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  1. Either will look great, just take your time and prep the head properly. Remove All surface oils and dirt, wear rubber gloves and like I said take your time. Torching will not effect the feel as you will not be heating to the point that it will harden the steel.
  2. I use the liquid and full submerged the head for 2 minutes, remove and then take some 0000 steel wool and even out, shine up the surface. Super easy and looks amazing.
  3. Several guys can do this for you, Lamont would be #1, Lumpy, maybe Chip.
  4. Putter lounge is a good source for getting a shaft blacked out
  5. There is definitely pitting. Every one of those little dots of rust will leave a spot. However, there are finishes you can use that will help hide the Pitt marks
  6. I'd like to see him go back to using carbon steel for his OTR putter line. Carbon is so much nicer a feeling steel than stainless, and offers more options for finishes. Bring back the oil can finish as well!
  7. Happy Sunday my fellow WRXer's I have two items for your consideration. As always, price is obo pay-paled and shipped USPS priority post ( CONUS only, Canadian friends will payfull shipping cost). Now to the goods:) Titleist 670mb's custom finished in Black Chome by Tiger Nick Golf, 3-PW with DG S300 shafts and NEW GP NDMC Mid-size grips (3 iron has a GP Tour Wrap). These clubs have been played a handful of times since they were refinished in late May, and are in excellent condition. Standard LLL. $450 obo Scotty Cameron Buckle with custom 100% genuine Alligator leath
  8. Good afternoon my fellow WRXer's One item for your consideration, as always price is pay-paled and shipped in the CONUS ( Canadian friends will pay all shipping charges) Old school classic Titlesit 670mb's (3-PW) refinished in black chrome. DG S300 shafts and NEW GP NDMC Mid-size grips (3 iron has a tour wrap ). These have been gamed for the last 6 weeks, but I'm needing a little more forgiveness in my longer irons so I'm playing a combo set now. These need a new home. The clubs are in excellent to Very good shape. asking $425 shipped I can send more pics if needed. F
  9. Custom Black Chrome Titleist 670mb's 3-pw with DG S300 shafts and new GP NDMC mid-size grips (3 iron has a white tour wrap) These were recently refinishes by Tiger Nick-Golf. They are AMAZING, I'm just getting to old to play blades in my long irons and have gone to a combo set, so these have to go to a new home. Price is pay-paled good and services, and shipped ( USPS priority post, CONUS only) Canadian friends will pay all shipping charges. Trade interest would be high end putters only. Asking $425 first to send PP will get the irons
  10. Anyone know what size tip a Golo 3 takes? Is it .370?
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