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  1. Are you personally tracking iron MOI on a spreadsheet? Can you send it to me or possibly make it public on a Google sheet?
  2. A year and a half later and I’m still ogling over these zx7s but can’t pull the trigger.. I just can’t give up my beloved mizunos! Why am I so loyal? I know the vsole will give me what I need!
  3. Looking for 75-80g mid launch stiff Under 50 shipped to CA thanks!
  4. Been doing this a long time. Have had success with T-zoid fli-hi, MPH4, and more recently the HMB. The HMB is really a great club, very forgiving off the deck (keeps the ball straight) and a rocket off the tee. Mizuno makes great DLRs. Callaway and Srixon have some nice new ones as well, Cally more players esque and Srixon with a big fat chunky topline. Both have pros and cons. Not a fan of TM options, too me they are too DI-centric and not really versatile like a DLR, to me that is a dealbreaker, I need this club to go 200+ and stick a green off the deck, but also be a 250 low traj club off the tee
  5. looking for the '14 non pro, but if you have either '14 or '16 pro or non pro .. hit me up!
  6. You’ll be mad once you love it and have no choice but to buy matching fw and hybrid shafts
  7. Hmb 4i Mp54 5i Mp4 6-p
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