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  1. Is the X6 truly face Balanced? Face skyward? I can't find one locally to put my hands on....
  2. When I played MP-69's, 4 thru PW, I carried an MP-53 3 iron...
  3. In my group, we do not allow players who break or throw clubs. We prefer gentlemen that swear so loud that neighboring homeowners call the pro shop to complain.
  4. Titleist CB- either 716, 718, or 620 Mizuno MP-64
  5. I've been playing for 30+ years as a single digit cap and have never gotten an ace, nor have I ever witnessed one while playing. But I have also been in the industry for 28 years ( Golf Course Superintendent), and during working hours, I have witnessed seven aces. On a side note, I do have one albatross, quite a few years ago, 510 yard par 5, slightly downhill, driver, 2 iron, saw it go all the way to the bottom of the cup!
  6. I'm in south Florida; we don't get a start or end to golf season, we just keep playing. We do, however, get rainy season, hot as phuck season, hurricane season, and snowbird season.
  7. Titleist AVX. Love the low spin off the driver, and have no trouble spinning them with the irons.
  8. I'm 53. No hybrids, I go from 3 wood to 3 iron....
  9. They will work fine sanded down, and not damage the integrity of the shaft. It is done all the time, you're only talking fifteen thousandths of an inch.
  10. Matrix Black Tie Pro White HZRDUS Black
  11. Can't believe no one has mentioned a Matrix Black Tie 105 hm3 x-stiff.....stout bastard of a shaft....
  12. I have hit both, in a 2 iron. The HZRDUS 105 " feels" a little more stout, the Smoke " feels" a little more smoother. Performance was identical. I would pick the one who's weight feels better, the Smoke a tad lighter.
  13. Pro White Pro Orange HZRDUS Smoke Black AD-GP
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