesting that one of the few guys not playing a driving iron ended up winning The Open … hell he didn’t have a 2 or 3 iron. Personally play a driving iron but started to question if there’s really advantage besides hitting stingers.
  3. One of the few sports I don't have to have someone of equal level to play with to enjoy. Former collegiate/pro tennis player and honestly haven't picked up a tennis racket in over a year because there is no one of similar caliber to play with in the area. Golf on the other hand you constantly are battling against yourself, the course conditions, and weather all of which change day to day.
  4. Lol what is a “deep hip turn” really want to know now.
  5. Lol so many ideas here, tried on range and definitely wait till after qualifier to tinker with it. I still get over 120+ with the driver with my semi over the plane swing so not like I’m exactly tapping it out there.
  6. Personally don't care what method people putt with as green reading and pace are the most important factors. I think people are overstating the advantage they see with Arm-Lock Putting and it is definitely far from a magic pill. Xander only finished T33 in Strokes Gained Putting.
  7. Honestly scoring is a skill in itself which can’t be developed without course exposure. Nothing like missing a 3 footer which are “gimmes” in practice.
  8. Haha unfortunately been playing a slight pull to compensate for my swing faults. Scoring is large part mental, at least I got that part of the game from all that tennis growing up.
  9. Can't wait to try this at the range, been probably tinkering too much with my game before US Am Qualifier but I still bomb drives so hopefully this makes them go farther lmao.
  10. As someone who is actually surprisingly good but constantly fighting Over the Top Move, this video has me extremely perplexed ... and now I'm even more confused lmao. The way this demonstration of a proper weight shifts looks to my eyes ... is basically by the time you get to the downswing you should be loaded on your front side??? Is that to eliminate the sliding action common in most golfers??? Not saying you're wrong, I've relied solely on hand eye coordination with crappy mechanics, but always thought you load on your back side and then transfer on the downswin
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