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  1. Following up with what my friend Stu posted, dowels seem to have effect of raising center of gravity slightly thereby lowering trajectory. As always, result is very player dependent based upon delivery. Because of more spread out weight distribution of dowels compared to lead tip weights (which I and many others despise) and effect of stiffened tip section, dowels don’t seem to create draw bias evident with lead “slugs”. Also of note, dowels were used in Titleist 681T models and certain Custom Grinds as well.
  2. Bridgestone Tour B-XS for the past several seasons, just simply does everything I need exceptionally well and is very stable in windy conditions.
  3. Paging @Forged4ever My good friend should be able to provide you some insight regarding past (and maybe even some current) equipment choices of Sean Knapp and Nathan Smith.
  4. Old school club makers trick that adds a bit of vibration dampening, rumored to create a more solid feel..although still need to hit center to get that The dowels were cut, shaped, grooved, and weight sorted by yours truly, from stock acquired at home improvement store..quite a few guys on here have done same in past and more info can be found under clubmaking search of forum.
  5. No artifice or ego involved intentionally here, simply have played to a somewhat reasonable standard in past and as such, have a strong preference for certain equipment. That equipment allows me to enjoy the game in manner best suited for me, hope you find what allows you to enjoy the game and discussions here more in the future and look forward to your positive contributions.
  6. After a few paint fill changes and tweaks to loft/lie, new shaft, new weights, new Iomic grip- this one is in the starting line-up.
  7. Well-played You sir, have exceptional taste, went through the grooves on a couple sets of those myself. (While doing training of which I am not allowed to speak and becoming a paragon of humility )
  8. Personally found the standard Epic Speed to be the closest equivalent regarding launch and spin to the Mav Max, even though shape and sound are quite different. The great thing that I found in all of the newest Epic Speed models was that they aren’t nearly as susceptible to the crazy low spin shot off shots struck above centerline towards toe that was quite evident for me in some Mav models.
  9. Since he stated hasn’t played a round with them or even hit a ball, his disappointment hardly seems unwarranted. Would be nice if people actually read the post before posting a sarcastic response.
  10. The golf pride players wrap, smooth front with no script visible below lower hand, with a bit of old school wrap feel in fingers, has weight that is very close to the Pingman and blackout Pingman. I have both this grip and Pingman grips on various putters and can use both without issue.
  11. First- Precept U-Tri Extra Spin Second- Bridgestone B330s Third- Bridgestone Tour B XS Bit of a theme thereand didn’t keep any of them, might have scorecards in a shoebox
  12. Was able to source a set of the satin cbs myself and played s3 pros years ago. Results have been quite promising so far, relative to input from big lummox holding grip, of course
  13. Used r510tp variants for many years and still have a couple of backups, I may tinker a bit, yet am loathe to change stuff that works. That being said, the Epic Speed relegated the big game veterans to in case of emergency on depth chart.
  14. Control of low point is a great place to start for most. To answer other questions, I personally vary club selection and ball position based upon shot required and what lie will allow.
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