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  1. Had 716s for 2 seasons. Loved them specifically because I was fighting a left miss and they were one of the few offerings I found that were indeed more fade biased. must be the weighting, but I confirm that they are anti left in general compared to similar irons (like p790).
  2. Rebuilding my pxgs. they are .370 I’m told, using shims with glass shafting beads to get the .355 in. but, I don’t know the ferrule size? is it .355 to match shaft or .370 to match hosel? collared or not on pxgs? thanks!
  3. Looking for something with acceptable grips and tips prepped for installation; consider new shafts if price is right project x LS 6.0 or 6.5 modus3 120x dg amt x100 or amt white 100x $-taper stiff plus (s+)
  4. Some great pickups that got bumped from the bag and have too much value to sit around. The clubs we drool over with upgraded shafts that make you WRXer blood run hot. Titleist u510 - 2i -18* with upgraded Tensei white hy90x - $190 shipped obo NOW 175 SHIPPED NOW $150 shipped Scotty Cameron Phantom 8.5 - 35" plus superstroke pistol 1.0 w/arccos attachment with stability tour shaft upgrade - $250 shipped obo SOLD trades - big plus to iron shaft pulls that are newer/rarer. Want x or stiff+ usually I add something glib, but these bad boys speak for themselve
  5. I’d be ok with trying the LZs. Heard good things. Not a fan of the standard PX
  6. This is the clear and obvious answer. Now if I only had the time! Job has me working 6d a week, 12h a day at present. So I don’t foresee this. I’ve hit most offerings in many heads and owned s300 (too spinny) ctapers (too low spin for their launch, at least in the 130x with my current lower spin heads) x100AMTs (may consider these again) modus 120x (liked but only demoed) PX6.5 (didn’t like the feel really) steelfiber 110x (liked but expensive) x100 (solid numbers tbh, but wanted to try lighter offering) and my current DG120x. this forum has been gold, so I wanted to see people’s tho
  7. Considering soft stepping standard x100s. but as I’m at an point of change, considering branching out to a modus or something.
  8. It’s just so odd that the 120x feels significantly stiffer than the standard x100. I can’t place it, but it’s just far and away more “boardy” and I leak long irons right now (never did that before) because the shaft has no kick at all. I was coming from AP2s with x100s and this was not the case... so it’s not like a sudden change of swing or what not, and I really feel it’s the shafts. anyone else have this issue with DG120x compared to the standard DGx100?
  9. In my 20s I was ripping driver at about 125 and swung out of my shoes on all shots. I got older, smarter, and if I’m being honest, a bit weaker too as my current job ended all gym adventures. Played C-Taper 130x for awhile, as I lost speed these spun too low and I went to x100s. I like the feel of both the above options. Lost some speed (now 115 driver) so I tried DG120x in my new HMBs and I don’t like the shaft feel at all. They feel so much stiffer than my x100s and even my ctapers did. The mid section just doesn’t bend! I’m looking for something that keeps th
  10. S18 gone too now. Just struggling to update via mobile. evenflow shaft left
  11. Some amazing options being cleared out. The T-MBs are in great shape, the AP2s with them gives you multiple places to start your combo. The TS3 is brand new head, replacement for a stuck weight. The shafts are all top notch. The S18 wedges have literally 1 round w/ProV1s on them. Everything well photographed. Prices include shipping to CONUS. I do entertain trades and foofers, but dont wast time with absurdly low balls. Done a lot of business here and expect that to continue. 1. Titleist TS3 10.5 BNIP w/shaft options - Head: $240 - w/Graphite Design ADTP - $365 (shaft alone $15
  12. Just an FYI counterpoint here. I play a draw/left miss and DO NOT feel these are draw bias at all. The offset also is very reasonable, especially in the long irons. I feel if anything it’s the short irons that have a bit more offset than other player irons, but honestly that’s a typical trait of Mizuno irons (less progressive offset in their sets). I play mine 1* flat of mizzy specs, which makes them the same as my 2* flat in my 718 AP2s. Haven’t noticed any draw bias whatsoever. And I love the sticks
  13. Left ball is 2 gen back. biggest difference are the side arrows and alignment labeling. The outlineD arrows (white arrow with black outline) is only seen on the 2020. The font is also different.
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