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  1. I could be wrong, but I am 99% sure there is no Pro Black. If there was I would have one Also if you are curious about adapters, Google “cobra adapter conversion chart”
  2. DaRiz

    Raw wedge

    RTX4 black and strip them. Went a decade with vokeys before making the switch, love them!
  3. Doing a fun build, looking to spend less than 80 total Any stiff or reg steel shafts, nothing too far from stock specs
  4. Hey guys upping this thread, sorry if there is a newer one out there (couldn’t find one) I just got a fiberbuilt flight deck based on the comments in here and it is 100% the safest way to hit down through the ball that I’ve ever experienced off a mat. That being said the flight deck sits a full 2” above your feet. I’ve been choking down 2” to counteract that which is ok I guess for practice, but wondering if there is any cheap mat setup that I can use to get my stance elevated on the same level? I could build my own I suppose, or buy two cheap $120 mats and stack them.. curious if
  5. 10000% I used to think low/low with high loft was the cool thing, then realized my swing works better with mid/high, so I lofted down and the fit is so much better. Goes for the whole top of my bag D/F/H
  6. A whippy shaft in a 15* will launch higher than a 16.5* all things equal 1.5* does indeed make a difference for those who struggle to get it up and/or keep it online. The increased spin from added loft keeping the ball straight shouldn’t be overlooked
  7. You are leading the way my friend, you’re gonna have to tell us how they stack up against Miura etc. I’ve been drooling over everything Kyoei for a while now, just not brave enough to be a trailblazer like you. Good luck, please update us so we can all live vicariously!
  8. I'm longing for the sweet, soft sound that this baby produces. Hit me up if you have one, don't care what shaft is in it
  9. 1. Agoura Hills, CA 2. Have a makeshift hitting bay downstairs, but mostly practice at the range 3. Never a personal, but obviously have experience from fittings etc 4. Mainly dialing in yardage (would be cool to create my own adhoc trackman combine), but also curvature control 5. Yes, duh
  10. Hooks are caused by face being too closed relative to the path - an important distinction. His face could actually be open at impact and he could be super dumped under coming from the inside. In any event, forgiveness in terms of lower CG or higher MOI is only going to help get the ball up if hit thin, or keep ball speed up if hit off center, it cannot improve face to path ratio. What can improve face to path ratio is perhaps different weighting/length/lie/user perception - all the things you discover in a fitting session. Long winded way of saying that a more forgiving club will not necessari
  11. Can’t go wrong with 54s, 64s, or 4s jpx800pro had a nice cult following too. Don’t need to run down the whole mizuno classic iron list.. here are some more modern classics or just generally beautiful clubs rac tp mb amp cell pro j40 dpc or cb Vr pro combo og pro combo Vapor pro combo mm proto Apex 14 or 16 v foil 1025 cm or mb Adams cmb
  12. Are you hitting it thin or just off the toe a little? If thin you could get an HMB 4, that’s what I play with an MP54 in the 5i slot and it has a lot of umph to it off the tee. If you’re all over the face a bigger faced iron might help like a JPX model.
  13. Irons first - you gotta get lucky and fall in love, and try not to cheat, of course it’s fine to dabble as long as you are clear on who your main squeeze is (except long irons, those are always on the table for experimentation) Then putter - cuz continuity is important there. Totally fine to build a stable of carpet rollers though Wedges - cuz they are super important and personal, and you need time to bond with them Then fairway - once you have a good one just stop, JUST STOP I SAID Hybrid slot - this is difficult to lock down because you might plug in a few options depe
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