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  1. Randomly met Geoff at a course in eastern NC a couple of years ago, quite the eccentric character. If can get past that, definitely knows putting and has lots of useful advice. Once he found out through conversation that he knew several of same people in game that I do, he lit up and spent a great deal of time demonstrating his ideas (on any number of subjects).
  2. Taylormade Inergel was particularly poor for an offering into “premium” market.
  3. That’s a load of - good shaft if fits your needs, yet should not be at “premium” price point and can be found for reasonable expenditure quite easily.
  4. Titleist TS2 16.5 on C2 surefit (-.75 loft, .75 upright), since a tall player that doesn’t like to see ball go left, just fits my visual preferences and hits my trajectory and distance requirements.
  5. Back order situation with true temper, yet can still order the ‘standard’ s400 through wedgeworks without the huge label
  6. I know some of these threads are written tongue in cheek, however, the premise here is absolutely preposterous! Not only that, it’s insulting to the talent, drive, and determination of one of best female players in the world. While many have been critical of her continual changes, those same folks, in all probability, have never competed in anything on a very serious level. Through all the struggles and changes, challenges, and spotlight/critical attention, this young lady has shown class and strength of will many will never understand. A 4 cap, never was, winning against any individual like t
  7. Just Titleist and Tour Edge Exotics at the moment, although always have options at the ready
  8. Shouldn’t be overly difficult to find a Sun Mountain no logo bag, know Dallas Golf tends to have them pretty regularly.
  9. Have owned several sets of cavity backs and blades made by Miura (both under their name and some cult classics forged for other brands) and my opinion is: Miura stuff is very consistent in terms of headweight progression (generally a bit heavier than ‘average’) and has a very solid, dense feel compared to many other forgings. Lots of other specs go into whether a particular type of club fits a player, if you hit certain parameters, will have best opportunity to get a desired output based on quality of input. All that being stated, some very prominent veterans in making equipment for best playe
  10. Notice that did not state that Tiger’s Nike irons didn’t start out as Miura forgings, that was in reference to his Titleist ones- Nike used multiple sources for the raw forgings and for ‘certain players’ the constant was that only Mike Taylor ground the raw forgings to final specs/profiles to suit player needs. Won’t clutter up or sidetrack thread further, since thread is about Adam Scott’s irons and would rather reserve further comment in other threads.
  11. In actuality, weakening lofts decreases offset and increases bounce- a compound bend can be done to increase offset without decreasing loft, just takes quite a bit of skill and experience to do so in order to not look “off” to a player with strong visual preferences.
  12. We all know were forged by Hatori Hanzo, c’mon man! Tiger’s Titleist irons were not Miura, were from another Japan forging source, according to Larry Bobka, who should know. As far as the Nike stuff, there was indeed a select group of forgings that started out from Miura, before being modified to player preferences by Mike Taylor. Lots of so-called Miura stuff isn’t, yet is Viragetech.
  13. @JohnnyCallaway, thanks for willingness to respond and best wishes for much success in your new role, know you will thrive due to honest passion for the game and gear. I also wanted to thank you for going there so I could find more 962b sets again Back on topic, got opportunity to hit a 10.5* Epic Speed and it was really impressive piece of gear. Know Matt Wallace is using a fairly standard product in big stick, will be interesting if you can convert him to full gear nerd down the line
  14. The thread by Thrillhouse describing the typical mini tour db was comedy gold.
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