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  1. Great price on the Tarlows and a great shoe! Wish they were 11.5M as I would take them at that price for another back up pair!
  2. Hi Fellow WRX’ers! This is what I’m dubbing the “What Was I Thinking” Sale. As always, prices are OBO and include shipping to Continental US. First to PayPal takes the items. Discount for multiple items purchased. Current Trade Interests: Michael’s Gift Cards (have some framing to do), Masters Ticket for Monday or discounted round at Harbour Town. 1. New TBC The Buck Club Mallet Cover Royal Blue- $100 shipped Brand New, never left box it was shipped in. Sharp color combo and was part of the fundraising release for the victims of the Astroworld tragedy. Magnetic closure. 2. New TBC The Buck Club Collective Blade Cover Velvet Black- $65 shipped Brand New Never Used! Sharp looking velvet (I think, maybe suede….who could say) blade cover. Magnetic closure. 3 New TBC The Buck Club Collective Towel Black- SOLD Brand New, never used! Great looking towel from the Collective release. Note: Buy Items 2&3 together for $80 shipped! 4. NWT The Honors Course Kjus Polo Light Blue Polo sz M- $110 shipped Brand New with Tags from the Honors Course. This shirt is sick but bought a couple and deciding to pass this one along. The Honors Course is an absolutely amazing place and gear from there doesn’t come up very often! 5. NIB G-Tech Ryder Cup Electric Handwarmer White- SOLD Brand New, Never Used! Same one used by the USA Ryder Cup Team! Very Hard to Find! Priced less than buying a plain one. If you are not familiar with these, there’s a thread in the Style Forum here with people raving about them! 6. The North Face Fleece Pullover Green sz L- SOLD Bought to wear for fall afternoons and evenings to throw on while hanging out on the patio after the rounds. Unfortunately, it’s just a little too large for me after losing some weight. This thing is has been warn once and is super comfortable and warm. Want this to go to somebody who will put it to good use! 7. & 8. NWOT Banana Republic Traveler Slim Chino Pant Black & Navy sz 35x30- $55 shipped for the pair Bought these back in the Spring and forgot completely about them. Washed and put in the closet; Never even tried on. If you’re looking for pants that have no logos and would be able to wear from the course to the office and vice versa, these are a nice spring, fall and winter pant. Thanks for checking out my BST ad! If you have any questions, please feel free to shoot me a PM! ctfuzz21
  3. All very true and agree completely! My point was more in regards to Adam Scott moving/ not moving the marketing needle. Everything you stated, especially from a player’s perspective, could very easily have been part of this, as well. They could have offered less or decided to put the money in another marketing bucket (ie different player, campaigns, etc). However, I believe with the aspirational quality Scott brings to the table (good looking, great swing, world traveler, etc) he’d be a very desirable ambassador for a brand like Titleist. Again, I don’t disagree with a single point you bring up.
  4. While your point is well-made, I do think a brand like Titleist has done exceptionally well targeting the middle aged, private golfer with disposable income. A brand ambassador like Adam Scott seemingly would connect with that demographic very well, for a number of reasons. Again, their teams have access to better metrics than my own personal projections of the brand, however, I have to believe he was a net positive for the reputation of Titleist in those key demographics.
  5. Adam Scott’s WITB come say, Riviera, will be a must click link…
  6. I have quite a bit of familiarity with them, as they have quickly become one of my favorite brands when it comes to buying out of a shop as a guest at a club. Most importantly, do not dry in the dryer! Hang the garment to air dry, immediately following the end of the cycle. That should protect your from any shrinking down the line.
  7. I’m a member at Pinetree in Kennesaw. If you’re a serious golfer, Pinetree is a great place. We have a collection of great golfers and a course laid out to frustrate the best of us. As golf goes, our claim to fame is our super slick and pure greens. They’re lightning year round and a very unique challenge. With that said, we are like everybody else right now and full. I believe we are still accepting a small number of new members, as we continue to work thru those non-equity members who joined pre-pandemic and still have not paid the full Initiation Fee. I could be wrong, but I’d be happy to help. Shoot me a PM if you’re interested and I’ll try to help where I can. Enjoy the area!
  8. Same. They were very aware of what prices were holding at on StubHub.
  9. I’ve bought from StubHub, the BST and locals on Washington Rd. Each transaction has been smooth and painless. StubHub was straight forward. Bought from a reputable member here. The Washington Rd scalpers was surprisingly easy too. Tried to negotiate but they were very aware of the market. Ended up buying from a Tour Bus parked at the Shell Gas Station. These businesses have far too much to lose selling fake tickets or have some deal go poorly, so I felt surprisingly comfortable. Buying from a random single person I may not feel as good about it. Say what you will about resellers, but without them I wouldn’t have some of my favorite live sports memories.
  10. Hi Fellow WRX’ers! Moving on from a few things to make room for some new ones. As always, first to PayPal takes the items. Discount available for multiple items purchased and pricing includes shipping to Continental US. Only current trade interest 1. Polo Golf Ralph Lauren Polo w/ Navy Stripes sz L (Pro Fit)- $30 shipped Could pass NWOT! Worth noting that this is a Pro Fit so it fits more like a MEDIUM. Great looking shirt perfect for the course or the office! 2. Polo Golf Team-Issued Ryder Cup Pants Navy w/ Pinstripe 36x32- SOLD These pants are awesome! USA logo down the leg is just sick and an absolute must for the collection for any patriot lol. I might have a problem buying Ryder Cup gear, so trying to move these to someone who will put them to good use. 3. Mizzen & Main Sweater Light Grey sz M- SOLD Could pass as NWOT! No logos anywhere, so if you’re looking for a clean, uncluttered layering piece for the course or the office, this is perfect! M&M has some great stuff and this is one of them! 4. NWT The Masters 2021 Concessions T-Shirt Navy sz M- $55 shipped Bought from the tournament this year and completely forgot I had it. If this doesn’t sell, I’m happy to keep it for myself! 5. RLX Athleisure Compression-Lined Shorts Black sz XL- $40 shipped NWOT! Bought hoping they would run small, they do not. (Tried) to wear once. $85 New, so catch a pretty insane discount from my bad guess on sizing. I would say they fit true to size and are awesome looking shorts! 6. & 7. Footjoy X Todd Snyder Limited Release Polos sz M- SOLD Could pass NWOT! Worn each one once on the course. These are super limited and sold out in these sizes almost immediately. Complete head turners and received compliments on both. Would prefer to sell together, but if there’s a buyer for each we could figure something out. Super hard to find and if you find one new or anywhere near this condition, you’re likely gonna pay much, much more than this! 8. & 9. The Buck Club (TBC) Collective Towel and Headcover- $75 shipped for both Brand New! Just received in the mail and do not have a need for the headcover and might have more than enough towels currently. Headcover is sick! Black Velvet with magnetic closure. Towel is black, with logo. Great towel and probably $35-$40 on it’s own if you were to buy a similar one. Prefer to sell together. If you have any questions, please feel feee to shoot me a PM! Thanks for looking at my BST ad! ctfuzz21
  11. Didn’t see another thread on this topic yet. Thought we could get a single location for the rumor mill of who is going where and what companies are making the most noise. BK to Srixon is a big splash…..
  12. Hi Fellow WRX’ers! Just a couple of items up today. As always, first to PayPal takes the items and pricing includes shipping to Continental US. No current trade interests. 1. BNIP TaylorMade MG3 Milled Grind Wedge 60° - $165 shipped New in plastic. 60° with 10° bounce. Tour Issue Dynamic Gold S200 shaft. Save on tax and shipping by buying mine! note: the stock pic is from the TM website and is NOT the exact wedge that is being offered. Just a point of reference for those wondering what the new MG3 heads look like and retail pricing. 2. NWT Sold Out Sweetens Cove American Needle (Dad Style) Hat White- SOLD Bought from The Shed the last time I was on property earlier this fall. Sick hat, but I realized I may have a hat problem…..So, decided to pass this one along to another SC lover! Thanks for checking out my BST ad! If you have any questions, please shoot me a PM. ctfuzz21
  13. Got my Swag Red Sox cover. If you’re a fan, you’ll love this cover! GLWS!
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