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  1. Dude, my grip is textbook perfect. I'm 100% certain of that.
  2. I had a Hogan sand wedge I bought long time ago just for the sake of checking out Hogan sand wedges. I do not remember which model, but I remember not liking it; it was an oval shape and simply did not set up well. Is there a Hogan sand wedge that sets up similarly to, say, a Cleveland 588? If there is no such club, what is the most popular Hogan sand wedge sought by touring pros?
  3. Pretty good, though it is not quite as good as my JNP set. When I first started playing golf, Jack was with MacGregor. I remember watching the 1992 Masters and watching in the second round Jack reaching the par-5 13th in two with a long iron. Jack hit his second shot to about five feet and Tom Weiskopf said, "There are none better with the long irons, even still today." I have it on VHS to prove it. I saw the irons he had and I decided I wanted to buy them. At the time I think I paid nearly $400 for the set, but it was a 1-PW. It is a beautiful set, with a hint of offset on the long iro
  4. Ping Eye2's would have been my favorite irons had the leading edge lined up with the left edge of the shaft instead of the right. The second-most severe offset in game-improvement irons next to the odious 1994 King Cobra driving iron, whose leading edge lines up behind the right edge of the shaft. Utterly disgusting.
  5. Wow, that '73 Apex sets up like a champ. Looks like I'll shop around for a 1-SW set, despite their average sale price of $200. I did not like the bell-pattern grooves until looking at the pictures you posted. A pro reported that the '73 Apex wins distance and accuracy tests compared to other clubs, even modern clubs. I wonder how the Grinds would have compared?
  6. I forgot to add that although I never owned the set, I am guessing the '73 Apex model has the traditional hosel? A friend had the '73 Apex pitching wedge and let me check it out. At address it looked very clean and the first thing I noticed was the lack of underslung hosel. I am wondering if that stayed throughout the rest of the set? I know it is a little off-topic, but I am curious if anyone knows.
  7. Thanks, Joe, for putting up those pictures. They reinforced why I sold my Grinds in the first place. That underslung hosel was just too much for me, and the hosel looked like a barrel at address. The best way I can put it: the hosel drew attention away from the leading edge because it is so wide compared to the traditional hosel. Offset was a deal breaker for me when I owned the Apex Plus for about a week. The offset on the 2 iron was behind the center of the shaft, so I felt nauseous feeling looking down at it. Apex Plus uses a progressive offset, with the long irons almost a
  8. I once owned the '92 BH Grinds. I did not like them because of the way they set up at address. Looking down, the hosel looks like a barrel; I remember the hosel looks wider than usual, and the leading edge is significantly offset. You can particularly see this looking down on a long iron. I wrote about this in a thread a few years back and someone answered that it is called an "underslung hosel." Can someone take a picture of how it looks when you look down at address? They just don't look good, and I sold them after a few weeks of buying them because I could not stop feeling nauseous loo
  9. I am a little late in this thread, but I hope this can contribute. When I went to Scotland last year with my three guests, we played eight matches. We understood the significant differences between stroking off the low man versus strokes where they fall, so we alternated the days. Ultimately we finished the series all tied after the last match: 3-3-2.
  10. When I play I only give one-footers. "Inside the leather" is not close enough especially on slanted putts. Use the reverse-ego strategy: for putts from 1' to 5' they are certainly not gimmes, so try to make them and hope to miss them so it will help your handicap in the future.
  11. I just got mine today. At address the ball is far from touching my right forearm, and my arms hang naturally. At address for me to touch the ball I have to cramp in my right elbow to get that right forearm down. Impact position feels way exaggerated. Evidently my natural release would not work with this training aid, and I am scared that it may wreck my swing.
  12. Thanks for posting the catalog page. All I need now is the time machine to go back and get a set of those iron heads!
  13. When did golfers start wearing gloves? I see the old pictures of Allan Robertson, Willie Park, Old & Young Tom Morris, Harry Vardon, Ted Ray, and even Bobby Jones. None of them wore gloves. Who started the glove trend anyway?
  14. Dude, this thread is indeed loony. It is like a child screaming at a wall, hoping to get a response. Does Christo even have an account here at GolfWRX? My overall take on Christo is that he is certainly better than the average golfer, but I am not a big fan of Hogan's swing so I don't care for his swing. Five Lessons is outdated instruction, yet is the foundation of MSE. Certainly better than no instruction, and because he does not have a homemade swing that goes nowhere we must at least give him that. Primarily I am curious of his handicap index. Is he a +5? We a
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