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  1. Nothing more than extended GC coverage these days with less players. And why do they think we want to watch the same five or six players EVERY single week??? Has anyone ever found any contact information for them? I imagine they keep that a secret for a reason.....
  2. Biggest hater on this board, but they should give him the entire amount.
  3. That might be possible, but anyone you’ve ever “heard of” can putt. Many said Hogan was possibly the best putter when he was younger. Many also said the accident, and resulting eye injury he didn’t talk about was the reason he lost his putting.
  4. Deleted. Dont want to be blamed for a 4 handicap war at this time.
  5. They are all great putters or they wouldn’t be out there, some are just better than others.
  6. Having lived near him for a lot of years, maybe I have more information than most. He held a pro-am at his home club. His standing in the game as such was that he could have gotten pretty much anyone he wanted, to show up. Instead, he only brought LPGA players. That tells me plenty about the man.
  7. Sometimes those old guys are a lot smarter than we give them credit for.
  8. Very good points. I’m not sure it’s the way to go, but seems to be the way it is.
  9. I missed this news as well. He was one of the best. I too too think he got a raw deal when he was let go.
  10. I don’t know much about football, nor care, but if the touchdown was to go up 28 with little time left, then one would wonder why said celebration was necessary. I’m fine with the fans doing at, as long as respect is involved, just don’t see a lot of reason for players to do it. Maybe Cantlay really wanted to win his match, and I am fine with that.
  11. They can celebrate if they want to. There wasn’t any need for Cantlay’s based on the score at the time, and one could say the same about Lowry’s, but maybe he thought there was still a chance.
  12. Right, by a margin that wouldn’t be overcome one is a thousand times. Why the need to rile he crowd as if the outcome could be changed.
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