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  1. 62 Years old: play 6 hybrids: 3,4,5,6 PXG 0311 Hybrids 7,8 Callaway Rogue X Irons : 9,PW,AW,GW 5 Wood Taylormade M1 Driver Taylormade M2, 2 - 3 Handicap
  2. PXG 0311 Dark Irons: 7-GW, Paderson Shafts 86 Gram Regulars, plus the 5 & 6 Paderson Shafts, excellent condition, always use iron cover, cleaned after every use: 1225.00 Callaway Rogue Sub Zero Head 10.5: like new, hit 10 balls, cover & tool: SOLD 2016 Taylormade M1 Tour 10.5 head 250 CT: like new, no cover, no tool: 200.00 Miura K Grind 60 Degree Master Masters Stamping, Aerotech shaft, new: 155.00 Fourteen RM 21 60 Degree: Paderson Wedge shaft, excellent condition, 60.00 Taylormade Spider 72 Mallet: 38” like new: 65.00 All prices include shipping Continental US, PM for more details, photos or questions. Please review my ratings!
  3. Flightscope X2 Launch Monitor with IPAD Mini – In Immaculate/New Condition! SOLD Unit was purchased January 2014 from the PGA show, receipt $9,650.00. Original owner/operated only by myself. Unit has very little use, includes all books, carrying case, chargers and cords. The IPAD mini is set up with VX software and is protected by a Pelican Hard Case. All software and firmware is up to date. The unit can be shipped in the original FlightScope box. The entire Flightscope unit, case, and everything included could easily pass for brand new. Included is a great PING Golf bag to carry books, IPAD etc.. The unit has been always stored indoors, climate control. Terms: SOLD Paypals Shipping: continental US, Insurance buyers expense Email [email protected]
  4. 1. Cobra LTD Head with headcover & tools 9.75 condition: SOLD Shipped 2. Miura K Grind 60 Degree New Condition, Masters Stamp with SteelFiber I95 shaft : 190.00 SOLD 3. Epon AF 503 5 - AW heads only, 9 - 9.5 condition Serial EA 2691 stamped on 7 Iron: Super Price SOLD, purchased this weekend and I will add another Epon AF 503 AW. Please check my rating and comments! Will ship upon payment, shipping continental US
  5. 545 would be a great option. I have played 545's and 565's extensively. I could flip a coin which irons I play daily, 565''s or PXG 0311.
  6. Callaway has a great Big Bertha OS Hybrid 7, excellent hybrid.
  7. I play 1st year Hybrids 19,22,25,28. they are class leaders. The PXG rep told me the 1st generation may be better than second. I do have a set of PXG 0311 irons, Darks, look great, I play these equally as much as Srixon 565.
  8. I play a 28 PXG Hybrid, this is my 160 club. My irons end at 8. I just play hybrids better. My set includes 19, 22,25,28 PXG and i just started playing a Callaway Big Bertha OS & 7 hybrid. My accuracy/consistency is better. Handicap under 3. All of these hybrids have Oban Revenge shafts. Shot a 69 Saturday night.
  9. Depends on what it is. If you are ordering the G, yes it is the same as the rest of the iron set. If you are getting their 50° or 52° wedges, no. Correct! The Gap Wedge fits very nice with the set.
  10. I play Graphite Design AD Iron shaft, exceptional. Two other offering I would recommend: Paderson Iron Shafts & Recoil ES, all of the offerings are sub 82 grams. The Miyazaki that are stock offering in 565 are well below the others.
  11. Very little difference, nothing 8 - 15 HDC would notice. They did create a better surface for the Badges inside of the cavity. The badges hold up very well, this was a issue with 545. I have played 545 & 565 extensively, I am a 4 HDC, these are great offering, I think the difference would be to get the shafts that suit you swing type, weight, flex, torq, ball flight. Both are at the very top in class, the 565 is slightly smaller, AW are a little more accessible in 565 a as well 765 AW that works well with the set. I just played the 565 today and was 4 under.
  12. I have played 545 & 565 extensively. Additionally I have played the 545 AW, 745 AW, 765 AW. Preference 745 AW. Very subtle difference between both sets & AW. I did order my 765 set with Miyazaki Graphites, disappointed with this offering only because there are so many graphite that are superior. Paderson's, Graphite Design AD, Fujikura Speeder Pro, Recoil ES to name a few. As great as these irons are I find them playing behind the following: EPON AF 503 PXG 0311 Darks Both are super premium offerings that cost 3 times as much. Find the shafts you favor and the 565 or 545 are top shelf offerings.
  13. I play the 765 AW with the 565 set, the 565 & 545 AW are a little to chunky for me. I actually preferred the 745 AW over the 765 AW although the difference is very subtle.
  14. A Grinds Are they still available? I have played Epon AF 503, what epon iron would be in comparison. Also have a set of PXG 0311. Another Epon of interest would be Epon 303. Thanks for the insights Condition?
  15. All Prices Shipped Paypals CONUS COBRA FORGED TEC HEADS: 6-GW Like New, most heads not hit: $220.00 SOLD TAYLORMADE SPIDER MALLET 38 2.0 WITH COVER, like new: $115.00 OBAN KIYOSHI GOLD 55 03 44.5" tip to grip, Taylormade Pro Tip, perfect $110.00 MATRIX WHITE TIE 5X3 Regular 43.50 tip to grip, Taylormade Tip, excellent $35.00 PROJECT X pxv tour 52 5.5 43.75 tip to grip, Cobra Tip, perfect $40.00 SOLD HARRISON ECLIPS r50 44.00 tip to grip, perefect No Tip $30.00 PADERSON KINETIX KB972 - D20 Regular 67 Grams 43.75 tip to grip, Cobra Tip, perfect $110.00
  16. Paderson kinetixx imrt's are great iron shafts, they are not low launch shafts however selecting the right weight and flex will help control your prefered launch angle. Project X graphite iron shaft will lower your ball flight however the feel may be compromised. Let us know if you need help with Paderson shafts, we are a dealer. I personally play Padersons in PXG 3011's.
  17. Good players with moderate to high SS are having good results with UST Helium.
  18. You are describing very good questions about why a Taylormade M1 Fairway head may be very good for results you are looking for as well as playabilty of the fairway off the deck. If you prefer a smaller head size the 5 fairway would suit your eye very nicely, the 3HL is slightly larger. Both have hozel adjustable to loft up or down. Finally you could shorten the shaft as short as .75 longer than a 19 hybrid. The M1 hozel adjustments adapt to playing different lie angles as well to adjust to different shaft lengths or preferences.
  19. No difference in cc size, you will need to get a 5 wood to reduce the size. One advantage of the M1 is, it will give you give you the piton to change the oft and lie angles.
  20. I play 4 PXG hybrids and have 2 sets of shafts for them, Oban Revenge Hybrid & Graphite Design AD UT Hybrid. I found PXG to be the class leader in the Hybrid Segment. They can be set up Neutral, draw, or fade with the weighted screw system. Comparing wise I would put them right between the Callaway Apex & the Callaway XR as far as positioning however they perform, feel and look better than both: too me. I do have PXG 0311 Darks irons that are OK, rather play Srixon 565, and PXG Wedges that are exceptional
  21. I would stick with the M2. They are exceptional. PM me if you need a retailer to purchase at discounted prices. I personally play PXG and one 2017 M2.
  22. Taylormade Aero Burner TP 3 HL Fairway Head Mint, hit less than 10 balls. I don't play a fairway anymore. 50.00 Shipped
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