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  1. fortunately don't have minimums...but I am guessing it is all part of the math why the increase. Thank you all for your perspective. I typically get carry out food so don't know how the food and bev did last year. I just hit the course and know how crowded it was last year and just know how busy it was,but that doesn't mean they made more money. We certainly had a ton of new members added throughout the year. I should have thought deeper into running a business...not my wheelhouse to be honest. Thanks for your perspective.
  2. I agree they didn't make what they did the year before on food and bev is my guess. You guys all have good perspective.
  3. The notice was 30 days on the increase. no assessment or any real repairs. Private course ,but owned by Clubcorp so we never are really communicated clearly to as to where the membership stands. Thank you for your thoughts.
  4. Love the game....most difficult sport I have ever played.
  5. I am in Ohio. Has anyone near that area that is a member at private club been hit with a massive increase at their club for this coming year? Our club had to be the most profitable it has ever been last year....and a large increase after that. Course was so crowded last year that you had to get up at 6 am to book tee times two weeks out. Just curious if anyone else is seeing this at their club?
  6. Taylor made 300 series 5 wood. Believe me I have tried to replace it so many times. It just works.
  7. Blue light special...I loved Kmart as a kid. Thought they had everything a guy would ever need in there.
  8. I have had a few recently. Srixon z785 is a good one for me. Always on the hunt for the next best one though. Like the way it looks at address and maybe that is what gives me confidence to hit it well.
  9. yes sir! Front pin and I think i hit that 30 yarder 2 times...It wasn't a great finish.
  10. What a good golf course. The greens are wild for sure. I putted it off the front on 18 one day....it was the best putt (so I thought) I had hit that day.
  11. Who would have thought the hotbed for component golf clubs would have been Newark, Ohio. Dynacraft and Golfworks were so close together. I am lucky I am still able to go to golfworks well pre covid I could. They have really random stuff in their pro shop....heads that never made catalog. Fun stuff like that.
  12. I have a set of TS-1's from Maltby and they really are a good club. I miss the large marge drivers and stuff like that. new club for like 40 bucks if you had some epoxy grip tape, and mineral spirits to slide a grip on.
  13. nice iron head...I have a set of those with graphite shafts in them. hoping to cut down on elbow pain from tendinitis. otherwise Srixon 745's with steel will still be in the bag.
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