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  1. I'm considering the G410 as I expect the price to drop once the G425 is released. Currently gaming the Titleist 913 so would expect an improvement from either driver.
  2. Not going to chime in with fixes etc but the first thing I notice is the lack off athleticism in your swing, hit the ball!!
  3. Quite often caused by a steep shaft in transition but I had some success hitting balls whilst lifting the toes of my rear foot off the ground. Also if your driving range has those small cylindrical cone shapped basket, take an empty one and place your rear foot onto it at setup, your shin should be a few inches from the rim. Any thrusting will likely lead to your shin hitting the rim of the range basket.
  4. > @MonteScheinblum said: > Pelvi action on downswing is the main issue. Need face on @MonteScheinblum pretty poor face on but I just remembered at the end of my range session tonight.
  5. I also remembered this video from Monte. What I notice when I try this move is how much better a position I get in at the top, right arm feels more loaded. More importantly, I can get the right arm starting the downswing easier which I like to feel but struggle with at the moment.
  6. So, messing about with a club in the garden last night. The right arm seems to fold differently, (better?) when I swing with the trail arm only. Is this more like the kind of action I should be looking for? > @MonteScheinblum said: > Pelvi action on downswing is the main issue. Need face on Will try and get a face-on view soon and post up.
  7. > @"Ping's Duck" said: > Trail arm not working properly so elbow is locked out from leading the parade on the way down. Too much arm depth up top, and wonky wrist set for that much depth. The point on the right elbow is very valid, I’ve always thought my right elbow worked backwards in the takeaway rather than folding. Improving this move would probably help with the flat backswing and excessive depth at the top.
  8. > @Atrayn said: > Your problem starts here > > Can you elaborate? Backswing too flat/inside?
  9. I've noticed recently that my hands seem to be moving away from my body through impact, swinging right with a high handle. I'm pretty sure I'm not too steep in the downswing which I always thought was the main cause of this. Can anyone give further reasons of why this would happen and any drills that may be useful to get the hands to exit left? Here's a DTL view although I appreciate the camera angle isn't perfect -
  10. When I'm struggling with a bit of steepness I sometimes have success with some external focus, although I realise this isn't for everyone. I like to see a little draw when I'm playing well so I'll head to the range and put an alignment stick vertically in the ground on my target line. The only focus from there is to start the ball right of the stick and have it finishing to the left, I try not to think about mechanics of the swing at this point. It's amazing how the body finds a way of doing things after a few goes!
  11. Probably a question for the experts on the forum. How loose are a tour player or long hitters wrists through impact. Was having a discussion with a mate on Saturday and he reckons a lot of the clubhead speed comes from the fact the a tour pros wrists are so loose through impact, hence creating speed as they whip through impact. I always thought this was a flippy golf swing?
  12. > @glk said: > Pretty much. I wouldn't worry about the closed face - looks like you have some flex in the left wrist and your right wrist is extended (which is the important thing, having that trial wrist extended in the backswing). Your wrist set, to me, saves it from having the club head come inside early which then often leads to an across the line at the top and then steep downswing - you can see when your left arm is parallel in the bs, your handle points outside the ball - goal is to have it pointing somewhere between the ball and your feet like in the instagram from Dan.
  13. Thanks glk ;) Just one more question, is this the reason I get so laid off with a closed clubface at the top? Also, I recently bought a smartball. Will it help to use this in practice?
  14. > @glk said: > Arms work away from you in takeaway, early forearm roll - sets flat backswing - options are steep ott or drop right shoulder come from way inside - you do latter. Alignment stick in shaft drill - get arms more in then up and eliminate early forearm roll - setup a steep to shallow path. Thanks for the input. Where can I find the stick in shaft drill for this? There are a few on youtube.
  15. Hi guys. I'm playing decent golf at the moment but I suffer from a straight right miss, or sometimes a low smothered hook. Looking at a dtl video from the other day it appears that I swing too much from the inside, not sure if there is a mechanical cause for this or whether it's a (sub)conscious swing thought to swing to right field. Would appreciate any advice.
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