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  1. DW- appreciate the sentiment, phrasing could use a bit of work That Mav-sub really woke up when had that Graphite Design AD TP shaft installed, got launch into window like to see, just if miss a bit toe side, spin can get a bit too low..trying to balance that with potential for occasional bombs.
  2. 21* Mavrik went left on course when went after it a bit- so it’s gone. Currently testing a Mavrik 10.5* subzero with Tour AD TP7s that shows quite a bit of promise, hit a few big drives with it so far- just going to be a difficult task to unseat the consistency of the 910d3 w/ Fuji 7.2. The TEE cbx 16.5* with RIP beta 80s is firmly in starting spot.
  3. Fairway adapter changed to current version with introduction of 913, driver adapter has remained unchanged since 910.
  4. Well....full Titleist set up no more, wonder if posting WITB was an influence? Ping Zing2 BeCu back in starting line up, 917f2 and 818h1 19* replaced by TEE cbx 16.5* and Callaway Mavrik 21* fairway- both with RIP beta 80s tipped to suit.
  5. know you like a good Zing style putter- still got the Piretti in rotation? Ironically enough, have a friend that is big time Ping homer and he has a lamp base at his bar in man cave made from a Doc 17
  6. Fujikura Motore Speeder VC 7.2 in current driver, Fuji Motore TS 8.2 in fairway, Motore Speeder 8.8hb in hybrid- 660tr also a favorite in r510tp(s).
  7. Solid choices, love seeing players stick with what works for them and only incorporate new stuff if it beats out the old.
  8. Thanks bud- how’s the back doing? Able to hit any yet? Praying your recovery continues to progress well.
  9. Definitely agree, have owned and played that model since about six months after introduction.
  10. At least have a nice cover on your putter that you actually use (both putter and cover) and isn’t a wall hanger
  11. Just thought since return of format, would post up my current WITB. As those of you familiar with me know, like to tinker with older models to suit, yet I am quite loathe to change something that works. I tend to have zero difficulty removing loft and If it goes left unintentionally , it goes away. On a whim, decided to put together set with Titleist models played well with in past and these have stuck...So here we go.. Driver- Tour Issue Titleist 910D3 10.5* that was already a bit open, then adjusted (surefit D1) to end up with face angle stereotypical WRXer would like Fujikura M
  12. Thought one of the benefits of doing work needed to be good enough to play at an elite level was not having to play in handicapped events? Might as well move this thing to Myrtle Beach and be done with it
  13. Nice set up there, should serve you well- glad to see you back both here and in the game!
  14. Only went down rabbit hole for a brief vacay, not like had 17 fairway wood boxes or anything and only have 3 fairways now, I can stop anytime full disclosure during my period in leave of my senses, may have received a present from da North as well
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