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  1. MR-23 US Spec is a great choice that I have not seen mentioned so far from a cursory glance at posts.
  2. There were quite a few of those being attempted to pass along as genuine to shops on Oahu when I lived there in 2015, one of major signs to look for in fakes is that Titleist script is not parallel to the stitching at bottom of cover.
  3. Be careful when sourcing some of these heads on the bay as several sources have those where headweight was quite a bit out of tolerances for “standard” set, very often with quite a few being heavy..this coming from a guy that tends to favor/prefer a heavy headweight and swingweight.
  4. Have both DH89 and DH11, so might ease the sting a bit
  5. Why must you continue to torture us with pictures of the copper plate, carbon Epic Day, when Byron isn’t making anymore Epic Day heads?
  6. From my recollection, the King Cobra pro mb and cb were the shiny chrome and the S3 pro combo,cb, and mb (essentially the same heads) were the satin chrome. Have owned all of the above and they were a great iron
  7. If they could only get Mike Taylor to have a chat with them both ahead of time, could be interesting, both won majors shortly after spending time with MT
  8. @nikegal- even though you were channeling @Forged4everfor a bit, you’re definitely spot on in your assessment. As someone that can occasionally have a bit of semblance of a golf game and has been an advisory player panel member for a couple of different well known folks within the industry, I can definitely speak to the dedication and hard work displayed by folks on tour vans and in R&D. Bryson has quite a bit of learning to still accomplish when it comes to speaking and acting with appropriate respect at all times towards those who help him along the way, regardless of the current state
  9. Many players do not understand the difference between maxed out potential swing speed and “cruising speed”, in order to have a greater ability to increase cruising speed, players need to get comfortable swinging at a faster clip, in balance. Not saying this was the case at all with you, found speed that worked best FOR YOU, golf is played on a course not a “friggin monitor” anyway
  10. Above wear is definitely typical and the st200ts and stz faces with matte full face scoring lines are in my opinion much preferable to the groove less polished center of the st190ts. Certainly picking nits here, only thing I would change on the most recent Mizuno woods would be making face silver to not show wear as readily. That being stated, that’s an issue with a lot of current manufacturers and should not discourage use of a great product.
  11. Really impressed with the st200ts 15*, as stated by other posters, flat and open, playing mine in std. lie and one setting towards higher. Mizuno st190ts, st200ts, and stz are all very good at retaining ball speed for strikes lower on face off deck and deep enough to hit off tee with confidence. Because of the higher launch, some players might want to consider a mid to lower spin shaft instead of higher launching options common in lots of newer stuff. The st290ts with real Atmos TS black is a phenomenal combination for great value. The st200ts and stz faces also don’t show considerable wear by
  12. May not be answer you’re looking for, however, Mike from Piretti is a great guy that I am sure would be glad to give you any relevant information needed. I think I recall that Cottonwood 2 model was first released around 2010-ish
  13. Why the ad hominem vitriol here? Bladehunter was far from only member to express disappointment in failure of Taylormade to fulfill orders in a timely and accurate manner prior to current situation. Past shortcomings of a manufacturer to deliver product can influence opinions of buying public, leading to skepticism. That is relevant to discussion, moving goalposts by talking about another member’s choices to use irons from another source after a negative experience, is hardly on topic.
  14. Sounds like some of the conversations I enjoyed with Mike Taylor talking about how corporate Nike “made improvements so will sell more” to some very good tools for playing game he developed.
  15. Got my Onkyo system from money saved during summer after graduating high school and prior to starting college. The coeds were quite impressed, good times Onkyo still works great and in my home office as well.
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