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  1. I think alot of people don't realize the level of skill between a "scratch player" and a tour player. An average Corn Ferry player would come to "scratch players course" while scratch is in the 19th bragging about their 73 while Corn Ferry boy is out shooting 63 site un scene. This Corn Ferry guy not even being close to the best in the game would also to to Augusta and not being a top player would probably shoot 77 while hitting it like a rock star. Scratch player would shoot 90.
  2. If a scratch player were to play Augusta for the 1st time, no caddy, it would be a complete disaster type round for 75 percent of the scratch player trying to accomplish this feat. Lets just put it this way, greens in regulation hit ? Maybe 2-5 at best. There would be a ton of double bogies made and a ton of 3 putts. I'd say the average Scratch player shoots 74-75 on their home course. Augusta National is about 10 shots harder than most people home course because of the un even lies, green contours. My numbers are also conservative. A similar debate was made about Pebble Beach and Augusta
  3. The Joe Powell pro models I have mostly have X100, D2 swing weight, 43.5 inches long. I'm helping John Hayes sell these select drivers. They have been in Powell's storage for 6 years. They are all beautiful and mostly mint. If anybody is interested I'd like to share pics. I have alot of darker stained heads with black inserts, a few with green and white like Robots , one fairly deep compact head 6 screw.I also have a sweet light stained head green/white insert with graphite, this one looks amazing. I'll post a pic soon, but email me at [email protected] I'm posting video's
  4. Sam, I'm all about the WB - Elk "The Australian" right now !!! And look how sweet it looks in that little Avitar Circle.
  5. Thanks for the comments. Glad you enjoyed my video, I love to spread the passion and love seeing everybody's clubs. I'd love to get a Busson some day, they always look great. I need to change my Avatar later.
  6. Here is my 1951 MacGregor 693T. When I got this club about 4 years ago, it had a good refinish on it with a nice Poly finish. I think the refinish was done in the mid 1980s. When I hit it for the 1st time I was with my son and hit the 1st few shots absolutely great. Its the best MacGregor I've ever hit. Last Winter (Feb 2019) Dave Wood did a full restoration on this beauty. He pulled the shaft and reset it and also installed new face screws. Dave said it’s one of the best 693’s he has seen. The head under the sole plate is solid, with weight on the back of the skirt. Amazing tight horsesh
  7. RobotDr, that's the best M85 I've seen, maybe the best MacGregor from the 50s I've seen. The grain is perfection and face profile looks like one a Major winner like Crenshaw or Faldo would love to pick up and hit. Just amazing. Dave did a great job like he always does.
  8. Foozle, I recently acquired a great M85 with original shaft, 2 1950s 945W Eye O Matic Drivers and a nice refinished M75W driver. One of the 945s is all original , the other was refinished a few years ago by Dave Wood. I'll post pics later. I also feel my collection is complete.
  9. Those are amazing. The Super Eye O Matic are very nice models and I don't think I see those VIPs very often, they also looks amazing. Value ? I think the above amount stated at $300 is about right if the right buyer sees these .. You got some special clubs there.
  10. I don't think I ever really got a good look at a McHenry. I also like the look of tha, looks solid and a neat shape head. Nice post !
  11. TStephen, The Louisville LFF has a very very good look. Very authentic, good attention to detail on that face. Good to know you can still get a high quality custom persimmon ! Great post.
  12. Do any of you get out there much and practice or play classic Woods? This fall I got a lot of great practice in with some of my really good classics, I especially like to hit my 693's (1950s) model and a few of my Wood Bros Texans. Here is a 7 min video from a few weeks ago. I was hitting my 1988 WB Texan, that has a S500 shaft. It was refinished in 2012 by Dave Wood. This club was Dave's 1988 Tour Demo that Berhard Langer acquired from Dave and played. Love to hear any feedback. I made some nice swings here. I also realized that after about 8 or 9 weeks of hitting this range at least on
  13. That m65 driver if I remember from the 1980s is a pretty small head. Let us know how it hits..
  14. Good one, that stuff would never happen anymore. Just shows you how hard it was to make clubs back then that were acceptable to the tour guys. That generation liked to play what worked
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