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  1. Hope I didn’t scare you off from working on them, absolutely don’t think you took off hardly any weight. Just have seen too many instances of guys that jump right into doing refinish work via various belts and wheels that don’t have touch or discretion and ruin sole profile, weight, etc…you’re using good judgement and going slow at process, so should be good to go!
  2. You did a great job on those, play them as they are- further attempts to take out tiny dings like those could result in loss of headweight and playability. As Valtiel stated above, media blast would be route to go, then polish with scotchbrite wheels of diminishing grit. I had this done by a great source I gave you already, however, since I play my irons over length, could afford a slight loss in headweight without need for tip weights to recover loss. Just to clarify, I am CDO about weighting and balance/feel of my clubs
  3. Interesting that using ZX7 instead of ZX5 (that he had just a bit of success with ) as well
  4. Easy question for me, still have two r510tp drivers that see occasional rounds, one with an IverX, and one with a BLeex.
  5. His putting stroke visually seems to have better freedom and flow with blade models, will definitely watch this with interest.
  6. Like the no stamp DCI black triangle model that was later named 962, the b version without stamp is not conforming to C-O-C groove rule. Both the 962 and 962b models are listed as conforming.
  7. Exactly correct, very nice and definitely very much under the radar for a quality Miura forging. Nice medium sole width possesses a bit of bounce, leading edge relief, and they have minimal offset. I bent mine a degree weak and were very reminiscent of 990b, yet with the distinctively solid and soft Miura feel. Flipped mine for quite a bit more than had in them, yet if had a shaft that suited my needs a bit better, would have happily kept them.
  8. MR-23 US Spec is a great choice that I have not seen mentioned so far from a cursory glance at posts.
  9. There were quite a few of those being attempted to pass along as genuine to shops on Oahu when I lived there in 2015, one of major signs to look for in fakes is that Titleist script is not parallel to the stitching at bottom of cover.
  10. Be careful when sourcing some of these heads on the bay as several sources have those where headweight was quite a bit out of tolerances for “standard” set, very often with quite a few being heavy..this coming from a guy that tends to favor/prefer a heavy headweight and swingweight.
  11. Have both DH89 and DH11, so might ease the sting a bit
  12. Why must you continue to torture us with pictures of the copper plate, carbon Epic Day, when Byron isn’t making anymore Epic Day heads?
  13. From my recollection, the King Cobra pro mb and cb were the shiny chrome and the S3 pro combo,cb, and mb (essentially the same heads) were the satin chrome. Have owned all of the above and they were a great iron
  14. If they could only get Mike Taylor to have a chat with them both ahead of time, could be interesting, both won majors shortly after spending time with MT
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