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  1. Not surprisingly, Casey still using Whiteboard profile shaft and Z-Cord grip
  2. Definitely get the frustration over lack of quality, readily available practice facilities since lived on Oahu for about 3.5 years. Really don’t need a lot to get chipping and pitching sorted, just inclination to do so and ability to enjoy process and make it fun. Full swing fundamental check and an understanding of how to proceed playing game in most healthy manner for your physical ability will help. Take a break, get the back sorted/rested , stop being tough on yourself about an activity that should be enjoyable, and then if decide to go back to playing since missed the challenge, competi
  3. Very nice ones Bruddah! Didn’t realize you were getting the forged ones instead of the nickel, very solid set
  4. Did you stop and recheck alignment of components when having difficulty? If not, may have cross-threaded screw/adapter.
  5. In order to get these particular irons suited to your preferences and needs, did you pick characteristics you have liked in previous irons? Not necessary to name particular clubs (unless want to do so) , just curious if this was sort of an opportunity to combine favorite ideas of clubs you had success with in the past? Thanks for taking the time and best wishes for continued success.
  6. Use whatever clubs fit the type of game you play and increase your enjoyment of same. Despite marketing to the contrary, irons are all about distance control with accuracy, not some arbitrary idea that must hit X stamped club Y distance. Tourstage produced some great product over the years, especially the z101, if not playing in competition that requires condition of competition groove rule, enjoy!
  7. Still have a 17* w/ Fujikura 904hb that makes the occasional appearance when conditions appear to suit. When lived in HI, club was a mainstay in my set.
  8. Already answered about trendsetters, substantial flops would be Tommy Armour t100 irons and Nike unitized putter.
  9. Tad Moore with milled,carbon steel putter, Tour Edge with combo brazing of dissimilar materials with a titanium cup face in Exotics cb1, Cleveland with successful incorporation of titanium and carbon fiber in Launcher Comp (led to founding of a certain forum)
  10. Wouldn’t be at all surprised to see JDay with a few Artisan clubs in the bag.
  11. Ancer is a great choice as well, Mike Taylor speaks very highly of his abilities around the green and he’s made tools for and observed “a few”great wedge players.
  12. Justin Thomas or Patrick Reed on PGA, Brett Rumford on European
  13. Appears to be one of the pre-production samples of the 915d4, know from a source at Titleist that the 915d4 was originally proposed to have another name, unsure if this is it or not. Some folks within Titleist referred to the 907 and other d4 series models, prior to the TS4, as career killers for the engineers.
  14. Johnny Manziel actually uses one of those Raptures in a Golfholics vlog- so got that going for it. (set up for @MtlJeff). All joking aside, never get rid of a reliable fairway, know you stated not going anywhere, just had to make the public service announcement. The M6 rocket is also a good club, just really comes down to frequency of use off deck and need for versatility. Just remember, lots of players are in search of a viable driver alternative for certain holes and yardages, since you already have one, don’t make swing changes to fit something else in search of “better” that may not be ne
  15. Thought before opening thread “MtlJeff is going to make jokes about pricing of that Rapture AGAIN “- wasn’t disappointed
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