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  1. Lmao wish I had seen this video earlier, didn’t realize this is how you properly turn your hips ...
  2. Looking for last generation or new generation.
  3. Ugh all these MMT sets and here I am waiting for my X Forged CBs to come in the mail!
  4. My favorite golfers to watch are definitely Reed, Dechambeau, Bubba, DJ, Simpson, Mcilroy, and really any of the guys who do things you don’t really see amateurs doing. From crazy lines with the driver to ridiculous saves with their short game or “unorthodox” mechanics. My favorite golfer is Rickie Fowler and always cheer for him but from a golf standpoint looking for guys who pull off mind blowing shots.
  5. Girlfriend of 2+ Years played collegiately and professionally which made her the perfect girl for me. She does get pissed about me complaining about my game, hovering around +2 to +4, despite playing significantly less than her. While it’s not been perfect we love caddying for each other and spending time on the course together. The only issue is she knows how much all my s*** costs ... especially my Circle T and Hive Putters but hey a man needs a hobby can’t wait for my Callaway X Forged CB set to come in ...
  6. Done it once, shot 67 and 3 putted twice. Was just testing my aim for the middle of the green theory, since then I’ve went back to firing at every pin cause that’s way more fun.
  7. Won my club championship last year and give all the credit to the guy I was paired with. Before the tournament I was told he won the Senior Canadian Am, Senior British Am, played in numerous US Ams, and the list goes on and on. So we get to the first tee and as expected dude pipes it 270 down the middle and proceeds to hit 16/18 greens in regulation. Dude played flawless and honestly made no mistakes. Was one of the most impressive rounds of golf i played alongside. Made me realize mid round what “good golf” really is and I played some amazing golf myself as a result.
  8. I’ve always been good at chipping/pitching and feel that people either don’t understand Wedge Design or don’t care to utilize it. The club has “bounce” for a reason ... use it. As long as you engage the bounce you can literally hit inches behind the ball and still hit a good shot.
  9. Anyone know if he still counterbalances his irons?
  10. Anyone have experience making significant mobility improvements and translating it to an improved swing. I’m 28 and play to a +2 ... was actually +4 at one point, but after getting a golf screening I found out I have little to no external mobility in my trail hip among other things. This results in little to no rotation in my swing and huge swaying, but due to my tennis background I can time it up pretty well. Long story short is it possible to dramatically improve your range of motion ... really paranoid that I’ve hit a wall.
  11. Acceptance that boring golf wins and cool golf should be a last resort or used when absolutely required.
  12. I consider anyone who breaks 80 a good golfer in my book. My lowest handicap is +4, currently +2, and I think people don’t realize scratch golfers do stupid s*** as well. What it comes down to is 3 putt avoidance and hitting greens.
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