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  1. Dang it!! I guess that means we can’t get them. I love the pink.
  2. Does anybody know what the pink head covers are that Rahm is using this week? Thanks in advance!
  3. Good tournament, was hoping to see Kaymer get the win, as I have always been a fan. Maybe his game will come back to form.
  4. Love this post!! Many have always said everyone that ever made money playing golf owed Palmer a percentage. The same can be said for teachers and Leadbetter. He he teaches with a passion not many can match even after all these years, and still tries to learn every day, I am sure. Rickie, and others don’t succeed with Harmon, it’s their fault. Someone does the same with Leadbetter, they got Lead poisoning. I have never understood that.
  5. I know it’s allowed, but it’s not allowed to give adjusted yardages, that would be considered advice. It is funny to me seeing two guys that have played competitive golf most all their lives would be trying to decide who is away by giving adjuststed yardages.
  6. Some love competition, some shy away from it. Kisner is is the modern Ray Floyd, minus some talent. I could think of no better compliment to give him.
  7. Anybody watch on LIVE today? I am not accusing either of cheating, but Spieth and Wolff were trying to find out who was away on 7 or 8 by giving each other their adjusted yardages? How many tournaments have they played between them.........
  8. Butch Harmon ruined him, not the clubs.
  9. Anybody able to watch the Every Shot Live? I have it through Prime, and can’t find anything about it. Thanks!
  10. I agree with Blade. I don’t see any improvements since metal was banned. I think I will try those hybrids if I can find a set that fits my shoes. I think I can get away with it at my club, and if I get caught, I’ll play dumb. Right before the ban, someone had invented a permanent metal spike. It would last longer than your shoes. The other spike companies started the spikeless movement in rebuttal.
  11. I can’t find a word about it through my Amazon feed. Anyone have any ideas?
  12. Is anyone watching the Every Shot Live? I have PGA Tour Live through Amazon, and can’t find a word about it. Thanks in advance!
  13. Does anyone here play fantasy golf, or enjoy betting on our sport? I can’t be the only one. I put a post in the Feedback section about a sub-forum here to discuss it and compare strategies. If you are interested, posts here, and there might help it happen. Thanks, and does anyone want to discuss Bay Hill this week?
  14. Has anyone considered a fantasy golf section for the board? Surely, I am not the only one that plays, and it would be great to discuss betting strategies with others.
  15. PGA Tour Live is okay. The shame is that it is getting closer to x hours of coverage just like Golf Channel, and the networks.
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