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  1. No longer for sale. $425 OBRO includes shipping CONUS PM or text with questions or offers. 804-400-1171 4-AW.. Custom paint with tour issue S400 shafts. Standard length and lie. One degree strong. AW has Ryder Cup edition S400 shaft. Winn DriTac grips are brand new.
  2. Item no longer for sale. PM or Text 804-400-1171 for offers or additional details. $1000 includes shipping CONUS Purchased brand new from PXG in late 2020. Less than 20 rounds on the set. Clubs are in excellent shape. One minor blemish on the sole of 5 iron, which pic doesn’t pick up. Specs Shaft - DG S300 120 Stiff 1/2” over standard PXG 1 degree strong Standard lie
  3. Played 2 18 hole rounds with the 11s this weekend and here are my thoughts: 1) Looks: As I stated with my initial impressions, it’s a great looking putter. I got numerous comments from my playing partners on how good the putter looked, what putter was it, and let me see it! This is always a good sign. The all gray/smoked look is dead sexy imo. No changes on my feelings here, if anything, I liked it more. I would give it a 5/5 on this category. 2) Feel: My opinion has slightly changed from my initial impressions. A) How the putter feels when making a stroke? After
  4. Maybe a little but not by much. Do they all have similar style grips on them? I’m thinking that could be the slight difference maker as the stock Pistol grip on the Cleveland would be different than a super stroke grip.
  5. So with the excitement of my initial impressions and thinking maybe this putter could be a possible replacement of my gamer by checking all the boxes mentioned earlier, I went to the putting green last night. Then it happened, about 50% of the time I could hear the high pitched pinging sound. I do not know what it is about this style putter, but I’ve always noticed this sound to be present, even with soft insert style manufacturers and I struggle with it. My assumption has always been the design and resemblance to a tuning fork with the wings. I was there with 4 of my good golfing friends
  6. Ok, had to pull the putter out of the box and here are my initial impressions... it’s a damn good looking putter and feels solid. In my brain, I’m already thinking, I could game this! Now that’s based on looks and feel. Here are some pics: In order for me to game a putter, here are my absolute must have’s: 1) Looks: I have to like the way it looks, if not, it will not last. Then once I put the putter down behind the ball, it must stay square. Imo, there’s nothing worse than a putter that closes or opens at address. This putter passed this criteria wit
  7. Thank you Golfwrx and Cleveland golf for the opportunity to test the Huntington Beach Soft Premier 11S putter! I just got the package about 15 minutes ago and will be following up with my impressions once I’m able to get on the practice green/course this weekend.
  8. For the record, I’m not saying you shouldn’t get fitted. I’m not bad mouthing fitters at all! But what I’ve experienced, there’s a lot to be said about just experimenting. Yeah I know golf is an extremely dynamic game and things with our swings are constantly changing but so is life in general.
  9. Let me start off by saying, I’m writing this post because it honestly goes against everything I believe in and quite frankly, it’s illogical! But I’m also curious to know, if anyone else has experienced what I’m about to describe. So over the last 8 years, I’ve been obsessed with all things golf, the swing, equipment, competition... the amount of time I’ve spent on this forum over the years is quite frankly embarrassing to admit out loud. The amount of golf equipment I’ve purchased, tried, and sold, is pretty impressive... it includes drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, all type of irons, shaf
  10. I played the 665 shafts from that series for over 4 years... loved that shaft.
  11. I do not know specs except it’s the Standard Callaway specs from the 815 Alpha series.
  12. City, State: Richmond, VA Handicap: 1.5 Index Current Putter: Scotty Cameron GOLO 3 2016 Biggest struggle when putting: Proper Alignment What model Huntington Beach SOFT Premier putter would you like to test: 11S, 35 inch Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and high quality photos: YES Do you agree to write a review of the putter on Cleveland's website: YES
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