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  1. Wow. I was was always against the PGA Tour doing anything on their own. I figured they already had a place, and if everyone wanted the best “for the game,” like they all say, something should have been worked out with Golf Channel. Arnold Palmer started it, after all! Now, I hope they do something very big on their own.
  2. It seems slower to me as well, and many times pages are reloading, “due to a problem occurring.” Also, when I click on a topic, many times only a portion of it loads. I didn’t have this problem before, nor am I on any other site I visit.
  3. I have another Johnson question. Does the Tour Championship count as an official win, even though he finished third?
  4. I suppose you would rather watch every step Woods takes, from the moment he is in the parking lot, even though he might be 14 back, and on the cut line? I don’t like the format at all, but I think the tournament has been fine otherwise.
  5. Is this the same guy that made pool cues? He was very good at that.
  6. I wish fore sale ads didn’t come up when I view new content. It seems like the older version was that way.
  7. When would his exemption run out, if he doesn’t win again?
  8. Why not match play. The final day could include matches to decide the top 10 or so. There should be enough Fedex money to make those matches interesting.
  9. I hate it. If it has to be done, do it in reverse, and give 30 a head start, like all other handicapped events!
  10. Purtzer was awesome. I guess im all over the place, as I like Price and Olazabal as well.
  11. Every time these type threads come up, I am always amazed that Faldo never gets a mention. It’s always the same three, and I can’t imagine a more rhythmic, better tempo swing than Faldo. Can’t believe someone mentioned him here, and I will second it.
  12. I created this thread. I think this pretty much sums it up. Im an American, by the way.
  13. Did you have many interactions with Mosconi? I am as big a fan of pool as golf.
  14. Stories like this are why so many of us are against change in the game.
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