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  1. Everybody is loving the Premieres for the styling, fit & performance. You will not regret snagging a pair (or 3).
  2. Governors Towne Club in Acworth would allow you to play there and Cobblestone. GTC use to be private and is now public. It’s a good layout, with rolling terrain. Nice range and facilities, as well. GTC/ Cobblestone would be my recommendation for 36 holes in one day.
  3. The timing of this post is incredible! I am dealing with this right now as a seller and never had this issue before. On Monday (4/12) I had a scheduled pick-up for 3 packages. All items were picked up and I received an email confirmation confirming pick-up. Then, the items never moved (Shipping Label Created; Awaiting Item) for 3 days. After 24 hours I called and was told this happens and the drivers don’t always scan them in. After 36 hours from that, I went to the PO and the Supervisor called the driver and confirmed she picked them up. About an hour or so later, they moved they sy
  4. Ok, tried the shirts on tonight. They fit great, with one note: they’re kind of short. So, I’m a medium in RLX (Large in Pro Fit). Medium in FJ is usually too loose/baggy. Ordered a medium and the fit is slim in this line. Looks really good. It’s just short. Not crazy short, but you could wear it untucked, no problem. I’ll see how it goes on the course, but definitely noteworthy.
  5. Mine arrived yesterday. Will wear one of the shirts tomorrow and will comment on fit then. However, I love the material, as it remains of me the OG Travis Mathew shirts material. Looks sharp and the camo looks good, too.
  6. Thanks for the heads up! I’m glad to hear it’s as soft as it looks, too!
  7. Hello Fellow WRX’ers! Looking to make room for the stuff I bought last week during the tournament. As always, first to PayPal takes the items. Prices include shipping to Continental US. Discounts offered for multiple items purchased, as it saves me on shipping costs. No current trade interests at this time. 1. NWT 2001 Masters Concession Stand T-Shirt Navy sz M- $55 shipped Kept the pimento cheese and egg salad t-shirts... 2. Footjoy Tour X Black sz 11.5M- SOLD Wore very few times and kept with Cedar shoe trees. Incredible shoe and a significant discou
  8. I grabbed a couple of the shirts. Looks like they’re suppose to arrive on Thursday. I’ll try to post pics when they get here.
  9. Mallet covers sell out quick. Unique Driver/ FWY covers go quick. But, really it all depends. Follow TBC & Zac on IG, have a sense of what you’re looking for before the drop and try to be checked out by 505p and you are normally ok.
  10. I’ve had a fantastic experience with FJ on warranty issues. Send them in, track the shipment. On roughly day 3 or 4 of them being received, give them a call to check the status. They will be more than happy to keep you updated.
  11. Hi Fellow WRX’ers! Fitting “Moving Day” post as my wife just advised me I couldn’t keep everything I bought this week. She made a few threats involving me moving....lol As always, first to PayPal takes the items. Price includes shipping to Continental US. Discount for multiple items, as it saves me on shipping. No current trade interests (see above statement). 1. & 2. Peter Millar Masters Logo Polo sz M SOLD only L SOLD- $190 shipped per shirt These SOLD OUT everywhere! I snagged a Medium & Large in each of the shirts I bought this year bc I wasn’t sure
  12. Hi Fellow Wrx’ers! Just a couple of extras from this year’s Masters purchases. Might have a couple of more items, but still debating/ hiding from the wife.... As always, first to PayPal takes the items. Pricing includes shipping to Continental US. If you take both items, we can work on a discount, as you will save me on shipping. No current trade interests. 1. NWT Masters Dad Hat Small Logo Green- SOLD Kept the white one, selling the green one.... 2. NWT Masters Backpack- $100 shipped Kept the shoe bag, selling the backpack....
  13. Mine is arriving tomorrow.....no better way to watch the Masters!
  14. If it shipped, you should have it inside of 2 days of shipping.
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