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  1. I have around 100 putters (yes, it's a disease and I'm a HO) and I will grab a different one just about every time I play. However, if I'm in a money match or playing in a tournament, then it usually comes down to my favorite handful of gamers. Also depends on the weather. I prefer carbon putters but if it's damp I have a few SS putters I will go to. Carbon: TeI3 Delmar 2 (with led tape and tungsten powder) Stainless: Cameron Button back TP Mills Handmade DFM-1014 (one of 2 made and I own both) Cam
  2. 6' 1" and use a 33.5 putter and (depending on the brand) I usually order my irons 1/4" long and 1 deg flat.
  3. Were you the one selling several Garage Chicago style putters awhile back? If so, do you still have any of those left? I loved the flow neck models. Your Austin is insane. I wish it had a topline instead of a flange line. It's a beauty.
  4. I've never agreed with the "conventional wisdom" that heavier putters are better on faster greens. It has always been the exact OPPOSITE for me. I putt much better on fast greens with a lighter putter (330ish) and I usually putt a little better on slower greens with a putter head with a little more weight (340-350). I have never been a fan of heads heavier than 350g. I lose my "touch" and my distance control suffers, especially on longer putts. My favorite headweight has become something in the 340g range, which unfortunately are hard to find (unless you get putters with adjustable weight
  5. Well made and terrific looking putters. I had a 009 for awhile and thought it felt great. It was just a little too heavy for my taste.
  6. I was shocked to see him at his current weight. He was usually a little overweight but this is as big as I've seen him. Hope he slims down a bit and gets healthier. I had beers with him one night in a bar called the Quarter Deck which is under the lighthouse on Hilton Head (where I currently live). It was a Saturday night and he was playing in the tournament. Had a great chat with him for quite awhile. He was thinking a lot about his wife at that time (may God Bless her). He was out pretty late and he didn't play all that well on Sunday. I always hoped that it wasn't that extra beer
  7. I'm a local and had heard about the possibility of a second course going in at PB but I haven't heard who they've picked as the designer. I'll ask our Head Pro and see if he has heard anything. The Nicklaus course is one of the nicest tracks in the area and has become very popular. I wouldn't doubt if they made the new course strictly for members.
  8. Good call. I wouldn't trust the white membrane holding up to soaking in acetone for a long time. As far as people using ketchup to clean the face insert, that's nasty, and it stinks! Just use a little toothpaste and it will shine it right up and won't smell too bad either.
  9. You won't get the original Circa band from the Scotty Custom Shop either. You could get a Custom Shop band though, and while it's in you could get a new premium grip and headcover and then have them repaint it for free. Otherwise, keep an eye on eBay. There are some people who strip bands off putters and sell them. Bill Heard (wheard on eBay) is very good at it.
  10. This is a fantastic putter at a very good price. Surprised it's still available.
  11. The only way to know for sure if the story behind it is true would be to send it in for a COA.. On putters like this, Scotty himself would probably have to look at it. If I'm not mistaken, I think some plated heads made it into the Asian market back then, so it may be one of those. Great putter. Not sure I would pay $1000+ for it though. Not without a COA anyway.
  12. Have you lefties ever tried putting from the right side before? I played lefthanded when I was younger and my Uncle turned me around. Back then (1970's) it was even harder to find decent clubs for LH players so he told me if I ever wanted to buy a good set that I should turn around and play righty. For quite awhile I continued to swing (driver / irons) lefthanded (because I was stronger from the left side), but right after my Uncle talked to me about it I switched to putting righthanded. It's not as hard a transition as changing your full swing, and I actually putted better from the right
  13. You don't need to check the numbers on the shaft. That putter is as fake as it gets.
  14. I finally got to roll these at my local PGA SS. The balance was excellent. Felt like it stroked itself (especially the mallet). However, my distance control wasn't that great and I hated the "feel" of the ball coming off the face (which I'm sure is why my distance control was poor). It might be something that I could get used to over time, but I've used a solid, milled putter for so long that everything else just feels "bad" . These feel, to me, like a "cheap" putter, but obviously it's not. I also didn't care for the grip all that much.
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