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  1. I live in DFW and this event is not being talked about at all. Most years there is some pub about it. Not this year. Everyone above is talking about how weak the field is. I bet the crowds are going to be even weaker so to speak. This would be a good event for a big name that needs a first win (Gerina Piller, Charley Hull, Cheyenne Woods) or a big name that hasn’t won in a while (Paula Creamer, Michelle Wie) to get a win.
  2. Why isn’t college baseball more popular in America? I have never understood this.
  3. Danielle Kang’s short game yesterday (Saturday) was incredible. Every chip and pitch ended up as a gimme it seemed. Jessica Korda’s back nine was perfection. She hits it farther than I realized. Kang and Jessica Korda are both TaylorMade/Adidas. Which company is Nelly Korda with? Aaron Hicks put on a show.
  4. Whan will be missed and not easily replaced. Any chance he has been picked to replace Mike Davis at USGA?
  5. I just saw this commercial and I wanted to know if anyone has hit this “driver.”
  6. I got this for Christmas from the wife. The comments about the GPS pairing up are giving me pause. On the bottom there is a ring that can be unscrewed. What that for?
  7. Not a good year for the Americans. Danielle Kang was very strong early with the two wins (weaker fields). Lexi was a disappointment. Nelly Korda battled injuries. Jessica Korda contended but never really came close to winning. Amy Olson was in the mix late. USA Women’s Golf seems to be trending in the wrong direction.
  8. Which stat is more impressive that Natalie Gulbis finished 9 strokes back of next to last or that she finished a mere 42 strokes behind the leader?
  9. I have had the GolfNow app for a couple of years. Recently, the Golf Channel has been running ads for the TeeOff app. So I downloaded it. The apps look identical but there are courses on one that are not on the other. Anyone know the difference between the two? TIA.
  10. Is golf as expensive in Korea as it is in America? The cost of golf is still prohibitive to most young boys and girls. It is even hard to find golf equipment for girls.
  11. I am curious if Paula Creamer transitions from player to analyst. I have heard her do analysis and she’s pretty good. She’s better than Paige, Michele Wie, and Natalie Gulbis. It seemed to come natural for her. Kinda like how Phil is destined to replace Johnny Miller.
  12. What is the latest with Trinity Forest? Is it close to being a public-private course in the next year?
  13. 1) Are fans allowed at this tournament? I live in Dallas...not that I’d go in this frigid weather. 2) Has Charley Hull ever won on the LET? I know she has never won on the LPGA. 3) The Dallas tournaments—this one and the PGA’s Byron Nelson—have had the worst luck over the last five years, whether it be weather or golf course politics.
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