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  1. Dark Navy Blue Peter Millar Summer Comfort polo, size medium. No logos. Literally wore this polo 3 times as it’s just slightly big on me. No fading or stains or rips. $25 shipped in the cont. USA. SOLD
  2. Used RTX4 54* wedge. Grooves are pretty worn to be honest. Comes with s400 shaft. $45 shipped cont. USA. See pics for details.
  3. Looking for a 2019 masters wall sign like the attached picture. Thanks!
  4. First, a Titleist SM6 wedge set: 50* F grind with 8* of bounce and a Project X 6.5; 54* M grind with 8* of bounce, stock wedge flex, and a 58* M grind with 8* of bounce, stock wedge flex shaft. Pictures are representative of the condition here, they’re not great, especially on the 58* where I did a little DIY grind to better work with tight lies off Florida turf. Grooves are best on the 50*, worst on the 58*. Price is $75 shipped cont. USA for the set. Next, here’s an oldie but a goodie: Used 2010 Scotty Cameron Hula headcover. It’s been use,
  5. Since i hit the ripe age of 31, I've found that carrying a bag for every round I play is no longer an option. So I'm searching for a push cart. I quickly eliminated anything Clicgear due to the seemingly numerous cumbersome steps it takes to get those things unfolded and folded back up again. Looking at the Bag Boy Compact 3, it looks like the same exact thing as the Nitron, just without the auto-open feature. Can anybody confirm this? The price is only cheaper by $30, but theres more availability out there for the Compact 3 right now. Thanks!
  6. I went DIY this year because I didn’t trust any normal net I could buy online would hold up. I went with this net: https://floridanetcompany.com/collections/golf-driving-range-netting-and-impact-nets/products/high-impact-pro-golf-backstop-net and I got a 4x5 Real Feel mat. Pricey but so very worth it. https://www.realfeelgolfmats.com/product/country-club-elite-real-feel-golf-mat/?attribute_mat-size=3+x+5+CCE+Mat The PVC poles can be easily removed from their housings in the ground which I cap when not in use (I went 2 feet down). The mat sits on a 1 foot base o
  7. I’ve been working the past year on my swing. A couple months ago, my coach introduced the concept of wrist flexion in transition to my golf swing. Since getting the concept ingrained into my muscle memory, I’m hitting the ball more consistent than I ever have, especially under pressure and in tournaments. Now for my question: should the wrist flexion I’m using in my full swing also be used on chips and pitches? I’m finding that when I need to chip, my brain gets it’s wires crossed on what to do with the super short chipping/pitching motion and I’ve been hitting really bad short game
  8. Used Taylormade M1 9.5* driver. Comes with Aldila 70-2.8x shaft. No skylarks or dings outside of normal wear. Looking for $120 shipped in the cont USA.
  9. If you’ve got the money to spend, the Ritz is typically the best conditioned publicly accessible course in the area. Bonus: because the PNC father/son challenge is there mid-December, you would be getting peak conditioning around your timeframe. The ritz doesn’t have the elevation changes that crooked cat does but the routing gives a good variety of holes which I enjoy. That said, you wouldn’t be hurt by playing Crooked Cat either. Drive time between the two is around 30 minutes if you’re not pushing it, and you’ll avoid the i4 corridor between the two. If you’re trying to do 36 you’ll still n
  10. Are you grossed out or tired of a seeing used clothes for sale on here? If so, I have your cure. A pair of brand new dark grey Linksoul Bordwalker shorts. Brand new, never worn. $45 shipped in the cont USA.
  11. As a local I don’t mind Falcons Fire, but the conditions there might be a letdown if you’re expecting an immaculate course. I feel like it’s hit or miss out there, especially with tees and greens. I wouldn’t touch Championsgate International. It’s probably my most disliked course in the area purely from a design standpoint. It’s links in style but it doesn’t play as such. Very tight driving areas where the penalty for a miss is a lost ball, including a few 450+ yard par 4s where you either lay back off the tee and leave yourself 230 in or hit driver to driving areas 20 yards wide. If
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