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  1. He also just had a hip replacement. Gonna be on the shelf for a while.
  2. When did you order? I know it says 8-10 days but was wondering how long they took to get to you.
  3. I've been looking at Sub 70 for about 6 months. Called Jason last Friday to inquire about why there was only 6-W and not 5-W in the 639CB on the website. He let me know that 3-5 heads were on the way. We talked for 30 minutes or so and he's a wealth of knowledge on shaft specs in relation to ball flight and workability. He just texted me and let me know that 5 iron heads were in and I had another question about shaft length and he called me right away. I have to say that the service received from Jason is second to none. I wanted a different grip (CP2) than was offered and he told me it would be no problem. Made the order and he let me know my clubs would ship next week. Can't wait for my clubs to get here and if you're reading this Jason, thank you so much. Can't recommend Sub 70 enough.
  4. Got a buddy that is a frequent player but about 18 hcp. He plays at Foxland in Hendersonville and asked my recommendation and I told him to try the club first then maybe club champion. Any recs for that area? Thanks
  5. Kind of like the flu vaccine?
  6. > @geauxtigers777 said: > Potentially moving to the area. What course would you say is the best course to join for membership: > > Timerton? > > Canebrake? > > Hattiesburg CC? > > > > Thanks Hattiesburg CC is my favorite and I used to be a member at Canebrake. Used to have a tour event that is now in Jackson. Tree lined and 6900 from the back. A great club with a very active social scene. Be happy to have you out when you get in town.
  7. Slim to none. I was there last year with a player that played early on Friday. I was inside the gates by the bar area right of 10. When the gates opened it was a mad dash to 16 and at 6:30 the line was already around the side towards 15 green.
  8. Waiting on a Scotty 5.5M that they've had for 2 weeks. I'd love to see some pictures of mine as well. If you've got some Justin, please post them here. Thanks
  9. I'm on my third putter with Continental and they have been nothing short of fantastic. They've got a Scotty 5.5M of mine right now that should be shipping back any day. Speaking of, how about some pictures Justin? Great folks to work with and the price for a refinish is $65 plus shipping both ways. Great work.
  10. Tried to upload a putter from Continental that they did for me but didn't work on mobile.
  11. Got an email to apply for this tournament. Anyone played or have any knowledge of this event?
  12. Just ordered a set on Friday. Anxiously awaiting to hear some feedback myself.
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