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  1. Nah. Come on man. That chair is supposed to be that way. It’s “distressed wood”... just like he gets when he has to use the aforementioned rubbers
  2. I was going to say Zx7. consider 0311t gen2 is only 149 a club and they are butter with great tech and don’t get fliers. I have the gen2 p series and they are way better than my mizzy hmbs were most direct mizzy equivalent would be the mp20 mmc... but I preferred my older 718 ap2 to these (which is also a good choice) if I wasn’t staying with my PXGs (which I LOVE) I would look into the Srixons zx7s, with 4 and 5 in the zx5
  3. MGS... the Bible eh... I certainly read their stuff, but never seen their data or tests debated in here before lol My gen2 are way better for me than my HMBs were... ive also seen that very site have a club win one year, then finish middle of the pack the next, when the clubs up against it WERE THE SAME CLUBS IT BEAT THE YEAR BEFORE. Just saying.
  4. You aren’t wrong. I’m just making a counter argument that if you judge someone for it, it is more of a reflection of you as a person than the bag of PXGs being a reflection of the person Who owns them
  5. Guys. Be real here. Coming from an actual ex-pro athlete... you are either pro, or you aren’t. Period. If you don’t carry a touring card, then we play this game for fun, and the timed we do compete, we have this thing called a handicap to keep it competitive. play the clubs if you like the clubs. As far as sugar daddy is concerned... it’s mean to be a play on a commonly used term to say how sweet the club is. I’m a democrat and I don’t see that as sexist, even I can take a joke in 2020... if you object to Parsons recreation, don’t play his clubs. But to say someone should
  6. Get over it. That’s my best recommendation.
  7. Lol. Right? I’ve been a pxg skeptic awhile. But man are they good. Abs so nice to play. The gen2 p has given me the feel of a forged blade with the forgiveness of a players distance. and yeah, big hat no cattle is a saying, but I don’t play golf for money, just for fun. And man are these bad boys fun. I played baseball for money. For a long time. I came to realize that people should spend the money to make their life good. Part of that is spending extra money on things that bring joy. If that’s a car, or clubs, or a vacation... it is nobody’s business. If it brings joy to t
  8. Was always a ping driver guy, but the SIM has been an awakening. My miss is left and this thing is so easy to hit and very workable. I find it extremely forgiving, but took maybe a month to set it up just right. Now play the 10.5 set to +0.75 which closes the face a tad and the weight all the way to toe (my misses are 90% toe side). No exaggeration this has been hands down the easiest to control driver I’ve owned, and believe me as a true WRX BST how I’ve owned them all. I liked the g400 LST better than the 410+ or LST, which both felt a touch dead to me and I tried multiple lofts an
  9. No shame here. People are usually in awe if anything. Not saying they should be, but sometimes they are. it’s like driving a sick sports car... many stare, some give a thumbs up or "nice ride," and a few try to make comments, but deep down, those comments are 100% driven by jealousy or a lack of self-confidence. it is unfortunately human nature to be jealous, and very few reach the point of maturity to take pleasure in the success of others, in fact, most only resent the success or good fortune of others. there’s a reason the saying "hate me cuz you ain’t me" is a
  10. Not sure the source. But that’s what I had read. Either way, it does reduce it, and given I really want to improve full shot performance from 100y (which had been poor vs my handicap this year), I’m happy with the decision. It is visibly less. I put it next to the 2.0 in the store and it looked more before the bend, and a touch less after. So that works.
  11. Pxg gen2 T had no gap wedge, but the P did (50*) the gen3’s added a gap wedge on the T’s; it’s 51*
  12. Mission accomplished... got a 52 and had it bent to 54... any offensive offset disappeared completely. My 54 is more of a "full-shot" club for me... it’s my 100y full swing stick. I rarely chip with it and typically take either the 50 or 58 (lob) around the green, so the glide gap wedge grooves are ideal. The bounce is now 14, but my previous 54 was 14 bounce anyway. Now this show just needs to clear...
  13. ZX7 is likely a great option, but spin much less than the true blades out there. AP2/T100 line spin more and look like a blade from address. I had the FG Tour V2 and V4 Wilson’s. Great sticks. Look like the AP2 (I had the 718s) at address, but the sole of the V4s is more cambered/rounded and the AP2 (and the t100...) have much more of a thin blade like sole profile with a preworn leading edge. The AP2s were also just a tad softer. All that said, I wasn’t kidding about the PXG 0311 Ts... the have the more square toe of a blade, and the sole is thin. Very little
  14. It is so tempting to buy these just as a backup set because the price and condition is good, but reality is someone who can’t or doesn’t want to fork over crazy bucks deserves these as gamers. Please only buy these if you intend to play them.
  15. How much money you trying to spend? PXG 0311T gen3? (250 a club right now) or Ap2/T100
  16. ProV1 all the way. There is a reason it’s the number 1 ball in golf. Off woods and irons the urethane covered balls don’t play too different from a surlyn ball with similar compression and dimple pattern, but greenside and 100y in, with greens that are firm especially, they are completely different. Assuming similar compression and dimple pattern (which controls trajectory through aerodynamics), the harder you hit them, the more alike they are. The more loft and spin you apply, the more you see the differences.
  17. Play off an 8hcp (but been closer to 5 this season) with speed (115ish driver). I play two cally apex hybrids (which are just excellent I might add) in 20* and 24*. But shafts are different. 20 is a catalyst 6.5 (stock offering) and the 23 is a rogue silver 90x. I’ve noticed some differences and haven’t decided if I’m going to make a change to one. The rogue launches much higher (higher apex) and spins about the same, the project x catalyst launches lower and apex of my shot is lower. And I can definitively say it’s not simply the loft difference. I got the 20* first becaus
  18. Loft is king. It’s true after testing multiple irons. Yes, low spin like P790 or zx5/zx7 will net you some yards, but comparing lofts (assuming you have a shaft that is appropriately fit for you) will give you the best idea of distance. Because of this, I feel you have to pick your sticks on feel, turf interaction, looks (which includes bag appeal, topline, blade length, and shaping). What really proved this beyond a shadow of a doubt was the TXG P790 to P770 comparison, bent to the same loft, were virtually indistinguishable in launch, spin, ballspeed, and distance.
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