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  1. All I know is this exactly what I have been looking for for awhile Love the apex hybrid off the tee but it knocks so much spin off it’s not ideal for approaches. Don’t like the look of normal hybrids at address, the face angle just looks weird after spending a lot of time with apex hybrids. Same with normal 5 woods, I don’t like the look at address, the heads are too big, alignments feel too closed, and they all go too freaking long for what I want. I have legit been searching up old 5 woods on eBay and was considering an old vsteel or mp titanium because they are small workable heads that sit square/open and aren’t meant to be distance monsters. And then this thing comes out which is essentially a blast from the past design with modern forgiveness built in. Love it
  2. This in the H slot and the black mizuno fli in the 4 slot are instant cops for me this year. WTF is going on, it’s like they know exactly what I need?!?!?!??
  3. just seeing what's out there. Want to try a Sim 2 but would rather not have that blue ring on it anybody murder one out and have buyer's remorse???
  4. Bag has to be fluid. I’m in this situation right now. I have an apex 2h that I rip off the tee, and while I can hit it pretty high off the deck it doesn’t really hold greens from 230 out. Some courses that doesn’t matter but when you have a few accessible par 5s it makes sense to swap it out for a high spinny 5w. I am on the hunt for one now.
  5. DJ has said he hasn’t hit a draw with driver since like 2007
  6. I don't think we will ever see an MP AW or GW, ever, and I am glad. It devalues the "mizuno pro" differentiation from the JPX line, plus they have their wedge line go all the way up to 46* loft, so it is totally not necessary Also on people complaining about the script, I think it is a nice nod to the history
  7. Nah. A tad too much offset and topline too thick. Looks good for what is probably an SGI tho
  8. Do we know if the fli-hi will be available in a 4? Or just 2-3? I rarely buy anything brand new but that black fli-hi in a 4 would be an instant cop to kick out my MP20 HMB
  9. I had the BC, BCP, and then LTD for a few years - and I haven't sniffed at a Cobra driver since then. An LTD return would be the greatest thing they could do IMO
  10. Strategically placed under the stand bag for shade seemed to work pretty well for me in 85+
  11. It’s just a smidge more offset than an MP, def not a turn off to me as a life long MP player, honestly the best looking club at address and in the bag is the mc 501, I dabbled with it a bit but went back to my trusty MP4s
  12. Alright everyone. Super honored to finally be chosen for such a nice giveaway, I'm actually glad I lost all those other ones because it was worth the wait! Thanks to WRX and Rapsodo for the opportunity. About me: 35, took up golf mid 20's, play to about a 5 cap, I am a member of George Gankas's online membership so I am pretty technical, also do analytics for a living so this product was right up my alley. I practice 3-4 times a month outside, mostly on swing mechanics and ball flight, never really yardages except wedges, so I was excited to see how accurate this thing was for yardage purposes. I also have an indoor setup that I use probably every day so was really hoping to get accurate indoor yardages to fine tune my game. Set up: Out of the box: felt really premium, sort of like opening a new phone, solid case, solid power button, felt like a $500 product Calibrating: not sure if this was mandatory because I think it comes pre-calibrated but I went through the process anyways. It took about 5 minutes of moving my phone camera around to line up dots on the base of the monitor holding it at different angles, not too difficult. Connecting to a phone: super easy, don't even remember the process, I think I just clicked a button and it paired perfectly Features: There is a lot of stuff in this app. Coaches, coaching packaging (some paid, some free), CTP and LD contests, sharing swing videos, and obviously all the stuff that comes with practicing: tracking/saving yardages for for all your sessions (with video - which is very cool - you can go back and look at any swing from any session), see your shot grouping on a gps map, ball speed, launch angle, apex, etc. General usage: It is a breeze to use. You just put your body in one area, and the ball in another, and swing away. Once you swing it plays back your swing with pro tracer and stats immediately, and then it is ready for the next shot. You can just swing away, or you can just tap one button to replay your last swing. Can tap another button to change clubs. I did find that the club selection didn't really change any of the data points, I think that feature is just so you can log a shot with a club and track your average yardages. Outdoor usage: I tried in both super sunny weather with chewed up range balls and a night range with dim lighting with limited flight range balls and it was really quite accurate in both environments. I was very impressed because I am always super skeptical about all launch monitors in general, especially when I am carrying 310 in the bay, and 280 on the course. I have a few videos of me hitting a 9 iron at different speeds, and you can see that I flighted the ball down 145 / 125 / 100 and it captured it all pretty accurately. The pro tracer is pretty good for decent swings, but if you block one or get a little too close to the heel with the driver the pro tracer can do funny things (not horrible, but obviously not exact). Also, when there is not great contact (at least with metal woods), the ball speed takes a massive dive. I have a couple videos of me hitting 2h and driver so you can see the accurate ball speed of the 2h, and a squirrely pro tracer on a driver I blocked (which pro tracer logged as a slice) Indoor usage: OK so here is where I was really disappointed. Rapsodo recommends having 6 feet of space between the MLM and the ball, and 8 feet of space for ball flight, and a well lit area. I will post some pictures below of my setup (very well lit), which juuuuuust squeezes into the recommended dimensions. However, the ball just does not get captured accurately and was probably only 80% of what it should have been. I was getting frustrated swinging a 9 iron out of my shoes and smashing it, and I couldn't get yardage over 125 (stock 9 for me is 150+). I also tried moving the monitor closer and further away to see if I could capture some better speed, but both closer and further just lost even more ball speed. So I am not sure what the minimum recommendation should be, but the stated recommendation did not work for me. Overall: Pros: easy to use, outdoor yardage is quite accurate, pro tracer is cool, shot grouping on gps is cool Cons: indoor use did not work for me, I have a pretty decent sized room and unfortunate that it was not big enough Conclusion: I will definitely use this for range sessions to dial in my 175-225 yardages. Those are the hardest to see when you are working at the range, it is very hard to see the difference between 180 and 190 if you only have a flag at 200, so this is really an immense benefit for that specific task. I will also use the shot grouping on gps as a way to keep my dispersion down (and not lie to myself that I can throw a towel over my grouping). I don't see myself using any of the coaching stuff, only because I am already in an online program (the best one there is IMO) and I know what I am doing and not doing in that regard. Probably won't do anything with the MLM community like share videos or participate in CTP or LD contests either. I am more interested in the raw tracking ability of the monitor than any of those features. I would have traded all the coaching videos, community stuff, shot grouping on gps, and pro tracer for the ability to use this indoors within the space that I have. I am sure the tech will get there very soon (it has come a really long way). IMG_9932.MP4 IMG_9933.MP4 IMG_0004.MP4
  13. can we see a pic at address with a ball? any other forgings that you would compare them to from a feel perspective?
  14. I could be wrong, but I am 99% sure there is no Pro Black. If there was I would have one Also if you are curious about adapters, Google “cobra adapter conversion chart”
  15. DaRiz

    Raw wedge

    RTX4 black and strip them. Went a decade with vokeys before making the switch, love them!
  16. Hey guys upping this thread, sorry if there is a newer one out there (couldn’t find one) I just got a fiberbuilt flight deck based on the comments in here and it is 100% the safest way to hit down through the ball that I’ve ever experienced off a mat. That being said the flight deck sits a full 2” above your feet. I’ve been choking down 2” to counteract that which is ok I guess for practice, but wondering if there is any cheap mat setup that I can use to get my stance elevated on the same level? I could build my own I suppose, or buy two cheap $120 mats and stack them.. curious if anyone has gone this route I know there is the fiber built practice station ($499) that has the flight deck connected to a rubber hitting area, but all the reviews seem to state that it doesn’t solve the problem of the flight deck being too high! Is this all a ploy by fiberbuilt to get us addicted to their hitting surface and offer no real solutions other than buying the cheapest actual mat model which is currently $750?
  17. 10000% I used to think low/low with high loft was the cool thing, then realized my swing works better with mid/high, so I lofted down and the fit is so much better. Goes for the whole top of my bag D/F/H
  18. A whippy shaft in a 15* will launch higher than a 16.5* all things equal 1.5* does indeed make a difference for those who struggle to get it up and/or keep it online. The increased spin from added loft keeping the ball straight shouldn’t be overlooked
  19. You are leading the way my friend, you’re gonna have to tell us how they stack up against Miura etc. I’ve been drooling over everything Kyoei for a while now, just not brave enough to be a trailblazer like you. Good luck, please update us so we can all live vicariously!
  20. 1. Agoura Hills, CA 2. Have a makeshift hitting bay downstairs, but mostly practice at the range 3. Never a personal, but obviously have experience from fittings etc 4. Mainly dialing in yardage (would be cool to create my own adhoc trackman combine), but also curvature control 5. Yes, duh
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