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  1. blue 6x in a G400LST 8.5* 0.75 flat @ 45.5" swinging 115+ so smooth and stable - it just loves to be wound up and fully loaded, but doesn't get all wonky when I get quick and don't finish my turn currently looking for a blue 7x for my G400 3W if anyone has one
  2. MC501 7-P head only (also have DG120s I can throw in for free at asking price) - $449 shipped (std LL) SM7 black 50.12F, 54.14F, 60.12D head only - $129 shipped (all are 2* flat) SOLD JPX 919F 6 iron w DG105 - $59 shipped (std LLL) Betti BC1 34” Winn grip - $165 shipped SOLD Everything OBO, no trades, can send more pics upon request thanks
  3. I think I bought your G400 3 wood didn't I? I'm still playing it.. it's phenomenal, can't imagine a better 3W but the 425 sans-turbolators looks pretty tasty All TS and TSi woods are greatl, I was blown away by the forgiveness of the TS2 when it came out. It was the only thing to ever kick out my G25. But no one will ever convince me that there is an easier to hit FW than a Ping.
  4. I have been playing MP4s for a long time, and "accidentally" won some MC-501s on ebay in 7-PW. I was surprised how compact they were. They make the MP4s look like shovels almost. Super-duper thin topline, even with the slight offset in that model they are so nice to look at over the ball. Same forgiveness as the MP4, although MP4 has a bigger head so maybe it is more forgiving technically. I only bought 7-PW so I am thinking of combo'ing them with MP4 in the 6 slot until I can think of a more permanent solution which gives you an idea of a Miura MC vs a Mizuno MB. The Miura has a really nice t
  5. If you are chunking a D, there is not much more help a grind can offer you, unless you move to a K, but you lose a ton of versatility. If you are truly chunking it you need to learn to engage the bounce. If you have misdiagnosed yourself and you are coming in very shallow and dropkicking it (hitting behind the ball, not digging, and blading it a bit) then I would say move to a lower bounce like S, M, or L. But it doesn’t sound like that is the issue. A lower bounce grind for a chunk is just going to dip deeper
  6. Hey all, The DH89 I am only interested if it is sub $500 (i know, why even bother..) The Squareback I am only interested in the older models (no insert) MXM I am only interested in the 100% milled version (acid splash) Thanks!
  7. Masters menu $155 shipped Hamilton $ sold in under 60 seconds - that's a first for me! both opened but never played trades: Broadway Hamilton blade toulon azalea mxm #6 DH89 WW 60T Thanks, love you guys
  8. I fricking LOVE the MP titanium. The fact that they are still like $90 on eBay speaks volumes. Yeah the head is super small by today’s standards but the soft muted clink of titanium is one of the sweetest sounding metals I have ever heard. One of the most underrated clubs of all time
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