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  1. The Mitsubishi MMT 125TX UT shaft is working outstanding for me in my PXG 0311X 1iron. Great smooth feel and can be had for $75 off "the bay" right now so it doesn't break the bank either.
  2. Im gaming T20 48* and 53* raw wedges for my GW & SW. They do feel firm on touch shots, but I notice very little difference on full swings to my mp20's. Ive played Vokeys from the old 200 series to sm2,4,5,6,7. Ive played S18's, MD5 jaws Callaway's, Nike Engage's and VR Forged, a TaylorMade MG2 and the SOFTEST wedges I ever felt were The S18's
  3. i play DG TI 120 X100's in my irons normally. I put a MMT 125TX UT in a PXG 0311 1 iron and I absolutely love this thing. low flight bullets that carry about 230 and run for days.
  4. Ive owned the JPX 919 tours and sold them off for the MP20's. Mind you, I made a combo set out of the MP20's with HMB, MMC, and MB. The JPX all performed well. A little longer blade length, but were a little clicky on some shots. The MP20's all have a much softer feel, I believe, due to the copper layer which the JPX don't have. Both sets get the job done. One is satin, one is chrome. That's pretty much the extent of it.
  5. I've played 2 rounds this year so far, both on courses I have never seen before. I put together a tour issue SiM 8* head turned down to 6.5* with an RDX Black TX tipped 1". I love this thing. Long, flat bombs and one of the most accurate driving combinations I've ever hit. Cant wait to get out on a familiar course to see where it puts me.
  6. A few changes since this was last updated... Driver: TaylorMade Sim 8* Tour Issue head playing 6.5* HZRDUS RDX smoke black 60TX tipped 3/4" 3w: TaylorMade Sim 14* rocket playing 12.5* KuroKage DC 70TX tipped 1" 5w: TaylorMade Sim 19* playing 17* Diamana D+ 80TX tipped 1" 1iron: PXG 0311x @ 14* Mitsubishi Chemical MMT 125TX 4,5,6irons: Mizuno MP20 HMB 1* strong, 2* upright. DG TI 120grm X100's 7,8,9irons: Mizuno MP20 MMC 2* strong, 2* upright. DG TI 120grm X100's PW: Mizuno MP20 MB 2* strong, 2* upright. DG TI 120grm X100 GW & SW: Mizuno T20 Raw 48 & 53 ( both 1* weak, 2* upright) Tour Issue S400 LW: TaylorMade MG2 TW-Grind @ 59* 2* upright. Tour Issue S400 Putter: Artisan 0217 custom TK 1-off Nike Tour Staff bag. Ball testing underway for 2021 season....
  7. Currently play to a +0.1 GHIN cap Irons/Wedges in the bag: 2i - Titleist 716 T-MB @ 15.5* (DG TI 130g X100) 3i - Mizuno MP18 MMC Fli-hi 4-6i Mizuno MP20 HMB 7-9i Mizuno MP20 MMC Pw - Mizuno MP20 MB (All Mizuno irons with DG TI 120g X100's) GW & SW - Mizuno T20 Raw LW - TaylorMade MG2 TW grind (All wedges with DG TI S400's)
  8. Would be very interested in a strong lofted 3w ST-Z model. Maybe paired with a D-Limited 70TX....hmmm
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