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  1. Up for sale are two CK60 Tensei Orange shafts with adapters for a G410+. On one the ferrule is separating from the hosel, purely cosmetic, but here’s a deal nonetheless since you will probably want to get it fixed If you’re anal retentive like me, so it can be yours for $45 plus shipping. This one has a new UTX Midsize grip. The second is brand new. Never hit. Never even swung. Never even attached to a driver head. Comes with a standard size golf pride 360 grip. Yours for $SOLD plus shipping.
  2. PSAT’s are next Thursday. SAT day for Seniors was that Wednesday. We cleared the date with every Principal and AD since not one Senior involved in our District Tournament planned to take the in-school SAT.
  3. It's in the general FHSAA rules. I know the provision, but given the State was aware of the situation months in advance and we were hosting Districts till they were moved the date and venue at the 11th hour with no notice to us as hosts should of created an exception in this instance in my opinion. I really appreciated losing a month and a half of my life planning the best Districts possible at ChampionsGate International to only have it yanked for no reason.
  4. I actually have a call with the State tomorrow regarding Regionals and Brendan’s situation (the kid had his worst tournament in weeks and still finished second). This was a joke and honestly not fair. Every team advancing was one of the squads able to finish more than half their round on Monday. There was only one possible result when they made the decision to not allow a real warmup and range access for day 2. Without an adequate warmup my 3/4/5 had no chance. Unsurprisingly, no team who had to play a majority of their golf on Tuesday qualified for anything.
  5. This is accurate. I know at a course like Royal St. Cloud my 1 & 2 can shoot 68 or lower. Either way, I have a team of golfers who could shoot 72 if they knew how to play golf without me babysitting them. I feel like we spend every tournament in first until the last 5 holes. I have a very talented team. We would have at least tied Windermere today if I had my No. 1. In the end, it comes down to what I do with my 3, 4, and 5 which is a precarious situation because my reliable Captain and Senior has lower back spasms and can’t bandaid a round together while I have a fresh
  6. Lake Nona is rebuilding this season. I would be surprised to see them advance out of Regionals, but their program is solid so it wouldn’t surprise me given golf is golf.
  7. 1. Mike Bender Golf Academy 2. City and State? Sanford, FL 5. Handicap? 4 4. Current Driver Setup? G410+ 5. Where you fit for your current driver? Yes 6. What TSi head do you want to test? TSi3 7. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
  8. Note, while it doesn’t matter for match requirements this year. Sending a weak team is dumb as s*** because you will need a decent IWR if you want to get an “at large” bid if you don’t place in Regionals. I know because I have been dumb as s*** and made this mistake before. I didn’t hurt my team in my stupidity thankfully.
  9. I get this is a weird situation in that the kids didn’t want to play high school and now they do. I see that with AP classes in most districts, if a kid doesn’t choose to commit to an AP class, good luck because more often than not no one benefits from it. Generally speaking, not all AJGA’s are created equal, especially in Florida where there is so much talent. One thing that is always true, is that Regionals and States are a very big deal for a recruiting resume. If you don’t play in Districts you can’t place individually in Regionals or States. So, while Dist
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