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  1. Just keep in mind that if you are shooting in the 90s right now and you are serious about improvement, everything you are getting fit for may change quite a bit. CC will fit you to your current swing, which likely has a ton of flaws in it Here is what I would do (since I was once you) Driver - use the CC fitting to determine your flex (S or X), shaft profile (L M or H launch), and loft (8 - 10.5), as well as weight (50 vs 60 vs 70g) . Think about the fitting in those terms and then use that very basic info to buy something similar, but cheaper and of good value on ebay
  2. love that they have a non-pro apex hybrid, the only thing i dont like is the alignment aid. will be really interesting to see the performance specs lined up against eachother 16 vs 19 vs 21 vs 21pro, spin/launch/forgiveness etc. can someone sign up to do that? I'm still playing the OG apex with stock KK. I never switched to the 19 because I preferred the matte black, and I didn't need to lower spin, I like it to be low launch off the tee, but spinny enough to hold a green 220+ out. A little more forgiveness in the tiny package would be great, but hope the 21pro is not
  3. 1. Agoura, CA 2. 5 3. The 7 3. Heck yes 4. MP20 HMB in 4-5 and MP4 in 6-PW 5. Looks, forgiveness in a tiny package, feel, and the sole 6. Heck yes
  4. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Miura-Golf-MC-501-Black-Finish/284135753405?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20160908131621%26meid%3D476213a7cbdb412b988d7560bf047d09%26pid%3D100678%26rk%3D2%26rkt%3D10%26mehot%3Dnone%26sd%3D353334292340%26itm%3D284135753405%26pmt%3D0%26noa%3D1%26pg%3D2380057%26brand%3DMiura&_trksid=p2380057.c100678.m3607&_trkparms=pageci%3Ad177b2f3-52ab-11eb-89eb-2e58beccc985|parentrq%3Ae87e1a921760aa19ef6da732ffc92e25|iid%3A1&autorefresh=true Ferrule is janky, paint looks weird, can't see the stamping on the hosel, seller has 2 purchas
  5. Sit and turn is a gross oversimplification and I think that without following the program, having feedback, or learning every technical nuance of the swing, it is very dangerous to attempt. Also it is not easy to fully understand his leg work just going off of what is available on YT or IG, there are a lot of things (specifically in set up and backswing) that need to be in place to even attempt it, not to mention what to do with your arms in transition which is the most difficult thing to reprogram. To try to condense it into a just leg work doesn't do it justice as it is really a whole swing
  6. Hot take: ALL TAYLORMADE DRIVERS ARE UGLY UNTIL YOU SEE TIGER/RORY/DJ/RAHM/DAY/WOLFF BOMB THEM ON TV then suddenly your perception changes and your current gamer somehow looks out of date, and you are overwhelmed with the desire to buy a new club
  7. Wow that says a lot. I’m assuming you had the 18 and 20 in the apex? Curious what setting you used on the TS2 since visually they are very different at address. I played the 913 for a long time before getting addicted to the apex, have been eyeing the TS2 since it launched
  8. I jumped on this one quick because it is beautiful, but then I realized I would have to match the rest of my headcovers to this, which resulted in a deep rabbit hole and a subsequent realization that the white scheme just isn’t going to work for me. In all the excitement, I opened the seal and used for 1 putting session on the green. Still has that SWAG smell though and I’ll even send it to you in the original package. Only trade would be if you were able to snag a Broadway Hamilton mallet cover (I will add cash) $160 shipped OBO
  9. I have no idea how they can improve on the MP20 blade, it is the only thing prettier than an MP4 I do like the idea of a one-piece forging cavity a la 64 or 54, but as someone mentioned it doesn't provide THAT much benefit over the blade. Having a one-piece CB forging is like having a naturally aspirated engine vs a turbo. You feel good about yourself, but nobody really cares, and if you are honest with yourself having more tech probably performs better. But I am still on my MP4s for another few years. Finally starting to see some very mild browning, looking as good as
  10. Mizuno makes really good long iron replacements I would recommend, depending on what you like to see at address: MP 20 HMB - this is what I play, very pretty in the bag, a little chunkier than a blade, plays exactly as advertised its a blade, but hotter, so it does have a lower natural traj, doesnt look too GI (or demanding) at address FLiHI - any version really, I prefer the looks of the older ones to the MP18 model, grab a 24* and a 27* and you're good. Great feel, looks, and they... fly high T zoid Fli Hi - I keep these in my closet because they have a beau
  11. My theory is that the major OEMs have stopped providing them info because it was making it too difficult for them to make baseless claims! They could of course do their own measurements but maybe they have been told quietly to shut it down.. Not sure what other reason there would be because that is the #1 most valuable tool for comparing drivers. SIM claimed to have higher MOI than previous gens, but maybe it didn't.. we don't have the proof so all we can do is take TMs word now. I was really excited to compare the SIM line to the G400 and now G425 line.
  12. LTD is still a bit of a unicorn with their CG location. The TS3 is actually very similar except CG is not quite at the neutral axis, but I had a good run with the TS3 after several seasons with the LTD. Very similar sound and feel as well. I still think about getting another LTD to compare to the G400LST I have now. To answer your question, any of the newer heads out now will be as low or lower spin than LTD, but what made LTD so special was that it was very forgiving. Personally I think its about finding the lowest spinning head that you can still control, and for me the G400LST, while not th
  13. I have the HMB in 4 and 5, carry distance just a hair shorter than you and I play s300s, just cuz I always have Don't have an answer to your exact question, but to offer some color, I switched to HMB 4/5 from H4s, and to me they launch way lower, with way less spin. I am thinking of swapping out the 5i back to an MP54 as a segue into my 6-PW in MP4. If I have 207 into a front pin, I am not confident I have enough stopping power with my 5 iron, let alone 4 iron to longer targets. I can hit an MP54 much higher. And thats me playing s300s and a high ball hitter. I don't hit the toweri
  14. I think this poll says a lot about us 90% are men between the ages of 30-60, and we all bomb it We avg 270 in our 30s, 260 in our 40s, 250 in our 50s, and looks like we hang on to 250 well into our 60s. If we are in our 20s we happen to be particularly prodigious and hit it 290 If we are in our 70s we've lost some mobility and dropped down to 230 That says as much about ball contact as it does swing speed, and showcases the quality of player attracted to this site And also says we have quite a few guys that really rip it, just as many, if not more, than gu
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