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  1. I ordered custom apex 21's (x100's, 1/2" over, 1 up, gp tv mid's) and had them two days later. I did walk thru all of the components with them beforehand to make sure everything was in stock. They put the order in per club, since they thought the 9 head may take longer. I was given 1-2 weeks on everything but the 9. Everything showed up less then 48 hours later. I was shocked.
  2. I bought both 16.5 heads over the winter. I had the 3 first and liked everything about it and regretted buying the 2. Until I played it. For me, it was an easy decision after playing both in the same shaft for about 6 rounds each. Off the tee, they were pretty even, tho the 3 ran out a bit more than I'd want. I could work the 2 both ways easier and it was better off the deck. It was just a better all around head for me. I play a KK XD80 TX set on D1. I've never been a very good fw player but it's become a strength. Two friends of mine, knowing I've struggled with fw'
  3. Same here. But I think it would depend what balls you typically played. I've always played a higher compression, firm ball and these feel about the same as some, softer than others.
  4. No issues at all. I see my ball mark after each shot and it wipes right off. The sole of my 16.5 has some normal light scratching. But both still look new otherwise.
  5. The TSi3 with the Ventus has been so good for me. I do find my self being much more careful with it than any driver I've owned. A noticeable gash on the head would bum me out. Coming from a Ping head, which was just about indestructible, it's something I think about more than I'd like.
  6. I spent the early part of the season playing the LD and MTB-X, along with the Bstone tour BX, which I played all of last year. They're all very good but I like to commit to one by April and went with the LD. For me, the LD launches a little higher than the MTB-X but is similar in most ways with driver. I like the sound and feel of the LD more and I didn't see as much movement. The LD was a half club longer with irons, more similar to the TP5x for me. The MTB-X spun too much on greens with scoring irons. The LD is just right. The MTB-X was the best ball for me in the
  7. Four dozen new yellow MTB-X golf balls. I think these may be sold out currently. I used three to putt in the house with and tossed that sleeve, but the rest are in the sleeves and boxes they were delivered in. SOLD
  8. I agree with all. The one thing that stands out for me, and you touched on it Justin, it's just easier to shape. I've played a Ping for the past 3 years and could always count on the power fade, with my miss being a little high and weak right. But I couldn't consistently hit a draw, when needed. It was a problem on a few holes per round for me. I could live with the Ping miss but the TSi3 opens doors for me. The TSi3/Ventus combo is very hard to beat.
  9. I've been carrying forever. Decided to try a push cart this year and did lots of research, borrowed some from friends and ended up getting the Nitron. Super easy is an understatement. Like 5 seconds to go from folded to ready to go and the same to pack it back up. It's light but very stable. No negatives to report.
  10. I started testing the LD at the very end of last season. It seemed perfect for me on paper but I’ve avoided Titleist balls for about the last 8-9 years. They never worked well for me during that stretch. These do. And man are they durable. I’ve got 5 full rounds on this one ball. I’ve hit a few cart paths and played in some cold teams with hard bunkers. Very impressed all around. Loaded up with 8 dozen
  11. Same here. Thrilled with the TSi3 driver and TSi2 4 wood. Both have been so good.
  12. 1. City, State? Souderton, Pa. 2. Handicap? 2.3 3. Current driver shaft? Fujikura Ventus Black 7x 4. Current iron shafts? DG tour issue x100 5. What Regio Formula Plus shaft do you want to test? Regio B+ 75 with Titleist tip 6. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? Yes 7. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yup!
  13. Probably best to save it for last Justin. This way we can get all the good info on the runner ups before you fall in love.
  14. I'm a high spin player and never got along with Titleist heads. I bought 9* with a Ventus Black based on looks and reviews alone. Play it at D1 and so far it seems to be fast, forgiving and has a flatter flight. With the right shaft, I don't think spin will be an issue for most.
  15. Bridgestone and DeChambeau reinvent the TOUR ball with groundbreaking REACTIV cover technology. REACTIV is the golf world’s first SMART Urethane – using an “impact modifier” to deliver a shock absorbing softer cover for more control while producing faster speeds off driver for more distance.
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