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  1. over winter they re did the 18 green completelty was a temp green in the fairway for ages, about a month ago they opened the 18th back up so my guess will take a while to be like the other 17 greens. great course one of my faves around. pace of play i have never had an issue
  2. friday my last day at work for summer, Look forward to it. Spent the last hour looking at good ways to play 36 next week, how i can play two great courses in the same day.
  3. have a lot of old hats that ill happily sacrifice tonight trying this. appreciated
  4. played there few weeks ago, love the course. Now they fixed the 18th green as well makes it even better. I finish work for summer on Friday so will probably go play there one day next week
  5. do you just put hats straight in washing machine? does it not bend it?
  6. ill be happy when they i can try them being a lefty is tough some days
  7. wow thank you very much for the feedback, I never got the notification from it. but appreciate it. Yes i agree with all those points, have a few drills that i did in the past and will go back to basics with those. have reached out to couple coaches near me but fully booked for few weeks which sucks but suppose its good for the them and the golf industry. Thank you once again for the breakdown
  8. Yeah fitting was done on a matt. These are all range balls numbers and hit few with real balls at end and spin numbers were still around 6300. dispersion felt great and probably alot closer then the picture looks i adjusted my set up as was aiming too much to the right of the target but they felt really nice. appreciate the response
  9. Looking at how inconsistent and wide spread the averages are. I would focus on becoming more consistent swing. Could spend 1k on new driver that might help slightly, but i feel untill more consistent impact pattern will be hard to judge. I have my driver fitting tomorrow so mine could look just like this
  10. currently 7.7 m6. love the club have a driver and woods fitting tomorrow and interested to see it on trackman and if they change it, but feels amazing
  11. yeah feel like will be a purchase, going to go back in few days and hit them again now ill be fresh and see how much the numbers pick up etc. But felt amazing and can see why they have had so much love on here lately
  12. yeah felt great and just felt more forgiving, when we used normal balls as well numbers picked up nicely but still felt great. Will be keeping an eye out on a used set over next few weeks. Dont really wait to wait 2 months for new ones to get delivered. Expecting my driver and woods fitting tomorrow to be bigger priority purchase
  13. Appreciate the feedback, I had a fitting yesterday so now I know its not the clubs, and getting to see my swings on trackman for 90 minutes felt great, been working on inside to out and most of the time i was so just club face need to work on closing it at impact. I ave a tripod i bought and a net in the garden, reached out to couple local instructors to see if can fit me in but if not ill be giving this a method appreciate the in depth review
  14. Hey, So been using my old Calloway x hot pros for last 6 years, finally got around to getting an iron fitting. After the fitting turns out my X-hot pro were not much difference between the fitting results, They fitted me for the Srixon zx 5, stiff modus tour 105 shafts. loved seeing my swing on trackman and most swings were inside to out miss was normally open face at impact-I knew that is the current miss. How do these numbers look to you? anything jump out good or bad. will attach my X-hot pro in orange and the Srixon as well to compare. X-hot was from the start of the lesson Sr
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