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  1. I’m not sure there is a need. Go watch TXG’s review of the standard head. Spin is so low he can barely get it airborne.
  2. Finally a decent color scheme. Was starting to think the Cally/Odyssey guys were going color blind!
  3. More Apex Pros than I expected to see. Are most playing the “Dot” version?
  4. Equipment insider: Detailed WITBs of the OWGR top 5Really surprised at how upright most of the players woods are! Stock lie angle on most of the "players" drivers are around 57*. What gives here?
  5. I wonder how in the world Fairway Golf can take pre-orders on this driver before its up on the Callaway website or any other retailer? Seems strange to me.
  6. Had the Protos in the bag for as long as I can remember. Refinished them twice at Iron Factory. Used to work golf retail and was on several staff accounts. Had access to every club you can imagine. Nothing could beat them out. The long irons pair very well with the stock flighted shafts.
  7. I love THIS. Immediately searched the net for Dyn Gold X100 wood shafts. No dice.
  8. Beware: according to the Ping site, the 75x is tipped 1 inch with any driver. That’s a massive difference.
  9. I've never heard of "universal bore." So are you saying that .370 and .355 will work? I don't see how that is possible.
  10. Funny, I've had the Callaway X-prototypes 2-pw for so many years I've lost count. Been itching to buy the Apex MBs 2-pw as a replacement/backup. I keep thinking I would eventually drop the 2 and 3 irons but just cannot find a hybrid or driving iron that I really love. My proto 2 iron has produced some of the most epic shots I've ever hit on a golf course.
  11. Raw version being released this Friday. Time to stock up!
  12. I'm interested in this topic as well. Just got the '19 version of Cally Preowned. Tested it for the first time today. I like it no doubt. But the shape is just.....meh. I like the smaller profile of the '16 but never had a chance to test it.
  13. The Wilson's look sweet....but 8620 cast? Sorry, gotta go forged. You can tell me all day there is no difference.....not buying it. MP20s get my vote.
  14. I find the best "anti left hybrid" to be a driving/utility iron instead. Not sure there is a hybrid on the planet that I can't miss left. But give me a driving iron with a steel shaft......I'm good to go.
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