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  1. Hi guys...need some advice. Looking to do a 4 person trip in late September. My crew are all based in Chicago and we looking for options. The goal is to maximize golf and minimize travel and keep costs reasonable. Ideally, 3-3.5 hour drive is preferable. We figure with the plethora of golf course in Michigan, Wisconsin and Indiana, this is an option. Couple stipulations: Not looking to do Kohler (too much $$$) or Acadia (too far). We are not looking to party all night and we want the focus to be on golf. Anyone have any good places/courses etc they'd recommend? Thanks in advance!
  2. So i spent most of Monday reading the PDF's and really taking notes on what the concept here is. Finally went and hit a bucket last night and as Geoff suggests, used only a SW. The results were pretty impressive. Out of 45 balls, i think i hit maybe 4 or 5 poor shots. I also noticed: More piercing shots and lack of ballooning (most likely due to my casting) More distance. Was hitting the SW about 100 yards dead on Massive slice elimination. My typical ball flight was a weak high small slice before It was hard to resist the urge to pull out other clubs and try this but i stayed on task working on grip (interlock, semi strong). forward shaft lean, holding angle throughout. Pretty happy after one bucket
  3. OK. Im in. Going to read and try slicefixer today. Sitting around a 20 hdcp and cant hit anything consistent (except for my short wedges). Anyone have any beginner tips/video tips to help fill in the gaps? Thanks!
  4. [quote name='nolesfan16' timestamp='1405653254' post='9725439'] Is anyone able to give a good comparison of Green Grass to Club Champion? I've been to Club Champion a few times. Iron fitting seemed to work out pretty well, but the two times I've went for a long game fitting something just seemed off but I'm really not sure what. Be interesting to hear some thoughts if people have been to both. Does Green Grass have a comparable selection of equipment, is there any manufacturer that is obviously missing? [/quote] Did a full bag fitting at Club Champion back in November and came away very unimpressed. No follow up or review sheets. Felt a bit rushed and really didnt think you get what you pay for. Next fitting (whenever that may be) will not be at Club Champion.
  5. Hit the whole g30 series today and yes, they are nice clubs. I hit the driver, 3 wood, 3 and 4h, and a demo 7 iron they had lying around. IMO, they felt very much like the g25's to me. The look is great however. I hit the 7 iron and it looked and performed very similar to my g25's. The top was a bit thinner perhaps but felt the same. I kinda left thinking that the irons look like my g25's...in blue. The driver was nice and felt similar to the g25 i hit in the same session the G25 driver as well. (currently play a G20). Perhaps the sounds was more muted but i couldnt see upgrading if you game the g25 driver. The 3 wood was excellent like the...G25 3 wood. Hybrids were a bit of a different feel (currently play g20 hybrids). Took a few swings to really connect.but great feel. Ping has a winner IMO but not radically different than the excellent G25 series
  6. [quote name='HawkeyeDan' timestamp='1403267513' post='9538305'] Not that you are looking to change this, but this is why I ultimately switched to interlock. When I overlapped, I found it harder to be consistent with my hold. Not that it's impossible with interlock, just easier for me to be consistent. Your mileage may vary. [/quote] After using and being taught overlap for the last 5 years, i switched to interlock and am getting better results. I think that interlock allows me to square the face much better and we all know what happens when the face is square.
  7. Anyone play with these recently? I picked a box up last year as they were massively discounted at PGA Superstore. Long story short, I have been really enjoying them this year. Good feel, nice distance, decent spin. http://www.wilson.com/en-us/golf/balls/recreational/tour-velocity-tour-distance-golf-balls/
  8. Well...after buying these and them sitting in my basement for 3 months (rough winter), i took them out for a spin, first round of the year....at Pebble. I'd say they performed fantastically. Only thing that was tough was a bit too much bounce out of the short stuff. Other than that, that were outstanding. On a side note, also picked up a G25 3 wood and that club is excellent as well. Ball explodes off the face.
  9. [quote name='tatertot' timestamp='1392748072' post='8695009'] Here is my Ping fitting story ... Bought my first set of Ping Eye 2s in black dot, standard length because I couldn't afford a fitting. Static fitting, I'm a yellow. Loved 'em. Bought subsequent sets of G5, i10, and G15. All black dot, standard length. Got the ZZ65 shafts because I liked the ZZ Lites in my Eye 2s. Decided to splurge and get myself a new set of irons. Decided to let the fitter fit me and give me recommendations. He recommended S56, white dot, Dynamic Gold shafts. Bought them for $950 - twice the cost of my G15. And hated them. Everything was left - which makes total sense with a much more upright lie angle. They're in my basement collecting dust. The G15 are in my bag, and I just came off my best scoring year ever. Not sure what the moral of the story is. If I had to do it over, I would have gotten fitted by a couple more guys and see if everything matched. [/quote] See thats what i did. I went for a premium fitting and the results were impressive but they wanted me in $500 worth of shafts on the g25s. I then went to my local big box and hit the same clubs with stock shafts and i damn near had the same results. Moral of the story, check what you are getting. Both fitters suggested black dots literally off the shelf. I saved a ton by just checking the custom shafts.
  10. [quote name='Wedge' timestamp='1391691000' post='8608505'] Yup. The only change I made was to shorten the stock TFC shaft by 1/2". Great driver. It's been in my bag for over 2 years now. [/quote] Ha! Just had mine shortened an inch. Love to try it out but the weather has been horrible. Great driver. Hit the G25 and really didnt see that much of a difference.
  11. The stock shaft is pretty solid. When i got fitted, i hit a bunch of shafts and the stock Ping performed very well with some of the other brands. A lot obviously depends on your style but for me the stock shaft was fine and saved me several hundred dollars by at least trying the stock.
  12. Cutting down my G20 1". I had an old driver in the garage I hit very well and couldn't figure out why i hit it better than my new G20. Turns out, its about 1" shorter. My fitting I recently had suggested I shorten my driver up.
  13. Thought I'd chime in here as I recently went through two fittings; one premium (i paid for) and one free (done at PGA superstore). I am about an 18hdcp lefty playing with clubs i purchased of the internet about 4 years ago to see if I'd like the game. I have never been a 'its the equipment guy' but recently on a trip to Dubai, I played with a set of TM rental clubs and hit them better than I have ever hit my irons. I decided after getting my swing and set up checked by the pro i occasionally take lessons from that it was time to invest in a set of irons that i could grow into and use for many years. Fitting 1: Premium fitting on Trackman. Gained 2 club lengths with fitted clubs and my dispersion pattern was shockingly tight. Was suggested for Ping G25 with custom shatfs but standard lie and length - black dot. Fitting 2: Free at PGA superstore on Flightscope. Hit stock Ping shaft about the same distance and dispersion as Pings above with custom shaft. Standard length and lie - black dot. (BTW, fitter told me that 30% of people they fit cant even get ball airborne) Long story short...get fitted. A fitting is not that expensive (and free at some places) and one can use the data to make an educated purchase. My game is not where I can benefit from custom shafts at this point but to pick up 2 clubs and a much tighter dispersion after being fitted has me excited to play this spring. CF
  14. I actually went through two fittings this week. One at a 'premium' location that I paid for and one at the PGA superstore. The great thing is both places agreed that I was the same setup (Ping black dot off the shelf). The difference was that the premium place insisted I needed new shafts for me new irons at around $475. After looking at the data from both places, i hit the same style and proudced the same numbers with the stock shafts. I am about an 18 HDCP playing some really badly fit clubs for me. By getting fit for the Pings, I gained 2 club lengths and my dispersion pattern was very very tight. Go get fit in the least. It's 100% worth it to see the data.
  15. [quote name='gallas2' timestamp='1385929375' post='8233442'] [quote name='chrisf60526' timestamp='1385851097' post='8229806'] High Handicapper here just fitted this week. During the fitting I hit the G25's, X-hots, and new Titleist 714's. I have no allegiance to any brand but ended up going with the G25's based on data and feel. My fitter thinks Ping hit a home run with this club and they felt great to me as well. Looking forward to spring and taking them out. [/quote] Nicely done. My buddy that runs a golf shop sells G25's over everything else. Even if someone comes in asking for Titleist etc he has them hit the G25s and they almost always win out. [/quote] Don't get me wrong the 714's were beautiful and the x-hots were nice was well. In fact the 714's had almost exact similar numbers as the G25's but at a much greater price point. Question. Anyone have any opinions on the G25 stock shaft? During my fitting I didn't try the stock shaft and plan to try it this week. Wondering everyone's thoughts?
  16. High Handicapper here just fitted this week. During the fitting I hit the G25's, X-hots, and new Titleist 714's. I have no allegiance to any brand but ended up going with the G25's based on data and feel. My fitter thinks Ping hit a home run with this club and they felt great to me as well. Looking forward to spring and taking them out.
  17. [quote name='Another80' timestamp='1376663787' post='7687464'] I had a similar situation (won a bunch of pro shop credit from a place that I didn't trust to do a proper fitting). I narrowed it down to which irons suited my eyes and paid $100 to have a fitting done--fully telling the fitter upfront that I was going to order the clubs elsewhere. He was happy to take my money, spent an hour--we were really just locking in lie angle, shaft length and shaft type--and I got exactly what I needed when I ordered from ping. [/quote] See, thats fair. Honestly, the clubs i can get for free from Southwest are damn nice and I am not going to pay $$$ for them when i can get a full set of: Ping G25, Mizuno 800-HD, Nike Coverts, Callaway X-Hots, or RocketBallz/Bladez WHat I will pay for is someones professional time. Thanks again!
  18. Thanks to all for the suggestions. I never thought of going to get fit and then sending the clubs into Ping or Mizuno and have the adjustments. Thanks you @chiro & @Air Jordan @cy1 - I do have a PGA superstore nearby but I am not going to return clubs I didn't get there. Thats not right @magnus I see your point but respectfully disagree. What I am suggesting is that I get a set of clubs (which anyone would do) for the cost of points that I earned. I then pay you for your time to fit them for me. Its a win for you as you'll make money off of a fitting. I had a fitting before and the "little guy" tried to up-charge me 20% for the same clubs I could get at X store.
  19. Hi guys. I am an improving golfer with a set of generic irons that I have had for about 4 years. One thing I have learned over the years from lurking at this site is not to by clubs off the shelf. My goal is for my next set of irons to be fit for me so that I can grow into them and keep them for an extended timeframe, However, I have earned a substantial number of points from Southwest Airlines and they have some very nice sets that I can get with points. (Ping G20, Callaway x Hot, Mizuno 800 HD etc). How would you all suggest that one take advantage of a 'free set' of great clubs but still get fit? I was thinking of going to like Golftec or something and paying for a fitting with my clubs at some points. Thoughts? Thanks in advance! Chris
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