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  1. Just got in a set of hot metal pro with the LZ 5.5, will report back, was hitting PXG with the 6.0’s
  2. TLfan

    My TS4 demo

    My combo should be here tomorrow, can’t wait to hit it this weekend!
  3. I hit these and while they are good and long as hell, they feel nowhere near the forged Gen 1/2 irons. I like the design and the progressive change throughout but I can’t get over the feel of them compared to my other PXG irons.
  4. > @ignitewvu said: > I hate the look of it at address the way the paint rolls over onto the face. > It's also TINY in all dimension IMO & I always have played the smaller M Heads. > The M5 460 is simple perfection IMO......the Tour head is an absolutely FLOP in 2019. You should work on hitting the center more then, just kidding, but to call it an absolute FLOP is absurd.
  5. Loving this driver so far but haven’t sold the M1 440 yet, 2 rounds in and so far it’s staying in the bag, numbers are good and it’s accurate with a great feel.
  6. TLfan

    PXG 0311T vs AP2

    My Gen 1 0311T have been in my bag the longest of any iron set yet I am getting the itch to try something new and didn’t care for the Gen 2’s in comparison. I loved all of the AP2 but have not hit the 718’s ..... yet.
  7. > @bogeypro said: > > @TLfan said: > > Anymore reviews? Just got my M5 tour in but it’s raining, may get to hit a few tomorrow, going against my trusty M1 440 gamer. > > I’ve hit my buddy’s m5 tour. My gamer is a M1 440. I liked it. My only complaint is that it likes to flop open when you set it down. Other than that, I’d game it. The shape reminds me of a 975d...very confidence inspiring to me. Sound/feel are very muted. > Yea I put in my gamer shaft and it laid way open, moved it one notch towards higher and it looks a lot better lol, but yes the
  8. Anymore reviews? Just got my M5 tour in but it’s raining, may get to hit a few tomorrow, going against my trusty M1 440 gamer.
  9. Looking to upgrade my Gen 1 0311T, not sure if I want Gen 2 P or T
  10. Any other recs? Heading down this coming weekend and fly into Ft Lauderdale early Saturday with no golf booked yet, playing Calusa Pines Sunday and flying home that night. Also any food and drink recs? Thanks
  11. I’m 2 months in with mine and they are so so, not sure I like the turf interaction yet I need to have the lies adjusted, I guess that’s what I get for trusting PXG’s build, only played 2-4 rounds with them but they definitely built them too flat, I’ll put in a few more rounds before going back to 718 AP2 or Srixon 785.
  12. This is really dumb. How so? I don’t mind that people like my clubs. That’s not why I bought them though. I like them and that’s all that matter. If that’s dumb to you then I don’t know what to tell you. Just admit it you like the attention and love to hate on PXG, your post are pathetic in PXG threads, move on and grow up.
  13. IZ 6 stiff I have is way too low spin for me unfortunately, back from a fitting and the surprise winner was the DI 5 for me, unfortunately it seems like a unicorn for me to find.
  14. Any other updates? I’m hearing good things on the SmacWrap recoils.
  15. I agree to a point, I’ll see the cost difference and determine, I have someone with a SS account checking into it for me, didn’t know if anyone here had any experience.
  16. Supposedly these shafts where only made for swingscience, just my luck as they say they have them and they are a Tour spec shaft made for them by UST....... UST says I should be good to go with the normal ES SmacWrap yet Swing Science says this a shaft specifically made for them by UST with different specs than retail market can acquire.
  17. I got fit into Recoil 780 Matte Black shafts, doesn’t say SmacWrap or ES, what’s the difference? I was told these matte black that only say UST Recoil 780 F3 on them, any info? Where to get? What are they a Proto to? The price was pretty expensive on the build sheet.
  18. It is very mid stiff to me and I found it to feel hollow if that makes sense? I launch the T1100 higher than the IZ, which is bizarre I know. I may try it again this evening on some different settings to see if I can get different results.
  19. Exactly my feelings, have an IZ 6 stiff and hit it against my T1100 6.0 65 and prefer the T1100, the IZ feels one piece and is more mid stiff imo, it’s off to the BST, I just love the feel of my T1100 for ME, but the IZ was the same on distance and accuracy, very tight dispersion, but prefer the feel of the T1100, Titleist 917D2 9.5 Head.
  20. It’s definitely the driver doing all of the work for sure.......
  21. TLfan

    MP18 vs MP5

    I have some with c taper lite 110’s I’m going to move cheap if that works? I like the MP5 over the 18 in feel and etc but for some reason the 5’s like to dig too much for me.
  22. A few nice sets of 66 on eBay, I have yet to hit them, I tried the MP18 MMC and a SC/MB combo set and went back to MP5’s, I still have a set of 64’s as well. I wasn’t a fan of the new stuff and “feel” from previous models, just my experience.
  23. MMC have zero feel to me, I’d go with the 900’s but I am going back to MP5’s
  24. I miss the MP5’s, about to sell my MP18 MMC and go back to the 5’s
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