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  1. The number one driver Taylormade ever produced was the R510 TP with the original Speeder 757 shaft. I wish had still had that it looked amazing, performed amazing and had the best sound and feel of any driver ever produced. Other drivers I wish I still had are the Superquad TP, R11 DOT, R7 TP, R7 425 TP and oroginal Aeroburner TP. All those drivers are better than what they now produce. Those were definitely the golden days for Taylormade in my opinion.
  2. Awesome three wood. Which seller on eBay had this?? I have been looking for one for ages.
  3. The i-blade is still the best iron PING has ever made (would have loved a set of s-55's though, missed out there). I have a set and they are as good as anything in the players cb/mb category.
  4. Ventus model I have hit is the blue 8x, blue 7x, red 6x and the black 6x. I would like to win the blue 6TX I will put the blue 6TX into my Titleist TSi 3 driver.
  5. I still have one. I use it from time to time. What a great driver, I just love the shape.
  6. The vapor pro blades, vapor pro combo, vr forged wedges and the vapor fly/fly pro driver. I actually also really like the golf balls they made from the original RZN tour (red number) to the last one they made with the blue number.
  7. If you have some things that are brand new, absolutely. Some sets of irons and woods also wedges brand new will be highly sought after in a few years time if not already.
  8. I still game the vapor pro from time to time. Keeps up with anything I have from the vast array of drivers I have in the golf room The vapor fly and fly pro are also very good. Love my VR Tour driver and Vapor TW. NIKE made some good drivers, real shame they are not making clubs anymore. Oh well, makes using them a little more special.
  9. The model before it the nike vapor flex (black head) was very similar. Also as mentioned a tour issue vapor speed would be the go. Nike stuff very hard to find now if you want something brand new.
  10. It is 100% real, that seller is NIBLICK99.I have bought many things from him and he is 100% legit. That is a tour issue 460cc M3.
  11. Hello, I have both. No trackman numbers just on course testing. The regular is every bit as long as the LST of the deck and from the tee. I think the regularly is very good and I am leaning more to using that than the LST just for the added forgiveness. For reference I have a tour spx Attas 6 in 8TX flex and it is pure!!!
  12. I think it comes down to what it is. For example the inspired by Speith, McIlroy and even the latest Thomas are up for sale at double the retail price. If you did not order one when you had the chance you will be paying way more than the guy who paid the $800 US at retail for it if you want one. So a big YES on that one. Same as the 500 sets of copper Mizuno MP20 irons. You could not get a brand new set for what they were at retail, not even close. Its hard and some things you will have to hold onto for a long time before it makes some money.
  13. T100’s are not blades. Titleist blades are the 620 mb. T100’s are not even close to blades. Sorry!
  14. The VR Tour driver was awesome, then the Vapor pro driver, the Vapor fly pro and the standard Vapor fly all great drivers.
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