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  1. hi everyone does anybody knows which shaft does he play in his driver??? thank you
  2. [quote name='stage1350' timestamp='1352316135' post='5903979'] Guy gives you a gift and you want to sell it? Kind of a d!ck move, don't you think? [/quote] thought the same...
  3. thank you but this shaft is not listed on titleist custom options, and is a little too heavy...
  4. hi all, i have been playing these last 2 years the 910 D3 xith PX 7A3, i like the distance and dispersion of that club, but sometimes, when i go a little harder, it seems not as stable as i want and the ball goes on the left.the shaft is titleist standart tipping (0,5 inch). my swing speed with driver is about 118 on average, the 9,5° driver launch sometimes the ball a little too high (sorry no other number than swing speed, have played golf for 20 years and never hit on a real launch monitor, sorry) and i have problems of ballooning ball flight into the wind. i have read a lot of good t
  5. i do not think you should be afraid of the protopype, straight hitting shaft not more demanding than the previous shaft you played. i feel nostalgic, thinking of this shaft, very tight dispersion and the price is not so high. i loved this shaft.
  6. hi all, Does it look like this?????? http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/401158-new-nike-driver/page__p__2632369__hl__+nike%20+driver%20+patent#entry2632369
  7. love that white ping bag, i would game it!!!! looks classy!!!! love the putters on the wall, would love to have that! cheers
  8. hi, it is been nearly two years since i have bought a 910 D3 with a PX tour issue 7A3. this is surely the best driver i ever owned but it is starting to get old. i would like to get a shaft similar and would like to know if anyone could compare those two? liked the dispersion and accuracy of the PX. distance was good also but you always want to ho... thanks!
  9. Hi everyone, As i cannot wait for the new 913 to get avalaible, i would like to know if anyone know what would be the new shafts as custom options? Would love to try for example the new tour ad bb. Thank you and sorry for my bad english!!!!
  10. hi all, used to play a proforce V2 86 x in a 910 F head and would like to try something else. would like the same control with a little better accuracy. what about the rombax pro95? PX 8A4 or RIP 80? SS with driver is 115-117. i play the speeder 904 hb in a 910 hybrid that i love. the driver will be soon shafted with a motore speeder VC 7.2. would the rombax pro95 be a good addition? i fear this one and the hybrid speeder are too close in weight.what do you guys recommand? thank you.
  11. the rip will launch lower but spin more. the rip is like the protopype which was low launch low/mid spin while the ahina (like the whiteboard) will more be low/ mid (low for certains) low spin. a real low launch low spin would be for example the rombax z or motore speeder VC 7.2. the tour spec is even more towards low and low.
  12. i have read that there will be two drivers, two fairway woods and two hybrids (one forgiving and one for players)... can 't wait to see how they look!!!!
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