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  1. For sale is a Voice Caddie SC300. Used for one golf season. Everything functioning. I have access to a Quad now so no need for it any longer - $300 (plus shipping) Brand New in box, never worn, pair of G/Fore Skull and Crossbones Embossed Gallivanters size 10.5 - $190 (plus shipping)
  2. Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors Kit - 3rd generation sealed box till I took pictures to show they are unused and still have the stickers on them. Came with my Club Champion order and I already have a set. $75 (add $10 for shipping West of the Mississippi)
  3. i210's and iBlades both have 5 wins each on the PGA Tour
  4. In the post yes, but someone already direct messaged me before that. Apologies. I know there is a set available on the bay similarly priced currently.
  5. * Disclaimer, please add $10 to each of these for West of the Mississippi Okay, first to give her the respect she deserves is my G410+ who has served me valiantly over the last 2 golf seasons. She has sadly been put to pasture by a Tsi3 after taking my driver game to new levels. Now, as you can see, she's seen some stuff. That said, she is a gamer through and through. Please note she has a heavier head weight to help her play at D6. I am including the headcover and original adjustable weight in the sale - SOLD 2. Graphite Design Tour AD XC-6 Flex X tipped 1 inch by Club Champion with fresh Z-Grip and G410/425 Adapter used for almost 1 golf season (I've had it since October) - $200 3. Cleveland RTX 4 Raw Wedge Set (50, 54, 58) - SOLD 4. Set of 14 Arccos Sensors used for 3 Rounds - SOLD 5. Titleist SureFit Weight (6 grams) from a Ts2 3 Wood - $7 6. Titleist SureFit Weight for Titleist 917 Driver (12 Grams) - $7
  6. Again, I think the 425 LST is the perfect "low spin" alternative for the tweener coming from the 410 series. The plus spun too much and the LST was too low in terms of spin. The 425 LST would thus be your unicorn.
  7. I said it in another post, but I think the 425 LST is the perfect improvement on the 410 series for the tweener. Doesn't need all the spin killing of the 410 LST, but the 410+ sometimes spins too much. I loved it.
  8. What do you want to know? I am coming from a G410+ and got fit into a TSi3 and the runner up in the fitting was the 425 LST.
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