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  1. Another shout out to Flagg Creek. In the times of courses not taking care of their courses (University Village and to a lesser extent White Pines), FC is always in good shape. For a 9 hole fun round with the wife, its a good play.
  2. @MountainKing PB is still my fav track in the area and I don't live that close. Pace always seems decent there even on the weekends. Played a few rounds this weekend. First off, University Golf Course yesterday. This has to be the biggest trash course in the area. I have never seen a course in worse condition and I live by Fresh Meadows. First off, the rough was 3 inches thick. That's fine. Rough is supposed to be penal. The fairways were not cut...at all. Also, you were rewarded with a good tee shot in the fairway but looking for your ball in an extreme amount of lawmmower clippings. The greens were diseased, filled with goose droppings, burned out, pitted. Basically unplayable. What I mean is that you couldnt make a putt due to the sheer amount of junk in your line. That course should be embarrassed by their product. I wish i could get my money back. White Pines West today. This is my underrated course of the year. It's not a bad track, not too hard but has a few trickey spots. It's usually in good shape. However, please cut your fairways. They were semi rough... I guess end of the season means the lawnmowers arent working....
  3. Man...I still don't get not letting folks playing through. I played with two others yesterday and my 2 playing partners (famlly) were the slow ones. I couldnt take the foursome rising up on us and waved them through. What's the big deal with doing that? I play better as I dont have people riding up on me, and the people behind me get to get on with their round.
  4. Got a quick 9 in at Buffalo Grove today. I was up there for work so I thought i'd try it. It was $20 for walking and thats a fair price (unlike Oakbrook). Decent track that I wouldnt say is overly difficult. You can spray it a bit and be OK there. The condition of the course for this late in the year was excellent. The greens were in excellent shape, the fairway's looked good. The rough was a change of pace from most place here in IL....it was thick. The traps were nice as well. They were about as sandy as I have seen. We usually have more hard pan but these were not bad. Overall, its funny around IL. Sometimes you play a basic muni like BG and it's in really good shape. I have played courses for 3 times that cost that were not in as good of shape. So yeah, Buffalo Grove. Nice job.
  5. I need to learn my lesson about playing Oakbrook. It's becoming a shooting gallery. I was hit into twice by the same group. The pace of play is always awful there. Great lesson on supply and demand though. Take a average course, pack it full of people. Oakbrook is like a pretty girl with nothing else but it's close and there is no competition in this area.
  6. I had a heck of a time hitting my 3 wood this year and someone suggested to try a 5W. I grabbed a cheap Cobra 5W from Dallas Golf. The 5W is way more consistent and versatile then my 3W which it replaced. So, no more 3W just a 5W
  7. I dont know what it is about MM, and I like it, but I always play terribly there. Terrible as in I have double the number of penalty strokes and can't hit the side of the barn, the magical lost ball in the rough that I should have found. Despite knowing not to go right on #3, i always jack it over in to the junk. I like it because its 1/3 the price of Preserve but I play that place terribly.
  8. All..I have been tracking my stats for a few years now and despite striking the ball better than ever this year, HDCP is up .5 points. I play at a 18.8 which is a bummer since, like most of you, I think i should be better. So, lets add to why you are a higher handicap. Here are my stats: Average score 93 My by hole par...Par 3's (4)...down 1 stroke this year. Par 4's (5.4) up .2 this year...Par 5's (6.3) up .2 this year Driving accuracy. 53% hit. This above average GIR...13%. Up a bit a this year but the average for my HDCP is 21% Here's the biggie and this is up 1.3 this year...average penalties a round....6.3 Anyway, there is a lot to improve but that penalty number has got to come down in addition to other things but thought I'd share and it. It's good to track this stuff to know where you are at b/c without it, I would THINK I was playing better golf this year but the stats don't lie.
  9. Hey all...sorry for the fire drill here but last night i snapped the shaft on my Ping G400 LST driver and need to get something relatively quickly here. I play the stock Alta shaft in stiff. My swing speed is around 97-100. Quick research pointed me to the Ping Tour 65 but i can't seem to locate it anywhere. Any thoughts on something I should look at? The HZRDUS line keeps coming up, black oryellow but I thought I check with you all. I dont need something exotic. Thanks!
  10. I want to play those red balls so bad becasue they look cool. I have tried yellow but i think there is a reason white is so popular. It just works.
  11. Bolingbrook and Oakbrook are way overpriced IMO. That being said, I live near Oakbrook and its packed....alot. You also get a 5 1/2 round there as well.
  12. LOL. That's very funny. My wife recently pulled her clubs out and the grips are slick as ice, the driver is the sizer of a 5 wood, and the putter grip has basically disintegrated. She wants new clubs but they "have to be cheap and be a nice color'.
  13. I spent a lot of money of in person lessons and 2 years ago, i had 20 of them in a package. Got a bit better but not really what i thought as far as progression. On a whim a month ago, i took two online lessons on Skillest and the pro had me work on setup, alignment and keep my trail arm loose. So the old adage about keeping your arms nice and loose helped me tremendously.
  14. Agree. I have been an 18HDCP for the last 3 years. That means I have not improved based on my stats (although i feel like i have). That also means that I am also trying to get better. Feels good to get better one day,...
  15. Been playing Preserve at Oak Meadows a bit lately. Great course (as we all know) but man, the rates are out of control there. They want around $70 for twilight rates. MM is half that and not that much lower in class IMO
  16. That's the problem with Willowcrest (and all of the west suburban courses in my area). The lack of supply and thats what you get. Willowcrest is not the easiest track and I always see 4 somes playong the tips. It's 3 miles from my house and I only play it when i get a deal or in the fall. Otherwise, they want like $80 for a round that can get quite backed up
  17. I feel that most golf websites are terrible and that's probably why GolfNow became what it is. Golf websites are terrible. They either don't work, add a cart fee, you book and the time becomes unavailable. On another note, I am starting to see rates stabilize and even seeing some deals as well.
  18. After flaming out and spending a good chunk on in person lessons, I am going the online route this time. Online may not be for every one but I like the cost, videos and the flexibility it offers. What's the difference really? If you take an in person lesson and don't work on it, its the same as taking an online lesson and not working on it. Minus the above
  19. Pound for pound, PB is my favorite in the area. Love the course.
  20. I'm an 18 HDCP and I'd love to get down to around a 12 or so. That being said, I havent moved off an 18 for a few years despite thinking I was getting better. The stats don't lie.
  21. Yeah, prices are really up but so is everything else. Ex. Last year, i played a course after 4pm that was $26 with a cart. This year, it's $41 and $10 for the cart....so basically double.
  22. Got 18 in at Maple Meadows yesterday. The place is in really good condition. The greens looked great but were rolling at a 5 on the stimp. Took me 9 holes to stop leaving putts short. That course is sneaky tough with some well placed fescue and the slightest amount of wind makes it a challenge.
  23. The clubhouse at Big Run is like land of the lost. I went into the locker room once and felt like I was transported to the 80s. It does kinda feel like it's not long for this world....
  24. High end Fittings. That's my unpopular opinion. I am 5'8" and 170 lbs and have had a few fittings and I always come out as stock. No joke. That being said, telling me I need a $1000 driver with an exotics shaft doesn't pass the sniff test. I am an 18HDCp and there is no way that would help me. @betarhoalphadelta I agree that with your size, a fitting probably helps you but for the average golfer, i think the free PGASS fitting is more than sufficient.
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