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  1. Any thoughts on these? I'm always leaning towards the soft buttery feels, but don't really like the glaring looks of Mizuno. On the other hand, the satin finish on Titliest looks stunning. I've been gaming 712 MB for a short while but then came back to Mizuno.
  2. Hi, I will be visiting Boston for a couple of days and looking for possibility to play golf. I'm not looking for top-notch courses. Just want to spend a couple of hours alone, enjoy the environment, and hit some balls. Any recommendations/suggestions? Thanks
  3. If I may further ask, if you refinish or regroove the clubs, will it get them back to 100% ability/spin rate? Some clubs have fond memories on me. I want to play them, but at the same time, want to preserve them. Silly me.
  4. Assuming that you play golf once every weekend and go to the range once everyweek, how long does it takes until your driver, woods, hybrids, irons, and wedges become worn out and lose its power/ability?
  5. Any comparison for both of the grip? Iomic Sticky 2.3 vs. Lamkin Crossline ACE 3GEN Wanted to buy the Iomic but the price is about 2 times. The Crossline looks tempting though...
  6. Somebody who doesn't follow directions. Check on the previous page, someone after of me didn't follow directions... Obviously you have a quite fast swing speed and quick tempo. Mizuno irons and wedges, along with Odyssey putter kinda reminds me of Luke Donald. I bet you've been a Mizuno fan for quite a while and MP54 is not your first Mizuno irons. You;re not long, but your short game is top notch. You began experimenting with Nike RZN. Your Vapor is the latest addition in your bag. You trusted your 5-wood so much but you can't hit 3-wood and you can be a little bit wild with the driver. I assume you're 5-10 handicap. Probably you used to be a high school golfer team member. You're in late 20s or early 30s. Work in a decent job, but no wife nor kids. I believe golf is not your only hobby. You're such an outgoing person with a lot of activities and social commitments. A lot of people want to play with you because youre' a nice person who can control your temper but at the same time share a joke and laugh out loud. Mine: Aeroburner 10.5 stock stiff shaft Tour edge exotics cb pro 4-wood 16.5 fujikura speeder 757 bridgestone CB J40 4/5/6/7/8/9 projectX 6.0 titleist vokey SM5 48 & 56 stock Ping anser putter black dot 33 inch srixon z-star xv or prov1x balls single strap pencil bag with wentworth logo Yes, I play 11 clubs only
  7. What are the pros and cons of the 48-54-60 and 48-52-56-60 wedge setup? I am currently using 48-54-60 but still have a place to add one or two clubs. I hit my 60* about 60 meter, 54* about 80 meter, and 48* about 110 meter. I usually use 48* for full swing. 54* mainly for chip and pitch. 60* mostly for green side bunker and flop. Any comments will be appreciated.
  8. In 2006, I thought golf was a stupid game. What's the point of hitting a tiny white ball that stays there? It doesn't even move at all. There's no adrenaline rush like football, basketball, or racing. What's the point of taking that stupid little ball to the hole for 4 hours? I got bitten by golf bug a few years later.
  9. I guess I don't want to get too hurry chasing girls and stuff. I just don't want to repeat the same mistakes. Bloody weather here, even snow falls last night. If only the weather is a bit warmer, I suppose I can occupy myself with hitting balls in the range.
  10. Thanks for your support guys! One more question, how do you guys handle the "transition" and "moving on" period? No matter how much I hate her, sometimes I still kinda miss her a little bit.
  11. True! That's exactly what I feel. It came across to my mind quite often, like, I want her to disappear, or I wish she wouldn't exist, or things like that.
  12. We both came from conservative/religious background: no sex before marriage, no moving in together, etc. Sadly, during our dating period, she never showed her anger, not even once. Hence, I assumed that she's quite calm and collected person. Thanks! I'm 32 now. No child.
  13. Thanks guys for your advice and comments. Really appreciate it. Bad and gruesome wife is not good for my liver as well.
  14. When I was single, I play golf like 2-3 rounds per week. After marriage, I play 2-3 rounds per month. Sadly, after she moving out, I'm still not that keen enough to play golf. The last time we met, she said that she's really sorry, she understand her faults/flawed temper, and wanted to change since she said that she still love me. But you might be right, no change will equal misery. Besides, I'm not sure whether what she's saying was real/true or just throwing some nice words to win me back. Dunno. Help me to move on quickly and forget her, guys.
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