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  1. Took a look at the G425 at PGA SS today as well. Werent on the shelves but they had some at the hitting bays. I do like the more muted all black design over the red they used in the 410's I still prefer the copper on my G400 but the 425 looks nice. BTW, as an aside the 425 irons look very nice as well. I thought the last iterations of the 400 series (400 and 410) were gross looking.
  2. All. Need to replace the grip on my putter and i have acquired a Pure putter grip. Problem is is that no one around me installs with the gun method. I know its not the recommended way but has anyone installed with just the normal tape and solvent method?
  3. Pings are great for build quality and i have had no issues with my 565's. Still, IMO, the best looking irons along with the new ZX's of course.
  4. I'm still stuck at about an 18HDCP. My strengths are short game (thanks to Use the Bounce) and putting. Decent driver but my weakness is consistency with my irons. I always feel like i am losing accuracy and distance. I sometimes don't release and push. When i try to release, i feel like i can get flippy. Par 3 and ability to hilt greens are killing me right now. Would you guys think that No Turn Cast would be valuable in addressing that? Not looking for a magical fix. Looking for something i could work on as Fall and Winter approach.
  5. I have to say that generally golf courses have some of the worst run websites around. For a business that is increasingly going digital and relying on web bookings, the booking engines and websites are extremely sub par.
  6. I live 2 miles from Oak Brook and never play it. It's overpriced and usually very very slow. I do utilize their putting green as well. The chipping green is OK as well as long as the occasional guy hitting 40 yard pitches to it
  7. I have never heard of this. So the guy reaches in to your area and use your balls? Are these balls you paid for?
  8. All- My game has evolved enough so that i need to be able to shape the ball on occasion. Specifically, i sometime find myself on the tee box on a Par 3 where i need to hit a bit of a fade for example. There is plenty of info on YouTube for rightys but i am struggling to understand it as a leftty. Any lefties have a tip on set up, grip, etc?
  9. Let's say i have a 15 ft put that i just miss and its 1 or 2 feet away. I make 95% of two footer if i walk up, almost side saddle, and just tap it in. I make 50% when i line up the putt and overthink it. Point is, i think you can overthink this shot regularly.
  10. You may get better at golf by watching YouTube videos rather than taking golf lessons. Everyone on this site hits a 7 iron 175yrds Playing golf in jeans or a tank top is not OK. (as i I think it looks silly and jeans cant be comfortable)
  11. Coyote Run yesterday. I figured that a 4pm start and the heat would weed out some of the slowness. I was partially right. There were a few walkers slowing things up waiting for the group in front to reach the green. In regards to the course. It was in good shape. The fairways were nice and the bunkers decent. The greens were a bit beat up do to a lot of marks not fixed.. Kudos to them for the heavier than normal Chicago rough. It's on the shorter side and i am no means a bomber. I think i lost 4 balls by blowing through the fairway. There are some holes where taking a club or two is advised. N
  12. I never had a good experience from CC. It's not their fault stuff is delayed but they need to keep you updated,
  13. Driver on 3 at MM is a mistake. Even if you are a long hitter, its tight. The threesome I played with the other day, 2 guys hit driver and sliced it into the junk on the right. I (lefty) crushed a 3 wood but pushed it right. It rolled down the hill into the junk. When we got out to the fairway, we all agreed a iron or light hybrid into the center of the fairway and easy shot in to the green (which two of us hit) was the right play.
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