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  1. Counter point...Those that bought the essential things and maybe one extra (not hoarding...everything blamed on hoarding) do NOT have to go back out and prepped for the long haul of stay-at-home, meaning they do NOT have to go back out for quite some time.
  2. Finally got to drink some Dinner last week. Was one of a few "Top 10" beers left to try. And it was fantastic!
  3. https://media.giphy.com/media/26BRCOaS38ynJswko/giphy.gif
  4. https://media.giphy.com/media/xUySTqYt10PpozSA4U/giphy.gif Assume at least one of the bogies was from a bunker shot........
  5. I'm going to say 145 is a solid score. But winning score, with a good membership that plays a bit...138 wins.
  6. but I don't know who is hot Seven straight top-5 finishes? Not hot?
  7. Tobacco Road from the up-up tees is under 5000 yards but still a slope of 126. The white's at Little Bennett are 129. Unless you have some good touch around the greens and a strong sense of your game, you'll ride the struggle bus as a beginner at TR.
  8. Rando Bob on 16 as Shore Engineer is trying to hit it out of the 20' deep bunker: MAN, THERE'S 27 STEPS COMING OUT OF THAT BUNKER!!!!!!!!!
  9. Of typical stops...TPC Sawgrass-155 Of ocassional major stops, or past courses.... Valhalla-152 Atlanta Athletic-152 Blackwolf Run -151 Inverness-151
  10. He was watching OCCan'tChip on the practice green with a wedge. He's shaking from shear fear and disbelief. Eagle knows.
  11. What's the props on Rick's right over left stance? And the finger below the nose shot? (Eagle loves to snap these.....)
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