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  1. Nah. Come on man. That chair is supposed to be that way. It’s “distressed wood”... just like he gets when he has to use the aforementioned rubbers
  2. I was going to say Zx7. consider 0311t gen2 is only 149 a club and they are butter with great tech and don’t get fliers. I have the gen2 p series and they are way better than my mizzy hmbs were most direct mizzy equivalent would be the mp20 mmc... but I preferred my older 718 ap2 to these (which is also a good choice) if I wasn’t staying with my PXGs (which I LOVE) I would look into the Srixons zx7s, with 4 and 5 in the zx5
  3. MGS... the Bible eh... I certainly read their stuff, but never seen their data or tests debated in here before lol My gen2 are way better for me than my HMBs were... ive also seen that very site have a club win one year, then finish middle of the pack the next, when the clubs up against it WERE THE SAME CLUBS IT BEAT THE YEAR BEFORE. Just saying.
  4. You aren’t wrong. I’m just making a counter argument that if you judge someone for it, it is more of a reflection of you as a person than the bag of PXGs being a reflection of the person Who owns them
  5. Guys. Be real here. Coming from an actual ex-pro athlete... you are either pro, or you aren’t. Period. If you don’t carry a touring card, then we play this game for fun, and the timed we do compete, we have this thing called a handicap to keep it competitive. play the clubs if you like the clubs. As far as sugar daddy is concerned... it’s mean to be a play on a commonly used term to say how sweet the club is. I’m a democrat and I don’t see that as sexist, even I can take a joke in 2020... if you object to Parsons recreation, don’t play his clubs. But to say someone shouldn’t have nice gear to do something they enjoy, but aren’t great at is absurd. Lots of people drive sports cars, but would slide off a track. You either pay for clubs, or you are paid to play. Zero in between here.
  6. Get over it. That’s my best recommendation.
  7. Lol. Right? I’ve been a pxg skeptic awhile. But man are they good. Abs so nice to play. The gen2 p has given me the feel of a forged blade with the forgiveness of a players distance. and yeah, big hat no cattle is a saying, but I don’t play golf for money, just for fun. And man are these bad boys fun. I played baseball for money. For a long time. I came to realize that people should spend the money to make their life good. Part of that is spending extra money on things that bring joy. If that’s a car, or clubs, or a vacation... it is nobody’s business. If it brings joy to the spender, then goal achieve. forget what anyone thinks, because at the end of the day, they don’t matter one bit. Enjoy the clubs. And never feel ashamed for what you play
  8. Was always a ping driver guy, but the SIM has been an awakening. My miss is left and this thing is so easy to hit and very workable. I find it extremely forgiving, but took maybe a month to set it up just right. Now play the 10.5 set to +0.75 which closes the face a tad and the weight all the way to toe (my misses are 90% toe side). No exaggeration this has been hands down the easiest to control driver I’ve owned, and believe me as a true WRX BST how I’ve owned them all. I liked the g400 LST better than the 410+ or LST, which both felt a touch dead to me and I tried multiple lofts and heads. Got a TS3, which was great, but then picked up an M5 when the TS3 weight got stuck and it had to be sent in. The M5 was great, but I cracked the sole and got a SIM as a replacement. I used to joke that TM was marketing hype and nothing more, but the twist face really seems to work, and the driver is not only really hot/long, but has been an easy fairway finder to boot. First driver that has made me stop hitting other products. It’s been that good, and I haven’t even had to go shaft hunting, just some fine tuning of the loft sleeve and weight placement. Plus that sound! Just stellar.
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