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  1. A better search function or allow for better tagging to aid in the search function. Love the new look though!
  2. FOR SALE! Early Christmas Golfing Fun! Taylormade P770's 4-PW in great condition - $450 OBO Includes shipping to lower 48 and paypal fees - SOLD!!!!!! These were a fun project set for me with some nice upgraded shafts and custom ferrules that look bling on the course. They just need a good home since I turned my attention back to Titleist clubs. dumped about $1000 into them so this is a steal! Set build: Irons - 4-PW (1.5-2 degrees flat, forged so they can be bent to specs) Shafts - Project X pxi 6.0 (5 iron length: 39.5" so +1", easy to shorten by any golf shop) Grips - Black and Blue Golf Pride New Decade in great condition Ferrules - Black with sparkly chrome band from Miura's Really great clubs and great upgrades. Let me know if you have any questions and Happy Holidays!
  3. I guess I'm just a Titleist kid at heart! I like them but I just have a hard time getting away from my tried and true.
  4. Thought these were going to be my bread and butter. Got these off of a fellow WRXer. They probably have 8-10 rounds total on them. I've put 2 of those rounds on the set. I'm over $1000 into them making them my own and I just can't get them to work for me. My loss is your gain!!! Taylormade P770 4-PW - Every thing on them is upgraded New Grips - Blue and Black GP NEW DECADE MultiCompound New Shafts - Project X PXi 6.0 shafts Custom Ferrules - Holographic sparklers that look stunning in the sunlight. I'm crying over getting rid of these! You find these more on Miura irons. Length is +1/2" - 5 iron measures 39" Standard Loft Lie is 1 degree flat Great set of irons and in really good shape. 7 iron (Face pic included) has a small nick high and left on the face that does not affect play at all. Cash is king. Trade interests would be Titleist 718 AP2's with Project X Shafts or similar. Price - $750 $725 NOW $700 *$675* OBRO shipped to your door
  5. Hello fellow WRXers!!! Been a while since I've posted so here's some goodies for your browsing pleasure... Not really looking for trades at this time. #1 - Titleist 714 AP2s with Project X PXi 6.0 shafts (4-PW), club length is +.25" over standard and standard loft and lie. 5 iron measures 38.75" and the grips are Golf Pride New Decade with an extra wrap. Beautiful clubs and have served me well the last 2 years. Got them over the 716's due to the better look and feel for me. The PXi shafts are an incredible upgrade and are so smooth and long, they've also been pured. They also have custom white ferrules on the 4-9 irons and a blue with silver stripes ferrule on the PW. These things look BOSS! If that's still used today. I would rate the condition a solid 8/10. They were cleaned after every shot and I use iron covers (I know...). I included a pic of the 5 and 9 iron that have a small rock ding on each but don't affect play. PRICE: $455 *$445* OBO shipped and paypal'ed SOLD!!! #2 - Nike Vapor Flex 3 Wood with a Diamana 70S+ Blueboard Stiff Flex and a green and black GP MCC Plus4 grip. Club is minty fresh and only used to hit about 10 balls. Kind of a unicorn any more with Nike bailing out of the club market. PRICE: $105 *$95* OBO shipped and paypal'ed Any questions, just ask! Happy Hunting!
  6. Great stuff and even better seller. That belt is just a little too small for me but an awesome find!
  7. Ha! I dig it. Also, my afternoon is shot so might as well golf!
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