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  1. I've got 3 sand wedges. 55 I chip with, 57-eye 2 I just use for sand and a 60 for flops and other crazy shots.
  2. I've tried a few new putters but always return to my 03 DFX 1100. It's beat up, not worth much and looks bad but it works.
  3. Therabar worked for me as well and I stopped hitting off of mats.
  4. Congrats to the Euro's. They deserved it.
  5. Afternoon session will be fun, we got a match now. I predict all tied going into tomorrow.
  6. Par 3-170 carry over water, wind in our face 30-40, really blowing hard. Hit a low 3 iron that never left the fla, finished an inch from going in. I've had 2 holes in one but this was the purest shot I've ever hit.
  7. Ping Eye 2 SW I've had since 1986, pretty worn on the bottom but I use it every round, great wedge from the sand.
  8. Driver, 5W, 4H,5H, then reg irons. Works for me
  9. The reason I think the Euro announcers are better is they keep their mouths shut more and let us enjoy the shots. Not babbling on over every shot.
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