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  1. Anyone think this happening at 6pm on a Friday evening, almost a week later is strange? One would think they would want as much exposure as they could get for the action.
  2. I do have one more thing. I assume one wouldn’t want to do a protocol on playing days? Assuming that is true, I would likely only take one to the range with me, and which one would that be? Thanks!!
  3. I just got these to try and regain some speed lost through a couple of injuries. I plan on reading the entire thread, but have a few questions: Does it really matter which radar I get, as long as I am keeping consistent records? Has anyone tried using a Zepp Golf analyzer? When I am keeping records, is it necessary to record each swing, or just the fastest of each? Thanks in advance?
  4. For those interested in other options, I can’t recommend PGA Tour Live. It used to be so good, and now it is like a longer version of Golf Channel coverage.
  5. Agree with everything said above. Especially Hack! The one person they could have left in Florida....
  6. You don’t like The Hustler?? I would have a hard time picking a favorite, but it would probably win by a nose.
  7. It seems the consensus is he that Kessler is unfit these days, and that is a shame. He really was that good. Would you tell me more about the book? Is it all about the Golf Channel?
  8. If there is a pool game getting started, I am firmly IN. Having seen that movie no less than 100 times, I can not believe I haven’t noticed Block’s avatar.
  9. I have read that, and if true, I would agree. Hawk, I couldn’t care less how relevant he is. He made the Golf Channel one time, and could do it again if healthy.
  10. Bring Kessler back. The history of the channel is ruined with the move anyway; go ahead and do something that has a chance to make it relevant again.
  11. I guess that’s possible, but the ranking points have always changed, so I don’t think that’s a good gauge. Woosnam got there, and I don’t think he ever played in America full-time. I would imagine that’s almost impossible now.
  12. Pretty sure, from memory that Jack missed a few because he didn’t play enough rounds to qualify. Awwsome fact about Trevino.
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