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  1. A better search function or allow for better tagging to aid in the search function. Love the new look though!
  2. FOR SALE! Early Christmas Golfing Fun! Taylormade P770's 4-PW in great condition - $450 OBO Includes shipping to lower 48 and paypal fees - SOLD!!!!!! These were a fun project set for me with some nice upgraded shafts and custom ferrules that look bling on the course. They just need a good home since I turned my attention back to Titleist clubs. dumped about $1000 into them so this is a steal! Set build: Irons - 4-PW (1.5-2 degrees flat, forged so they can be bent to specs) Shafts - Project X pxi 6.0 (5 iron length: 39.5" so +1", easy to shorten by any golf shop) Grips - Black and Blue Golf Pride New Decade in great condition Ferrules - Black with sparkly chrome band from Miura's Really great clubs and great upgrades. Let me know if you have any questions and Happy Holidays!
  3. I guess I'm just a Titleist kid at heart! I like them but I just have a hard time getting away from my tried and true.
  4. Thought these were going to be my bread and butter. Got these off of a fellow WRXer. They probably have 8-10 rounds total on them. I've put 2 of those rounds on the set. I'm over $1000 into them making them my own and I just can't get them to work for me. My loss is your gain!!! Taylormade P770 4-PW - Every thing on them is upgraded New Grips - Blue and Black GP NEW DECADE MultiCompound New Shafts - Project X PXi 6.0 shafts Custom Ferrules - Holographic sparklers that look stunning in the sunlight. I'm crying over getting rid of these! You find these more on Miura irons. Length is +1/2" - 5 iron measures 39" Standard Loft Lie is 1 degree flat Great set of irons and in really good shape. 7 iron (Face pic included) has a small nick high and left on the face that does not affect play at all. Cash is king. Trade interests would be Titleist 718 AP2's with Project X Shafts or similar. Price - $750 $725 NOW $700 *$675* OBRO shipped to your door
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