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  1. Thanks for all the input. It appears the TM MG2 TW 56 degree checks all the boxes, so I put an order in. Fingers crossed the order goes thru as planned. Thanks again everyone. Cheers.
  2. Thank you all for the input. I was hoping there may be some off the shelf choices, but, it's looking like I may have to seek out custom grinds. Thanks again.
  3. Hello there, Hoping for some advice on wedge manufacturer, models, and grinds. I do not carry a lob wedge and therefore, manipulate my 56 degree wedge for all the variety of shots inside a 100 yards. My current 56 degree is a Ping Glide with the SS grind, not sure of the bounce, (my guess is 10 to 12 degree). I'm happy with the existing wedge bounce for square faced shots, however, my gripe is when I open the face for flop shots off of tight lies, there is too much bounce, (especially off hard pan). Can anyone recommend a wedge manufacturer, model, and gr
  4. Right on, thanks for the response. I was hoping to hear it would bend easily.
  5. Do you recall if they bent it cold, or did they heat the hosel, before bending? Thanks.
  6. Hello everyone, I'm curious if any of you have field bent the slant neck of the Taylormade Spider, to increase loft? There's not much length to the neck and I want to ensure it will not snap. If you were successful, did you heat it before bending, or is the ductile enough to bend unheated? Thanks for any advice you can offer.
  7. I've had mine for a couple rounds now. I cut down one of my armlock putters, (maybe 7 degrees of loft), and am using it as the intended wristlock style of putting. This is a great alternative to the armlock style, as it brings back a more normal feel for lag putting, (at least for me). My putter head is around 400 grams and that may need to be reduced, but I'm going to give it time.
  8. Hello everyone, I just noticed Bill Haas using an armlock Scotty, (Newport style, plumbers neck, straight shaft), at this week’s Safeway. His set up looks very natural. Have any of you modified an Anser/Newport style head, with a plumbers neck or purchased one, for armlock putting? I’ve tried and am not fond of the exaggerated double bend shaft style that Bettinardi and Odyssey have offered in the past. The putter Haas is using looks very natural to me. My goal is to find the specifications for that putter head, for the armlock style of putting. Thanks in advance for any advice you ca
  9. Same set up here and I ended up dropping my 4 iron. I kept the 3 iron. Another option for you may be to replace the 54 with a 56.
  10. P790 UDI 2 iron, ordered May 1st, arrived June 18th.
  11. Nike Mod90. It’s fun to game a putter that very few people have. Plus, it’s fun to putt with.
  12. I play 3-PW, and really like the 3 and 4 irons. I would look into buying a 2 iron, if they offered it. I've always been a forged players iron guy and bought the iBlades last winter . . . very happy with them, especially the long irons.
  13. Hello everyone, I'm curious to know which loft you chose on your Epic S.Z. when switching from the '16 M1? I currently play 10.5* loft in my M1 and will start demo'ing the S.Z. here shortly. The few times I've hit the 10.5* S.Z., it seemed to launch higher than the M1. FYI, M1 shaft = Kuro Kage 60gr X-flex. Epic S.Z. shaft = Adila Rogue Max 75gr. X-flex. Thanks for your input.
  14. I have an older, (5 yrs or so), PING Pick 'em Up putter that has an insert, and the ball seems to really jump off the face....too much for my liking.
  15. Hahaha! I was one of those guys and bought the black one, once they released it. :-)
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