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  1. Thanks for the review, next time your out with it can you play with the trajectories? Im interested to see if the SC300 gives accurate numbers on high, med, low trajectories.
  2. Know anyone in college? Get them to verify with UNidays. More info: https://www.adidas.com/us/students
  3. Clee

    San Diego

    I'm headed to SD in early January, was hoping to get some opinions on whether to play Mt woodson or Steele Canyon?
  4. [quote name='nbg352' timestamp='1411748951' post='10188859'] Would y'all like some cheese with that whine? Is there nothing you guys won't complain about? I'm watching the replay on TSN. It's fine. Commercials are a part of life. Don't like the way it's commentated? Hit the mute button. Sheesh! [/quote] Replays dont have the same commercial breaks. And im pretty sure TSN is using the NBC/GC feeds because i was watching it live and there were too many breaks.
  5. Why do i want them? Because they would look amazing in my bag with my other Callaway gear. And i would pick Team USA
  6. Not sure about the US but Golftown in Canada is offering the buy a driver and get a free fw/rescue for the original SLDR
  7. I would build some new irons because currently mine are, quite literally, falling apart.
  8. Handicap: 16 City: Vancouver, BC Reason: I am a skeptic. Every year Taylormade comes up with something "innovative" and something "that will change the game." All hype, you gotta prove it to me lol. Current Driver: Callaway Diablo Octane with stock Project x shaft
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