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  1. Ordered T200s (5-48) with PX LZ 5.5 on Sept. 2... Still waiting!
  2. I said I was only going to play the 2021 Titleist Pro V1X all season and I accomplished that feat. 111 rounds in the Northeast so my season is about finished. What did I learn? Well it is a great ball - super consistent shot to shot, round to round. Yardages are solid - club to club as is the spin into and around greens. I played well with it shooting some 72s and 73s a few times (index 4.8). I started with the buy 3 get 4 special and continued to build up my stock with proshop credit and gift cards. I have 8 dozen left to start 2022 next spring (might be a good thing if the myth of a golf ball shortage becomes reality). Honestly, I was never tempted to play other balls at all as the season wore on (this usually isn't the case!)
  3. All I know was my first 3 wood was 16 degrees, 5wood - 21 degrees & 7 wood - 26 degrees (early 1980s). When I switched to metal woods they were also the same lofts to start.
  4. I'm still gaming the exact same clubs I stated I would. I have even played the same 2021 Pro V1x the entire season (this was a monumental challenge for me since I like to try different balls). As far as how it has impacted my game... my index still is around 5.5. But if anything my scores have been very consistent all year: 76-81. But those new 2021 Titleist irons could be tempting me to fail the challenge!!!
  5. I think in 2021 the Pro V1X is the ball that fits most golfers in the Titleist Urethane lineup. It spins a bit more than all the others which keeps the ball in the air longer, holds greens, flies a bit higher than the others and feels really, really good - has a nice soft click. At buy 3, get one dozen free each spring (37.50 a dz) the price is good enough. That $150 is the cheapest amount of money I spend all season on golf and it is the only piece of equipment I use on every shot.
  6. I have two simple points... First, I always get fit outside on grass so i can see my ball flight. I want my eye test to match the numbers the trackman is spitting out and feel the club on grass. Second, irons are for accuracy and not distance. I want to be able to hit greens. In fact irons that go farther only cause troubles at the short end of the bag with gapping. "I'm hitting my PW 150" means to me that I have to figure out 0-150 yards with the most important shots - to me that makes life harder.
  7. The Pro V1X is better than the last version for me.
  8. The back of the Pro V1 box and web site makes it pretty clear what each ball does: Pro V1 - lower spin, lower flight, softer feel Pro V1 X - higher spin, higher flight, soft feel I believe these characteristics have been the same since at least the 2017 version.
  9. Pro V1X... I just like it! It does what I need it to do. I'm a 5.1 index, carry my driver 230 and 7 iron is my 150 club. I buy the 3/4 for deal (twice) - $37.50 a dz and usually get 2-4 rounds out of a ball before I retire it. I play about 100 rounds a season and use about 5-6 dozen balls per year. I used to have a "ball problem" trying everything looking for the magic bullet or to save a few $$$. But then I realized the cheapest thing we use is the ball and we use it on every shot. So trying to save $.25-$.50 cents a ball seemed crazy to me when a club membership or green fee costs way more than a dozen Pro V1s.
  10. Simple is better... Gap wedge to match your set and a 56 with about 10 degrees bounce to handle all your other work. Then you don't have to decide between a 54 and 58.
  11. I was 50-54-58... but I decided to simplify my decision making and split the difference and now go 50-56. My short game has never been better.
  12. Wedges are always safe - especially if you duplicate what you have now. Can always use a back ups for fresh grooves.
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