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  1. Happy to hear you two got out there. Also nice to hear you had fun in the mud. Mrs. NCL surely gets it. bravo keep them coming please Blue Devil.
  2. Q with Reed, Koepka, and Finau. I guess your leaving the basement on Monday. Nice team.
  3. Me and google images is where they were made. Here is a helpful link. I guess that style of artwork is huge with retirement from you company type gift things. Maybe if you chirped more around here you would have given me material to use in the creation of a cartoon puttinfor8. I kid. I just knew they would be very well received here as they blew me away upon discovering them. Thank you. https://www.google.com/search?q=big headed retirement cartoon golf&tbm=isch&tbs=rimg:CU4QrBD4xb3RYdj79glzettD&rlz=1CABRFU_enUS804&hl=en&sa=X&ve
  4. Fact: you are not the oldest. Not even close. touch is the most silver around here. Nobody is sniffin' 60 as hard as I am bro. You are the baby Italian. I am the elder dago. I don't break clubs.
  5. Played yesterday after work with other employees in the industry. Par's to start then some nastiness came around. I doubled back to back holes. Then two singles followed and the uneasy start appeared to have some permanence. Made a par then bogeyed 8 and 9. Eight over at the turn. What? yup nothing was great but the weather at that point for the commish. Began the back with 3 useful pars in a row. Another bogey then pow 2 birdies and pars all the way in. I shot a 77 (par 70 course). Unusual for the guy who has of late had boring rounds with no birds and a few single bogeys . I came up with s
  6. I have a favorite tree on the course. It is very old. So yesterday I pull a drive a bit and see it heading straight for my tree. In driving down the hill to find my tee shot I notice something dramatic. The request I made to the superintendent had been fulfilled. I told Mike to always give that over 100 year old tree special care. I saw it with my own eyes. The tree is on board with my coming of spring campaign. He got a manscape down below!
  7. One of the reasons I have been posting my recaps of recent rounds is to help my good personal friend doctoro. If he reads the golf jargon in my writing possibly that could help to bring him back to golf. I also hope that he notices the joy in my facial expression each and every time. There are I am sure other golfers like me who believe that the days score doesn't really matter a whole lot. It's walking about in the beautiful outdoors getting in 18 holes. There will be always good and bad shots. Golf is playing with the fellas/golf buddies who make you grind harder. One can also see if their
  8. And now he is leading the tournament. Pay that source handily.
  9. Well if it is Q now with Pete telling me to throw a line in the lake and fish one out I will do it. Thanks my two veterans of this place. I'll go with a deep pick and take Rasmus. He is currently +2 and has not tee'd off yet today. I selected him because one he has a cool name, and two he has a pair of back to back vowels in his last name. Third and finally, he is of Scandinavian decent like me. Thank you to Q and Pete for your support. Rasmus Højgaard *
  10. I like your idea of a 4th alternate every week but that is more stats to tally and post for me so nope. If what happened to me happens to another player going forward it's going to just be the "sorry Charlie" syndrome. Thanks Q for suggesting I get a last place guy replacement pick but I'll just grin and bear it.
  11. WGC - Workday Picks p3p (+8) H. English Bzuidenhou Matsuyama touch (-2) Hovland Hojgaard Fleetwood green (+9) Rahm Reid Xander Qqq (-10) Finau Koepka Reed jerebr (+13) Rahm Koepka DJ puttif8 (-2) Hovland Day DJ NCLanc (+5) Horschel Im DJ doctor (+5) JT Bryson DJ Chuntsmn(+22) Koepka Reid
  12. Billy H at T3 with a 5 under in the opening round. I see you NCL.
  13. Looks like higherG forgot about us. Cantlay forgot about commish as he pulled out of the tournament right before it started. I had him. I now have only 2 horses in the race. On a week you can't lose because of no cut line. Ugh what bad luck for the organizer.
  14. I take lessons from two different instructors. Both are good friends that I occasionally tee it up with. Ed is rather elderly and has stayed away from the range due to covid. Hutch owns a gym and is personal trainer. He also holds basketball and golf camps for young men and women. Hutch works with many of the high schools and small colleges in the area. The warmer weather has continued in Asheville so I after work got a lesson yesterday afternoon. Hutch was working with the golf team from Montreat College and was going to simultaneously give the commish a tune up. It was a great time. One of t
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