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  1. The real question is- Are you going to put the Reagan/Bush headcover in same bag with Wu Tang ones? Just think that would generate a lot of quizzical looks. My sincerest apologies if the off topic post has offended any delicate sensibilities… Back on topic, would you rather have the higher peak height or consistency of launch?
  2. All kinds of different ways to enjoy this game. Imagination and shot making ability definitely have their place, ultimately players become better golfers when learn to play in such a manner as suits their personality as well as ability. The ideas of learning different shots and putting a number on card do not have to be in opposition to one another. Some of my favorite times on course have involved walking course in late afternoon with a half set, as it makes you learn how to vary distances, shapes and trajectories as needed. Playing worst ball helps get a true measure of consistency, playing draw vs. fade helps with learning which shots are most comfortable and consistent for each player…etc. Dependent upon player personality, these types of games can either be a mental pass/fail or can be used with any number of metrics to measure success, including score.
  3. Nice to see a post from you, Britney out of receivership and you can post- serendipitous
  4. Yes- although apparently the reasoning/ justification for same has not been made readily apparent to him despite some inquiries, outcome remains in question.
  5. When first getting a bit of competency at this crazy game, played a 49-49 loft pitching wedge and 56 loft sand wedge, depending upon the set. With the changes in lofts of irons and the launch/spin of balls, found that 48-54-60 and 48-53-58 loft distributions tend to allow me best spacing of yardages and flights based upon amount of practice real life allows.
  6. V-steel sole configuration was “reintroduced “with the SIM fairway lineup.
  7. “Sell them to Mitchell, these are not the droids you’re looking for..” Seriously, those look fantastic and if decide to move them instead of play them, you know who to contact!
  8. Titleist 962b are my favorites of all time- still have a “few” sets. Playing a quite nice graphite shafted set of another iron due to some inflammation in elbow, yet the 962b could eventually end up back in bag with an appropriate reshaft.
  9. Apparently so, this particular set came from estate of former PGA tour player Bobby Mitchell and was an Endo forging, for what that is worth.
  10. Have a Janzen grind 200 series set and a Stewart grind 200 series set myself, glad to see you picked up another, sad that I missed them Did recently acquire a NOS set of the Founders forged tour cb with original UST tour weight s+ shafts, plus 1/2” so got that going for me, which is nice.
  11. Brand new old stock, previous owner purchased from estate of a former PGA tour player, neither of whom used them. That issue has been remedied Pictures posted were from seller, quite sure some new ones will be forthcoming once update my WITB thread
  12. After developing a bit of elbow and hand pain, decided that needed to covert over to graphite. Following a bit of searching for options, was fortunate enough to find a new old stock set of some old favorites- Founders Club Judge tour cb forged, this time with UST tour weight stiff shafts plus 1/2”. Played similar prototype set of irons to these from Founders years ago, albeit with some Brunswick FCM stepped shafts, so was already hopeful these would suit. Having set loft/lie angles to my preferences and changing the stock corded grips over to red NDMC with my quite particular taping, I am very pleased with initial results. Still need to remove paintfill on soles as not a fan of same since will wear out anyway, and can definitely see these being in bag going forward.
  13. Titleist TSI3 or 4, Callaway Epic Speed, Srixon ZX5 are all traditionally shaped and adjustable hosel- if choose to go down JDM rabbit hole, there are quite a few bonded options (Mizuno craft type models and Crazy 435 as examples)
  14. At one time, those were all on forum posted by a great member that no longer participates due to a “copyright issue” over sourcing of images..quite a shame.
  15. Logo under on a round grip. According to Norman, first did so because liked the look sans logo from address, subsequently found that drew attention to grip type/model during broadcasts. Ever the marketer, he used same to his advantage as an endorsement opportunity.
  16. King Cobra s3 pro mb, liked them enough to play 3-gap wedge when most players were much more fond of the standard s3 pro combo set,
  17. Geoff Ogilvy’s witb from his US Open win has always been one of my favorites.
  18. R510TP 10.5* with Mitsubishi Rayon IverX shaft
  19. Don’t order another, work out a deal with your friend to get that same shaft.
  20. Following up with what my friend Stu posted, dowels seem to have effect of raising center of gravity slightly thereby lowering trajectory. As always, result is very player dependent based upon delivery. Because of more spread out weight distribution of dowels compared to lead tip weights (which I and many others despise) and effect of stiffened tip section, dowels don’t seem to create draw bias evident with lead “slugs”. Also of note, dowels were used in Titleist 681T models and certain Custom Grinds as well.
  21. Bridgestone Tour B-XS for the past several seasons, just simply does everything I need exceptionally well and is very stable in windy conditions.
  22. Paging @Forged4ever My good friend should be able to provide you some insight regarding past (and maybe even some current) equipment choices of Sean Knapp and Nathan Smith.
  23. Old school club makers trick that adds a bit of vibration dampening, rumored to create a more solid feel..although still need to hit center to get that The dowels were cut, shaped, grooved, and weight sorted by yours truly, from stock acquired at home improvement store..quite a few guys on here have done same in past and more info can be found under clubmaking search of forum.
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