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  1. I ordered mine around the first of the year, the original lead time was late March. Checked last week to see if we’re still tracking end of March and the lead time was between middle to end of March. not sure if that helps.
  2. I also play a 56* f grind, it is versatile in chipping, sand play, and full swing. You’re not going to open it up and hit floating flop shots but you can hit most chips and pitches without issue. I find the key is having a versatile lob wedge as an emergency out club as opposed to that being my 56. I also have found I use my 56 for most green side shots and limited my 60 to when I need it once making the switch. The f will do most of what you want/need with a little technique and touch. Personally I’ve found myself and I think others too get wrapped around the axle of which
  3. I ordered a low bounce K about 6 weeks ago and had it in under 2 weeks. I opted for an S400 shaft, not sure if the somewhat standard shaft had any influence. I also had some custom stamping, still knocked it out quickly considering.
  4. I play the White Raw 7TX in my SIM, it doesn’t kick but does feel softer than a lot of shafts. In my opinion it loads and holds through impact but has a significant feel of loading. I get the stability I’m looking for without being overly stiff or lacking feel. if you’re looking for a more linear feel you’ll want a different line of shafts, this is just the nature of the white lineup from Tensei. There are a lot of guys here that can steer you in the right direction with the linear feel but I would go away from this new Tensei line for sure.
  5. Hey guys, strongly considering a Ventus blue in a driving iron and wanted to know who else is playing a Ventus (blue or black) in a hybrid or utility iron. I’m looking for something mid launch, always worry about launching too low with this type of club. I’m typically a softer handle type of guy but starting to get along with softer middle type shafts. Any how, anyone have experience?
  6. 1. Scioto CC 2. Columbus, OH 3. 14 4. SIM w/ Tensei white raw TX 5. No, self fit 6. TSi3 7. Yes
  7. I have Titleist 718MB’s and a 718 TMB 2 iron I’m looking to sell, details below. 718MB’s: 3-9, standard loft/lie/length w/ KBS $Taper X flex shafts, GP Z cord grips. price: $550 718 TMB 2 iron: standard loft/lie/length, Aldila ATX Black hybrid shaft, GP Z cord grip price: $OLD
  8. Not really sure the best place to put this but wanted to show my appreciation to Toll and team. I recently received a Tensei white AV Raw TX (non- 2.0) and have had a chance to both play and get on launch monitor with it and wanted to share thoughts. TM SIM 9* turned down to 7* launch - 14.5 spin - 2,100 carry - 285 I’m coming out of an Aldila graphene green ATX, found that shaft with SIM launched a little higher than I wanted and floated on me mid to late flight. For some reason the ATX felt to loosen up a little bit with the SIM head where it was just
  9. I have it, I love it, you’d better like seeing a toe rotate if you’re going to play. This putter in no way can be taken back straight or square to square. it has a ton of rotation which I prefer, it moves more like 45 to 45 on lengthy puts. let me know if you have specific questions.
  10. I put standard KBS tours in my 56 and 60, a little softer at same weight and flex.
  11. I’m going to throw my 2 cents in for anyone still interested in these shafts. as a guy who hasn’t tried a lot of high end shafts the best comparison that I think is relatable is the AD DI. I always wondered what the buzz was around the AD DI because it felt like it was overly soft and all over the place for my swing, the loading was noticeable and felt lively but unmanageable. I liked the action but just couldn’t wrap my head around having no clue where the club head was especially during impact. So the ZF has the same lIvely feel in all the same places but it doesn’t feel lost throughout
  12. I have $taper 130 and use kbs your 130X in wedges. They’re a nice combo of higher flight and slightly more spin than the $taper while keeping static weight similar. They play a hair softer so partial shots feel great but still tight enough for full wedge shots.
  13. Couldn’t agree more, this is one Titleist has wrong. The $taper is just slightly tighter feeling with more control and definitely has lower spin but not by a huge margin.
  14. Years ago I bought a Nike vapor fly 3 iron to use as a driving iron, it was the cheapest club I’ve bought......$15 used. Was terrific, great launch and easy to hit. Only reason I moved on was the shaft was too soft for my swing so I have to a buddy who loves it and hit it well.
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