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  1. Currently play to a +0.1 GHIN cap Irons/Wedges in the bag: 2i - Titleist 716 T-MB @ 15.5* (DG TI 130g X100) 3i - Mizuno MP18 MMC Fli-hi 4-6i Mizuno MP20 HMB 7-9i Mizuno MP20 MMC Pw - Mizuno MP20 MB (All Mizuno irons with DG TI 120g X100's) GW & SW - Mizuno T20 Raw LW - TaylorMade MG2 TW grind (All wedges with DG TI S400's)
  2. Would be very interested in a strong lofted 3w ST-Z model. Maybe paired with a D-Limited 70TX....hmmm
  3. I'd LOVE a set of GP Tour velvet cord in a +4 version with the align reminder in them. That'd be about as good as it gets for me. I'd pay the 15$/grip for them without blinking.
  4. My apologies I misunderstood your original question. I'm honestly not sure if they offer other styles of milling. Never crossed my mind to ask. They're customer service was outstanding. Shoot them a message on Instagram and you will get an answer usually within hours.
  5. You have your choice when ordering custom from Artisan on the milling. Smooth, light milling, medium, or deep milled. The deeper the milling the "softer" the feel. Sound is feel, so with it milled deeper, there is less surface area contacting the ball and thus a quieter audible sound at contact and the perception of a softer feel. They build it to your desires. John Hatfield is just so damn good at his craft.
  6. ordered the 60.11 bent 1* strong today. was told to expect 3-4 week lead time. looking forward to trying it out.
  7. 1.) Fujikura Atmos Black 8TX tipped 1" With TM 2* adapter. MCC+4 Grip. Plays 45" installed. $165 shipped 2.) Project X HZRDUS Black 75x TM 1.5* adapter. GP V-55 grip. Plays 45" installed. $125 shipped 3.) Odyssey O-Works 2-Ball putter 34" Length $135 shipped
  8. you're saying you have a +4.5* angle of attack on a 3w off the deck?....nope. no sir. not even in the realm of possible to achieve those numbers.
  9. 1. City, State? Troy, NY 2. Handicap? +0.1 3. Current driver setup? TM SiM 9* head @ 7.75* HZRDUS RDX Smoke Blue 60g 6.5 tipped 1" @ 45.5" C9 swing weight 4. What KBS TD wood shaft do you want to win? Category 5 60g Tx 5. Why do you want to win a KBS TD shaft? I'd love to put it head to head with multiple other shafts on trackman and see what the numbers say. Try to tighten dispersion, while gaining distance. 6. Would you be open and honest about your swing with an expert from KBS? Most Definitely!
  10. I play the 14* rocket SiM Ti 3w turned down to 12*, not only to fill a yardage/gapping need, but specifically for the spin reduction. I had been playing a 917F2 13.5* turned down to 12.75* for a few years and the SiM was just better.
  11. I saw the TXG review on the RDX Blue a little over a week ago. Ordered a RDX Blue 60 6.5 X-flex "USA" Limited Edition and got it in Wednesday afternoon. Built it up Thursday night, specs as follows: 45.5" Tipped 1" with a MCC+4 midsize (+3 wraps on bottom, 1 on top) and plugged it into my SIM at 7.75*. Swing weighted the club and it came out to C9. I'll be adding some lead tape most likely to bring swingweight up to D2-ish. A Little about me... I'm 38 with a longer swing, Baseball grip, flying right elbow due to wrist surgery. Usually in the 115MPH swing speed range bu
  12. I've tried more shafts in the SIM head than any other driver i've ever had. once you land on the RIGHT one though its fantastic. This may be the most finicky head i've ever used when it comes to shaft pairing. Ive gone through: HZRDUS Black 62X HZRDUS Black 75X ATMOS Black 8TX tipped 1" HZRDUS Smoke Green 70X Diamana Ahina 60X And finally landed on ProForce V2 Black 60x Tipped 1". I have hit some absolute nukes with this setup and has been in play more than any driver ive ever used. GPS measured one a couple weeks back Playing Equinox course in
  13. i had been on a search for the right driver since selling my 8.5* 917D2 before the start of 2019. I tried ST190G and TS3, in various lofts with about 15 different shaft, nothing worked. I hit a SIM 9* with the stock Smoke green and knew it was close. I tried HZRDUS Black 62x & 75x, Atmos Black 8TX, Tensei Pro Orange 70Tx, then put a ProForce V2 Black 60x tipped an inch in it and this has been the most consistent, longest driver I've ever played. I wont be switching for the near future.
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