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  1. I have the same problem with the driver. Also with shorter irons I would aim left of the flag to hit it straight so the push was always a feature. I tried to workout the motorcycle move with no success. However I was playing around with a club in the house (after a beer - always dulls the thinking mind and lets me get a better feel) and had a breakthrough. The feeling was that on the downswing the lead hand came closer to the body and was aiming to get level with the lead pocket. I felt like I pulled a bit with the lead hand and the lead hand path felt more inwards. I already have a flat lead wrist at the top so got a slight bow as I did this. Went to the range yesterday before I played and started off hitting a seven iron off to the left with this move. After a few balls I began to hit it straighter with a more penetrating shot. Moved onto the driver and hit them dead straight. Shortened the backswing a bit to ensure the lead wrist didn't cup at the top as well. Went and played afterwards. Beat my buddy by 7 points and 7 shots net. He said 'bye you were finding the fairway today.' Haven't time to check it out and provide a link but there is a Chris Ryan video on Youtube about hand path which may cover this. When I can find it I'll post it if I think it's relevant.
  2. Since adopting this approach; www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-z799vvwEA&t=431s I have reduced putts to the point where 4 of the last 6 rounds were below 30 putts and the other 2 just above. Apologies not sure how to attach the video rather than a link.
  3. It's in Modern Fundementals. He was born left handed but swapped to being right handed when a boy. However he started golf as a left hander as the first club he got was a left handed 5 iron. He swapped to right handed because it was easier to buy secondhand right handed clubs.
  4. You say she has a good move through the ball yet I would take an approach which probably seems a bit odd. 1. Firstly I would ask her what she was trying to do in the swing. Most beginners would say they were swinging the arms across the body - Jim Waldrons Arm Swing Illusion. Poor beliefs (often unconscious) about the swing can hinder improvement more than good advice can improve it. 2. Secondly without using a club I would ask her to show you how she thinks the body moves in a golf swing and demonstrate it as though it was a dance move. 3. Thirdly I would explain to her that a golf club is designed to operate in a certain way - if you throw it then it will turn over end to end. Why this? Because a club is designed to release itself and with the right moves the heavy end does not have to be manipulated. Beginners often manipulate the heavy end because that where they get the feeling from. As a 3 cap you can show her the motion needed to counteract anything she gets wrong in 1. Similarly with 2. The arm crossed against the torso drill. Harvey Penicks Magic Move - to start your downswing let your weight(we would probably say pressure now) shift to your lead foot while bringing your right elbow back down to your body. Finally you could point out any obvious things she is doing wrong and show her in slow motion what the right moves are. I would practice with an 8 iron. Hope you bump into her again and it works out.
  5. Generally speaking the course can't be a nuisance as the house came later though that may not stop liability for damage. Your bigger problem is it being council owned and therefore more likely to cave in than offer a robust response. https://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/news/15499255.residents-call-for-action-over-stray-golf-balls-but-club-gives-robust-response/ If it were me I would get someone who comes over as sympathetic to go and speak to the house owners - captain, committee member and find out the true extent of the problem, frequency, time of day etc. Hardly likely to be bad drives but I once hit a ball which bounced through wire netting because the ball was smaller than the size of the netting. Have you checked that in case second shots are causing the problem.
  6. Already recommended - Inner Game of Golf, Timothy Gallwey. Review - 'Gallwey, who knew virtually nothing about the mechanics of golf, understood that even the best technique collapses when the mind cracks under the game's pressure. The new edition of this groundbreaking instructional features what Gallwey calls "awareness exercises.' Check this video out;
  7. Zitlow, you pose some interesting questions and fascinating explanations. Thanks. Bladehunter I very much agree with this 'Flat or slightly cupped wrist and a straight trail leg make some awfully good swings.'
  8. Same but with 50 or 56 degree wedge depending on the shot. However I think about lead arm to parallel on the backswing as well.
  9. What helped me was swinging the shaft and not the club head.
  10. I saw a video where it recommended gripping the club when it pointed at 2 o'clockish then returning to the set up position which would naturally cup the lead wrist. However I don't need to weaken my left hand to do it - perhaps give it a try. This worked for me because I like to flatten the lead hand in the backswing otherwise I hit pushes. Thought it was Martin Chuck but have searched his videos but can't find it. Edit: Having looked at the pictures again they all have either a flat or bowed lead wrist. The wrist/hand position of the lead hand is not the same at address as it is at impact. What I describe in the first sentence puts the club in a position for impact even though the wrist angles will be different at address.
  11. I play a course which has a lot of raised greens and missing them can leave you in a whole lot of trouble compared with a flat green where a chip or bunker shot isn't too big a deal. First hole I would lay up as you suggest. Second hole if you are more accurate with a 3/5 wood than a driver then go with one of those. However if you are hitting a PW short for your 4th shot can you not hit the green with a 9 iron and give yourself a putt for par, 2putts for bogey? Going back to the first point I don't think those who play flat greens always appreciate how different and difficult it can be playing to raised greens. On my course you can't see the bottom of the pin on many holes.
  12. Came back to golf at 60, now 69. Had a partial knee replacement a year ago then Corvid came along so game suffered. However am now playing better than ever and best drive has gone from 210 to 235. Posting low 40's for 9 holes on a 6700 yd course then spoiling it with 2 or 3 really bad holes. Looking to keep improving into my 70's.
  13. Do you play the ball in the same position between your feet on the tee that you do on the fairway? Also could you be teeing it up too high?
  14. Here is an article for you; https://www.golfdigest.com/story/fix-your-slice-hank-haney
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