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  1. When I watched it live I thought him holding it was a little awkward. Seeing it all now is a little cringeworthy, but I'm in no way outraged or feel it distracted from Lee's moment. Golf picks some funny things to get upset about.
  2. He's going to bring in a teppanyaki chef and do the onion volcano.
  3. I carry both but primarily use just the towel.
  4. It was my fault, I was trying to add a bunch of stuff and should've bought the tool and covers right away and then made a second purchase for the less high profile items.
  5. The Masters always seems to find a way to deliver an exciting finish. Congrats to Hideki and the entire country of Japan!
  6. Been gaming the 60tx for about a month now. It's a bit of an upgrade over the ck pro white I was gaming prior. Little bit more stable but generally mostly the same shaft. Haven't swung a Ventus 6x to compare so can't provide any info on that front.
  7. Well, that was fun, added both blade covers and a divot tool to my cart, by the time I went to check out at 3:05 (5:05est) they were all sold out and removed from the cart, better luck next time I guess.
  8. Set your alarms for the masters release, looks this will be a good one.
  9. They've been teasing a lot of stuff that I assume will launch at some point this week.
  10. I was late as well, logged in about 30 minutes after they went live and everything was gone. Oh well.
  11. Whats the over under on Rickie making the cut?
  12. Maybe Titleist is trolling people who play yellow balls?
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